160+ Best Baby Shower Captions For Photos

If you’re looking for the best baby shower quotes or the perfect caption for your baby shower pictures, you’ll find them on this list! From heartwarming to hilarious, join us on a journey through the most charming and witty phrases that add an extra sprinkle of magic to baby shower celebrations. 

Whether you’re in need of sweet sentiments or rib-tickling laughter, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate collection of captions. These short, funny and cute sayings will help you celebrate the newest addition to your family (or friend group). Once baby is born, make sure you check out these Monthly Baby Milestone Captions!

baby shower captions

Funny Baby Shower Captions

Funny captions for baby showers are the best way to share a special moment, with a bit of fun. A new addition to the family is such a special time but if heartfelt messages aren’t your thing, try adding a bit of humor. After all, everyone loves a good laugh.

  • Time to celebrate the cutest addition to the family!
  • Caution: Adorable baby on board!
  • Warning: Cuteness overload ahead!
  • Babies are proof that miracles still happen!
  • Countdown to baby cuteness: T-minus 1 month away!
  • Sleepless nights and endless giggles are on the way!
  • The stork better bring extra diapers!
  • Life’s about to get a whole lot cuter!
  • Buckle up, folks! Baby’s about to steal the show!
  • Baby-on-the-way: bringing joy and maybe some sleep deprivation!
  • Diapers, pacifiers, and giggles, oh my!
  • We’ve ordered a baby, and it’s on the way!
  • Warning: Baby’s got charm – prepare to be smitten!
  • The baby train is about to arrive, all aboard!
  • We’re nesting, and it’s not just for the birds!
  • Pregnancy cravings and midnight snacks – the adventure begins!
  • Cuteness loading… please wait!
life's about to get a whole lot cuter
  • Watch out, world! A tiny superhero is on the way!
  • Baby steps are just the beginning of an incredible journey.
  • A baby’s smile is the best accessory any parent can wear.
  • Naptime is the new happy hour!
  • Tiny toes and a button nose – we can’t wait to meet those!
  • This baby is going to be a pro at stealing hearts!
  • Caution: You’re about to be charmed by an adorable baby!
  • Incoming cuteness: prepare for the ultimate aww-fest!
  • Stressed, blessed, and baby obsessed!
  • Keep calm and let the baby shower festivities begin!
  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice – that’s what babies are made of!
  • Brace yourselves, baby cuteness is about to take over!
  • Life’s about to get a whole lot noisier and more joyful!
  • Babies: they make our hearts bigger and our sleep smaller!
  • Warning: This baby shower may cause spontaneous laughter and happy tears!

Baby Shower Captions for Mom-To-Be

If you’re the expecting mom of a new bundle of joy, sharing a photo with one of these captions is a great way to share with those around you. Your baby shower is a beautiful day you’ll want to remember, so put some photos on your Instagram to look back on for years to come and enjoy these phrases that help you welcome the new chapter ahead.

  • Eating for two, partying for three!
  • This baby shower is bump-tastic!
  • Countdown to cuteness: T-minus 2 months!
  • The smallest things take up the most room in our hearts
  • Growing a tiny human, one craving at a time!
  • Pregnancy glow and baby gifts, life’s treating me right!
  • Ready to pop, lock, and rock this baby shower!
  • Officially on maternity leave! Now the real work begins…
  • Nine months of preparation for a lifetime of love.
  • Mom-to-be and baby: the ultimate dynamic duo!
  • Pregnancy cravings in full swing – bring on the pickles and ice cream!
  • Showering the bump with love, gifts, and giggles!
growing a tiny human one craving at a time

Baby Shower Captions for Sisters & Close Girl Friends

If you’re about to be a new auntie and trying to find the perfect words to caption a baby shower photo, try these phrases out. Welcoming a new little boy or little girl into your life is the best feeling. Use one of these baby shower Instagram captions to help express your joy for the upcoming arrival of a new baby in the family!

