30+ Best Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording Ideas

Trying to find the right words so you can make the perfect Baby Sprinkle party invitations? This list has more than 30 examples of wording for you to choose from. All the best rhyming, funny, and cute baby sprinkle invitation wording ideas are right here!

We’ll make sure you have all the important information needed to go into your invite as well as the perfect wording to make it adorable. FYI, I made all the baby sprinkle invitation mock ups for this article on Canva.com. Some of the templates are even completely free to use if you’re on the hunt for a good one! If you’re crafting your shower invitations, you might also be interested in this article on When To Host a Baby Shower.

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What is the difference between a baby sprinkle and a baby shower?

The difference between a traditional baby shower and a baby sprinkle is size, formality, and gifts. A baby sprinkle is technically a kind of baby shower, specifically for a second, or third child. A baby shower typically ‘showers’ the parents-to-be with gifts they will need to help take care of their first baby. First time parents don’t usually have all the bottles, bibs, and baby gear they’ll need to get through infancy.

Second time parents usually need less STUFF than first time parents but it can still be fun to have a special occasion that celebrates the new little girl or little boy with family members and friends. A baby sprinkle is a great way to celebrate the new arrival without a big expectation that your guests will bring a ton of gifts.

In your baby sprinkle invitations, you can decide to let your guests know you don’t want or need any gifts at all. Or if you had a boy or girl as your first child and are expecting the second child is the opposite gender, you can let your guests know that clothes are a welcome addition. It’s also a popular idea to ask guests for cards only, or baby books instead of cards, or even to have a diaper party. Check out this article next for more information on hosting a diaper raffle to help your expectant mother and father stock up on diapers before baby’s due date!

baby sprinkle invitation

What do you write on a baby sprinkle invitation?

Just like baby shower invites, baby sprinkle invitations should include all the necessary information for your guests. You’ll also want to make sure you mail or email your invitations to your guest list with enough time for them to mark their calendars for the big day.

Name Of The Parents

Make sure to include at least the parent’s last name in the invitation for your Baby Sprinkle. It’s even more helpful to include the mom’s full name if the party is for women only or include the full name of both mom and dad for a coed party.


Include the full address of your baby shower so guests know where the party is to take place. Perhaps mention where to park. 

Date & Time

Include the date and time of your baby sprinkle so guests will know exactly when they’re welcome to show up.


If the expecting parents have a gift registry, include this information in your baby sprinkle invitation. It’s also possible they don’t want gifts or request something like diapers, or gift cards. Make note of the parents’ preferences on your invitation.


Give your guests information on how to RSVP to your party. Include the email or phone number of the host so guests can be in touch. You’ll also likely want to include an RSVP date so guests know when they’re due to RSVP. This gives you a chance to reach out individually to guests who are past the RSVP deadline and haven’t yet told you if they intend to come.

Optional Information:

  • Theme
    • if your baby sprinkle has a specific theme it can be fun to include mention of it in your invitation wording, or in the design of the baby sprinkle card.
  • Cards or books
    • It’s common these days for guests to bring baby books instead of baby shower cards. They’re often the same price and a growing family will get much more use out of a book than a card. Check out this article if you’d like to see some examples of what to write in a baby book as a card
  • Baby’s gender
    • If you know they’re having a baby girl or baby boy, you may wish to include the gender of the child in your invitation wording.

Best Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording Ideas:

Rhyming Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording

A rhyming invitation is so much fun but it can be hard to come up with on your own! I’ve taken out all the hard work for you and come up with these perfect rhymes and sweet little poems to use on your baby sprinkle invitations. You can even pair together more than one of these ideas for a longer rhyme on your invitation. Enjoy!

