Best Time For a Baby Shower (Time of Day & Trimester)

For many expectant moms, a baby shower is an important and exciting event they look forward to for their entire pregnancy! If you’re trying to figure out the best time of day for a baby shower, or which trimester of pregnancy to have a baby shower, there are a few considerations to take into account that will make your decision a lot easier!

In this article, we’ll unveil the ultimate timing secrets that will make your celebration shine brighter and break down the best time of day for a shower, as well as which trimester to choose for a baby shower and if it matters what season of the year you’re hosting in. Let’s get this party started!

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Which Trimester Is Best For a Baby Shower?

Baby’s due date and which trimester the mother is in should be taken into account when finding the right time for a baby shower. To decide on the best date for this special day, you’ll need to consider the expected timing of the new arrival.

Many mothers choose not to reveal their pregnancies until the second trimester, so the first trimester is not usually customary for a baby shower. Late into the third trimester, many mothers feel uncomfortable and tired from the growing strain of pregnancy. There is also a risk that the expecting mom will be on bed rest at the end of the third trimester.

The second trimester, or early third trimester tends to be the best time for a baby shower. The other best option is to wait until the baby is born and have a baby shower when you’re ready for guests to meet your new child.

Should You Have A Baby Shower Before or After Baby’s Born?

It turns out there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this baby shower dilemma. The truth is, it all comes down to personal preference and cultural traditions. Some parents-to-be opt for a pre-birth shower, while others prefer to wait until after the baby’s grand debut.

It’s a choice as unique as the tiny human growing inside. So whether you’re a fan of early celebrations or believe in the power of a post-birth bash, the most important thing is to honor the parents-to-be in a way that brings them joy and excitement. After all, no matter when the baby shower takes place, it’s a time to literally shower them with love, support, and lots of adorable baby gifts. 

Here are some considerations that may help you decide if a pre-birth or post-birth baby shower is best for you and your family:

Pros and Cons of Pre-Birth Baby Shower

  • Pros:
    • Allow guests to share in the excitement of the upcoming arrival. 
    • Prepare for baby’s arrival and help parents stock up on essential items and gifts to use once baby arrives. 
    • Allows for transition into parenthood to be smoother by having time to open and sort gifts before birth.
    • Provides a time for parents to gather advice and wisdom for guests before baby arrives.
    • Parents may have a clearer idea of what items still need to be purchased. 
  • Cons:
    • The gender may be a surprise and guests may be limited to gender neutral gifts and decor.
    • Timing uncertainty due to unexpected delivery dates. Sometimes babies have an early delivery and the party is canceled or postponed.
    • Fatigue and discomfort. Hosting a baby shower while heavily pregnant can be uncomfortable and unideal for an expectant mother.
    • Guests don’t get to meet the baby. For some guests, a baby shower is an opportunity to coo and awww over the new addition.

Pros and Cons of Post-Birth Baby Shower

  • Pros:
    • Baby’s presence. The biggest advantage is that the baby is your guest of honor and allows friends and family to meet them in person and create a bonding experience.
    • Gender specific gifts. If the parents chose to keep gender a mystery during pregnancy, now guests can bring gender-specific gifts.
  • Cons:
    • New parents may feel a lack of energy and flexibility after their baby is born. 
    • Some parents are concerned about large gatherings and the threat of germs (especially for babies born during cold and flu season).
    • Some mothers have a very physically and mentally challenging recovery from birth and a party may add to their stress.

Which Season Is Best For a Baby Shower?

For most people, the timing of a baby shower is not part of their consideration for when to get pregnant, and so there are limited options to decide which season of the year is best to host a baby shower. It basically comes down to whether you’d like to host a shower while you’re still pregnant during one season of the year, or wait until baby is born and host during another season. 

One major reason the season of the year comes into account when planning a baby shower is if you’re able to avoid cold and flu season by waiting until the spring or summer for your shower. This still won’t guarantee a germ-free party, but it can reduce the risk of some more serious viruses that typically make their rounds in colder months. 

The weather may also be a factor if you’re planning an outdoor event or interested in a theme that requires time spent outside (picnic, BBQ, beach).

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Which Time of Day is Best For A Baby Shower?

Ultimately, the best time of day for a baby shower is one that aligns with the mother-to-be’s preferences and accommodates the schedules of key guests for the big day. The majority of baby showers are held in the early afternoon. Afternoon and early evening are an ideal time because they align well with meal times, making it easier to plan and serve a variety of food and refreshments. It also allows for guests to have time to get ready and gives the host time to make last-minute preparations the day-of. 

