Who Knows Mommy Best Baby Shower Game (Free Printable)

Alright, party people! We’ve got an easy baby shower game that’s going to put your mommy knowledge to the test and turn up the giggles. This fun baby shower game is called “Who Knows Mommy Best!” Here’s the deal: we’ve prepared a bunch of questions about the mom-to-be, and it’s your job to guess the answers she’d give. Think you know her inside and out? Get ready to prove it! 

Who said baby showers had to be all seriousness and diaper talks? Let’s inject some joy and excitement into the mix! No need to worry about crafting questions yourself, I’ve whipped up an awesome printable game sheet that’s ready to roll. If you’re a rookie at this game, we’ve got a guide that walks you through the whole thing. For another free printable baby shower game check out this article on Baby Shower Pictionary and this Emoji Baby Shower Game. Grab these game sheets, spread the word about our little contest, and let’s dive into this fun game!

who knows mommy best game

Why ‘Who Knows Mommy Best’ is a great baby shower game

Baby showers aren’t just about celebrating the incoming baby – they’re a great way to foster connections among family and friends. The “Who Knows Mommy Best” game is like the glue that binds everyone closer together. As guests trade stories, giggle over unexpected answers, and share knowing glances, they’re making memories that will make the baby shower even more heartwarming. 

This game is your backstage pass into the world of the soon-to-be new mom! Sure, guests might know her as the fabulous friend, caring cousin, or wonderful sister, but how well do they know her favorite ice cream flavor, her quirkiest habits, or her go-to movie? The “Who Knows Mommy Best” game is like a sneak peek into her inner world – a chance to discover her likes, dislikes, and everything that makes her unique.

How to Play ‘Who Knows Mommy Best’

Step 1) Gather participants and distribute game sheets

Round up all the baby shower VIPs – your aunts, cousins, friends and coworkers. Hand out those game sheets like you’re dealing a winning hand of cards. Make sure everyone’s got a pencil or pen in hand.

Step 2) Explain the rules and objectives of the game

The rules are simple! Each game sheet is packed with questions about the soon-to-be mom. The player’s job? Fill in the blanks with what they think she’d say. It’s like stepping into her shoes, but without the swollen ankles.

Step 3) Emphasize the time limit for completing the questions

Guests have a limited amount of time to channel their inner mind-reader and scribble down their best guesses. No lollygagging! Think fast, jot it down, and get ready to unveil your psychic abilities.

It’s all about the superstar, the mommy-to-be. Think about her favorite color, her late-night cravings, her go-to binge-watching show, and everything in between. This is where guests show off their “I’ve been paying attention” skills. No cheating!

Step 4) Tally the results

After the game time is up, read out the correct answers and have guests tally up their results. Once you find out who has the most correct answers, you’ll know once and for all: who knows mommy best?

Step 5) Hand out a prize

Give the person in first place a prize for winning the game! This could be anything from bragging-rights and first access to the dessert table, to a major prize!

how to play who knows mommy best

Tips For Hosting The Who Knows Mommy Best Game

When should you unleash the “Who Knows Mommy Best” game? Well, don’t drop it right at the beginning like a surprise bomb – let the energy build up a bit. After everyone’s had a chance to chat and nibble on some scrumptious snacks is a time for this great game. Keep the game a mid-event treat to keep the excitement rolling!

Consider allowing baby shower guests to play in partners or small groups to complete this mommy trivia. The more chatter, the more laughter, so let your guests chat it up. After all, isn’t that what baby showers are all about – bonding and celebrating together?

Make sure everyone’s on the same page by explaining the rules with a burst of enthusiasm. As the host, stand in the spotlight, share some quick laughs, and get the excitement pumping. If anyone’s got a question mid-game, make sure they know you’re a go-to helper, ready to save the day. It’s all about keeping the flow smooth, the giggles going, and the focus on the mommy-to-be.