  • I’m definitely going to be the cool aunt
  • Auntie’s arms: always open for baby cuddles!
  • Being an aunt brings a whole new kind of joy!
  • Best auntie ever, at your service!
  • Aunt life: filled with love, laughter, and baby giggles!
  • Proud aunt of the cutest baby on the block!
  • Babies make the world brighter, especially for aunties!
  • Aunt mode: activated and ready for baby adventures!
  • Auntie’s heart is big enough for all the nieces and nephews!
  • Aunties are like fairy godmothers, spreading love and magic!
  • World’s greatest auntie in training!
  • I can’t keep calm; I’m going to be an aunt!
  • Auntie duties: spoiling, loving, and cherishing the little one!
  • Aunt life is the best life!
  • Happiness is being called ‘Auntie’ by a sweet little voice!

Baby Shower Captions for Grandma-To-Be

These are amazing baby shower captions for you to use if you’re about to become a grandma! Whether this is your first grand baby or you have plenty, there’s always room for more to love. 

  • Grandma’s heart grows with each grandbaby!
  • Being a grandma is the reward for raising your own children…
  • Love, joy, and baby cuddles – that’s what grandmas are made of!
  • World’s best grandma, now with even more reasons to love!
  • Grandma’s arms: the coziest place for baby snuggles!
  • Being a grandma is a title I wear with pride and joy!
  • With grandbabies around, life is even more grand!
  • The best thing about being a grandma? Sweet baby kisses!
  • Grandma mode: activated and ready to shower love on the little one!
  • A grandma’s love knows no bounds, especially for a new grandbaby!
  • Grandma’s heart is forever wrapped around her little bundle of joy!
  • Being a grandma means getting to relive the magic of childhood!
  • Grandma’s house: where grandbabies are always welcome!
  • Grandmas and grandbabies share a special bond that’s beyond words.

Coed Baby Shower Captions

Attending a coed baby shower? If both men and women are invited to the baby shower it can be a fun, family affair. Check out these great coed shower captions to make everyone feel welcome.

  • The best baby showers invite the dads too!
  • Coed and ready to celebrate this bundle of joy!
  • Who says baby showers are just for the ladies? Let’s celebrate together!
  • Together, we’re showering this baby with love!
  • Cheers to parenthood – it takes a village!
  • Coed baby shower: double the fun, double the love!
  • To the mom-to-be and dad-to-be, let the adventure begin!
  • Coed, united, and absolutely excited for this baby’s arrival!
  • Who said dads don’t do baby showers? We’re here to prove them wrong!
  • A coed affair, to show how much we care!
  • This baby shower is for everyone, let’s make memories under the sun!
  • Together, we celebrate the new life about to unfold!

Cute Baby Shower Captions

There’s no better way to caption a baby shower photo than using a heartfelt and cute phrase. These amazing captions are a great way to show how much love you have for the new little princess or prince in your family. Pair these kinds of captions with one of these positivity hashtags to show your support and joy for the new little one!

  • Welcoming a tiny miracle with open arms and overflowing hearts.
  • A little one is joining the crew; our love knows no bounds!
  • Tiny toes, tiny clothes, big dreams in store.
  • Love grows with every heartbeat, and soon, a new heartbeat will join us.
  • Building memories one baby step at a time.
  • A grand adventure awaits, and it’s starting with a tiny addition to the family.
  • Little hands, little feet, filling our lives with joy so sweet.
  • Celebrating new life and the beginning of a beautiful journey.
  • As the baby grows, so does the love in our hearts.
  • Tiptoeing around, waiting for the pitter-patter of tiny feet.
  • A baby’s love: the most precious gift we’ll ever receive.
  • The world will be a better place with this little one in it.
  • Embracing the magic of new life and endless possibilities.
  • A baby’s smile is the sunshine that warms our hearts.
  • Our hearts are ready to overflow with love for this little blessing.
  • Love, laughter, and a baby = happily ever after.
  • A baby is a miracle sent from above, filling our lives with boundless love.
  • Dream big, little one, for you are surrounded by love.
  • Love, joy, and happiness – all bundled into one tiny package.
  • Love’s purest form, cradled in our arms.
  • Tiny hands to hold, a lifetime of love to unfold.
love, laughter and a baby = happily ever after
  • Love’s journey begins with a baby’s first breath.
  • Like a shooting star, this little one lights up our lives.
  • A baby’s laughter is the sweetest melody of all.
  • Wrapped in love, this little gift is all we’ve dreamed of.
  • Every day with a baby is a new adventure waiting to be unwrapped.
  • Our hearts have reserved a special place for this little one to embrace.
  • Love blooms like flowers in a garden, and a baby’s love is the sweetest one.
  • Two hearts becoming three – a beautiful family in harmony.
  • With a baby’s arrival, love’s story takes a magical turn.
  • A little one brings joy beyond compare; it’s a love we all can share.
  • From tiny kicks to sweet lullabies, we await the arrival with tearful eyes.
  • Every baby brings a promise of hope and love for a better world.
  • Tiny giggles and gentle hugs; our hearts are wrapped in baby love.
  • Welcoming a little miracle with arms wide open and hearts filled with love.