To help choose the best time of day for your baby shower, think about the atmosphere and desired menu choices and activities you’d like to include in your event. By selecting a time that works for everyone and creating a memorable event, you’ll ensure a joyous and unforgettable baby shower experience.

Here are a few considerations to help you decide on the best time of day for your baby shower:

Morning Delights – Brunch Baby Shower

Hosting a brunch baby shower in the late morning can be a delightful choice. Guests will be fresh and full of energy, ready to celebrate the upcoming arrival. Brunch allows for a variety of delicious food options, from pastries and fruit platters to quiches and breakfast casseroles.

This is the perfect time for a special event that includes young children, as it won’t interfere with their nap. Many pregnant women feel better in their second and third trimesters, however, if morning sickness is still an issue, steer clear of this party time.

Afternoon Soiree – Afternoon Baby Shower

Opting for an afternoon baby shower provides a convenient midday celebration. This timing allows guests to plan their day around the event and offers flexibility for the mother-to-be, especially if she has any specific time preferences. Consider serving a light lunch or indulging in a high tea-inspired spread of finger sandwiches, scones, and delicate pastries.

This is a great time for a traditional baby shower that may not be serving a full meal, but would include some baby shower games and a time set for opening baby shower gifts in front of guests.

Evening Elegance – Evening Baby Shower

For those seeking a more sophisticated ambiance, an evening baby shower can be a fantastic choice. Twilight gatherings create a warm, intimate atmosphere that is perfect for celebrating the impending arrival. You can choose to host a dinner party with a set menu, potluck or go for a cocktail-style event with hors d’oeuvres and signature mocktails.

An evening event still allows for close family members and friends to take part in fun games, but some guests may need to go home early if festivities run late. 

When To Host A Virtual Shower

If your close friends or family live far away, or you’re concerned about germs during cold and flu season around your new baby, it can be a good idea to host a virtual shower. There are also no limits to your guest list when hosting a virtual event and it can be a great way to keep costs down if you’re on a tight budget. 

​The afternoon is the most typical time to host a virtual shower, and aim for a weekend, when most guests will be off work and available. Make sure you announce your shower with enough time for guests to purchase and ship items from your gift registry!

baby shower guests

Taking into Account Cultural Traditions

In some cultures, baby showers are held before the baby is born, while in others, they are celebrated after the birth. A baby shower is a way to honor and support expectant moms, and you should take into account cultural traditions and customs when considering when to have your shower.

It’s important to note that cultural beliefs and interpretations can vary within a culture and among individuals. Additionally, as cultural traditions evolve and blend, it’s not uncommon to see a mix of pre-birth and post-birth baby shower celebrations in modern times.

North American & Western Cultures

Baby showers are often held before the baby’s birth. They’re a way for friends and family to offer gifts and well wishes before the baby arrives. Often, baby showers will help the expectant parents stock up on baby gear, supplies and baby books. Then after the baby shower, parents will see which essential items are left on their baby registry to purchase and get ready for their baby’s arrival. 

Jewish Tradition

In some Jewish communities, a baby shower, called a “bris” or “brit milah”, is held on the eighth day after a baby boy is born. This event is specifically focused on celebrating the baby’s birth and the religious circumcision ceremony.

Hispanic and Latin American Cultures

In many of these cultures, it is common to have a baby shower after the baby is born. This type of celebration is known as a “baby homecoming” or “baby’s arrival” party. It allows family and friends to meet the newborn and shower them with gifts and blessings.

Chinese Tradition

In Chinese culture, a baby’s first month is celebrated with a “red egg and ginger party” or “full moon party.” This event marks the baby’s first month of life and includes the presentation of red-dyed eggs and other symbolic gifts.


Regardless of the time of day, trimester or month of the year you plan your baby shower for, remember, the true magic lies in celebrating the miracle of new life with the ones who matter most.

​​The sweet spot lies in finding that magical balance between the baby’s arrival and the mom’s readiness. Whether you prefer an early celebration to boost the excitement or a post-birth gathering to shower the little bundle of joy, the choice is yours.

Grab those adorable invitations, and let the planning begin! Whether it’s a sunny afternoon affair, a cozy evening soiree, or even a whimsical brunch, make it a memorable event that honors the mom-to-be and creates lasting memories.

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