Prize Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good prize for a baby shower game? If you’re in search of additional prize ideas, take a peek at this article about Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas – it’s a treasure trove of inspiration. To kickstart your prize planning, we’ve gathered a collection of both modest and substantial baby shower game rewards:

  • Smaller Prizes:
    • Scented Candles
    • Fizzing Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers
    • Small Succulent Plants with a Cute Pot
    • Gourmet Chocolate Bars or a Box of Chocolates
  • Bigger Prizes:
    • Spa Gift Set, Complete with Bath Essentials, Body Lotions, and a Luxurious Loofah
    • Indulgent Coffee or Tea Gift Basket for Moments of Relaxation
    • A Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Headphones
    • A Cookbook or Recipe Box 

Free Printable ‘Who Knows Mommy Best’ Game Sheets

Use this free instant download and print off these baby shower game sheets. Use your own printer at home, or visit your local print shop with these digital files. You can have them printed on regular copy paper or for something slightly more fancy and durable, try card stock. These digital items are for your own personal use only, not for selling or replicating.

download who knows mommy best game

More ‘Who Knows Mommy Best’ Game Questions

Want to make your own ‘Who Knows Mommy Best’ game sheet? Feel free to mix and match this list of questions to create a lively and entertaining game that will have everyone giggling and sharing their knowledge about the expectant mom! Or use these questions as inspiration to make up your own printable sheet.

  1. What’s her ultimate comfort food craving during pregnancy?
  2. If Mommy could travel anywhere right now, where would she go?
  3. What’s mommy’s favorite color?
  4. What’s her signature late-night snack craving?
  5. What’s mommy’s favorite way to spend a lazy weekend morning?
  6. What’s mommy’s shoe size?
  7. What’s mommy’s middle name?
  8. What did she study after high school?
  9. What’s the one baby name she’s been secretly swooning over?
  10. What’s her preferred mode of communication: texting, calling, or video chats?
  11. If she could have any superpower, what would it be?
  12. What’s her favorite childhood story or fairy tale?
  13. What’s her favorite childhood movie or tv show?
  14. What’s her most unexpected pregnancy craving combination?
  15. What’s her top choice for a girls’ night out activity?
  16. What’s the one item she can’t leave the house without?
  17. What’s her all-time favorite movie genre?
  18. If she could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
  19. What’s her favorite way to unwind and destress?
  20. What’s her hidden talent that only close friends know about?
  21. What’s her dream nursery theme or color scheme?
  22. What’s her preferred coffee or tea order at a café?
  23. What’s her favorite childhood memory?
  24. What’s the one thing she’s most excited about when it comes to becoming a mom?
  25. What’s the one word she’d use to describe her pregnancy journey so far?

Virtual ‘Who Knows Mommy Best’ Baby Shower Adaptation

Can I play ‘who knows mommy best’ as a virtual baby shower game? Yes! If you’d like to play this baby shower game during a virtual baby shower, there’s an easy way to make it happen. Here are two variations to consider:

Virtual Option 1: 

Create a digital version of the game sheet with the questions and spaces for answers. Share the digital game sheet with all participants before the virtual baby shower. You can send it via email, a messaging platform, or through the virtual event invitation.

Virtual Option 2:

Without giving your guests a physical product or sending anything in advance, simply ask them to get a pen and piece of paper and use honest replies! Tell the guests you’ll be reading off questions and pausing after each one. Once you ask a question, each guest should write down their guess and then on the count of three, enter their guess into the virtual chat, or hold up their answer sheet on camera. Give the correct answer and then mark down who answered correctly. Once you’ve finished all your questions, you can tally up who gave the most correct answers and announce a winner!

Final thoughts on the baby shower game: ‘who knows mommy best’

As you wrap up your game, let everyone know that their participation has added a special touch to the celebration and thank each and every guest for diving into the game with enthusiasm. This game is great for sharing their insight into the expectant mother’s world, and for making the baby shower an unforgettable experience. These are the moments that truly matter – the moments when we come together, laugh together, and show our love and support for each other.

This game isn’t just about guessing answers; it’s about discovering the nuances that make the expectant mother shine. It’s about bonding over late-night cravings, reminiscing about childhood memories, and revealing the quirky habits that define her. It’s the perfect game to get everyone in the party mood and is always a huge hit.

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