  • Join us to celebrate the addition of baby number two! No need for a shower of gifts, just a sprinkle will do.
  • First, we had baby one and now we have two. Come join us at a baby sprinkle to celebrate our wish that came true!
  • Big (brother/sister) has plenty to share. It’s not a full-blown shower, just a sprinkle to show that we care!
  • Another baby’s on the way let’s show that we care. Food, games, and time together are something we can all share.
  • Games, food and a sprinkle of gifts, we’re going to have so much fun! Join us for an afternoon of celebration, (Name & Name) are having another little one!
  • For this baby sprinkle, you can bring something for the new baby (girl/boy) to wear, or something else small just to show how much you care!
  • This sprinkle will be fun with the food we will share and the games we will play, can you join us to take part in our special day?
  • It’s a baby sprinkle, come one and come all. A sprinkle is just like a shower but a little more small.
  • With baby number one, we’ve had so much fun! Now baby number two will be joining our crew. 
  • We’ve got bottles, bibs, and toys galore, it’s been so much fun that now we’re having one more!
  • Another baby is on the way, let’s celebrate in a little way!
  • You can wear blue, for you know who. A new baby boy will be joining our crew.
  • No need for a shower of gifts, just a sprinkle will do. (Name & Name) have one child and they’re about to have two!
baby sprinkle invitation

Christian Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording

If the expecting couple is Christian, these baby sprinkle wording ideas are perfect. Sometimes, a baby sprinkle will even be hosted at a church or by a church community. You might also like these prayers for new parents to send their way! What better time to celebrate God’s blessings than the arrival of another child!

  • Another blessing will arrive from heaven above, babies are always a gift of God’s love. 
  • We’re adding a second baby to our crew! God must have known that we needed two!
  • A baby is all of God’s grace in one little face. Join us for a baby sprinkle, it will be at our place!
  • The largest of blessings is something so small. A second (third, fourth, etc.) child is the greatest blessing of all! 
  • Baby number two is on their way! Let’s get together for a baby sprinkle to celebrate our answered prayers and this new addition to our family. 
baby sprinkle invitation

Funny Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording

If you need a bit of humor in your baby sprinkle invitation, you might like some of these phrases. After all, if you’re going to survive being a new parent again, you can’t take life too seriously.

  • Oh baby! There’s another one on the way! 
  • Are you ready to pop bottles? Baby bottles, that is!
  • (Name & Name) are having another child because sleep is overrated! 
  • The world’s cutest alarm clock is on its way. Another sweet baby, let’s all shout hooray! 
  • We can bear-ly wait for baby number two. Join us for a teddy bear-themed baby sprinkle.
baby sprinkle invitation

Cute Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording

Babies are good and sweet, and invitations to shower (or sprinkle) them with love can be too! Use one of these cute phrases for your baby sprinkle invitation ideas. 

  • A sprinkle of love, a sprinkle of food and a sprinkle of gifts! Join us in celebrating the new addition to the (Name) family. Baby number two is on the way.
  • (Name & Name) are adding another precious baby to the family! Join us for a baby sprinkle to celebrate this exciting new addition. 
  • Let’s get together to celebrate the addition of another little one to the (Name) family!
  • We had each other and then we had two, so now we have everything!
  • Another tiny miracle is on the way! Join us for a baby sprinkle to shower (Name & Name) with our love.
baby sprinkle invitation

Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording for a virtual event

A baby sprinkle doesn’t have to happen in person these days. There are many ways we can get together with our loved ones, including with an online shower. Check out these virtual baby sprinkle invitation ideas for some inspiration. 

  • Whether you live near or far, you can join us online for a virtual baby sprinkle! (Name & Name) are expecting another little bundle of joy this (Fall, Spring… etc). Let’s sprinkle them with love to show how excited we are for their new addition. 
  • We’re having a baby sprinkle for baby number (two, three, etc)! Join us online for a virtual party to celebrate our new addition! RSVP with your email address and we’ll send you a link to join in. 
baby sprinkle invitation

Final Thoughts on Baby Sprinkle Invitation Wording

I hope you’ve found what you need with all of these great baby sprinkle invitation wording options! Having a baby sprinkle is so much fun and planning it can be a real joy. 

If you’re looking for more help with your baby shower or baby sprinkle planning, check out some more articles from Mama’s Buzz. A diaper raffle is a popular theme for a second baby shower; learn more about what a diaper raffle is and how to host one. You can also see this article for inspiration on picking out the best diaper raffle prizes to suit your budget. 

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