Christian Baby Shower Captions

If you view the addition of a baby to your family as a blessing from God, you’ll love these Christian baby shower captions. They’ll help you caption your shower photos with a reminder of God’s miracles.

  • For this child, we have prayed, and God has answered.
  • Children are a gift from the Lord; a blessing to cherish and adore.
  • A little one sent from above, a precious gift of God’s love.
  • With every baby, God sends a glimpse of heaven.
  • In the sweetness of a baby’s smile, we witness God’s grace.
  • God has blessed us with a tiny miracle in the making.
  • Thanking God for the miracle of life and the joy of a new baby.
  • In the embrace of a newborn, we feel the love of our Heavenly Father.
  • A new life is forming, a gift from God we’re adoring.
  • Wrapped in God’s love, this baby is heaven-sent from above.
  • In the laughter of a child, we experience the joy of God’s presence.
  • God’s love is evident in every tiny heartbeat.
  • Praising God for the wonder of creation, as we await the birth of this little one.
  • God’s blessings are multiplied with the arrival of a baby.
  • Thankful for the privilege of nurturing a soul created by God.
  • God’s love shines through this baby’s life, filling ours with light.
  • In the innocence of a child, we witness the goodness of our Creator.
  • God chose us to be parents to this precious soul.
  • This baby is a living testimony of God’s faithfulness and love.
  • Thanking God for the gift of parenthood and the joy of this baby.
  • God’s grace flows abundantly, as we prepare for this new life.
  • With hearts full of praise, we await the birth of this precious child.
  • God’s plan unfolds beautifully with the arrival of a baby.
  • With God’s blessings, we embrace the journey of parenthood.
  • Thankful for the promise of new life, wrapped in God’s tender care.
  • A child is a living reminder of God’s goodness and mercy.
  • In the joy of a baby’s laughter, we hear God’s delight in His creation.

Short Baby Shower Captions

Sometimes the perfect baby shower caption is short and sweet! Try one of these short baby shower phrases if you’re looking for a good caption that gets the point across without too many words.

  • Cutest Addition to the Family!
  • Tiny Toes, Big Heart!
  • Mommy/Daddy’s Mini-Me!
  • Hello, World! I’m Here!
  • Cooing, Giggling, and Growing!
  • Bundle of Joy Arriving Soon!
  • Heaven Sent and Loved A Lot!
  • Adorable Baby On Board!
  • Snuggles and Giggles!
  • Mommy/Daddy’s Little Miracle!
  • Cute as a Button!
  • Future Heartbreaker!
  • Cutie Pie in the Making!
  • Little Feet, Big Dreams!
  • Exploring the World, One Smile at a Time!
  • Growing with Love!
  • Blessed with Baby Love!
bundle of joy arriving soon

Final Thoughts on Baby Shower Captions

So there you have it, a treasure trove of delightful and witty baby shower captions and quotes! You’ll definitely find a great Instagram caption for baby shower photos on this list! From adorable puns to heartwarming sentiments, these captions are sure to bring smiles to all the guests and add an extra touch of joy to the celebration that you’ll be able to look back on for years to come. 

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