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Every birthday party deserves a dash of dazzle, a sprinkle of surprise, and a whole lot of laughter. And what better way to inject an extra dose of joy into the celebration than with a game that combines fun, camaraderie, and a touch of competitive spirit? Enter the star of the party games: Birthday Bingo!

If you thought Bingo was just for retirees and quiet halls, think again! It’s not your grandma’s Bingo – it’s the life of the party! Birthday Bingo is a game that transcends age boundaries and brings together toddlers, teens, and young-at-heart adults. Whether you’re blowing out your very first candle or your fiftieth, the excitement of marking off that final item on your Bingo sheet and shouting “BINGO!” is a rush that’s truly timeless. 

To ensure that your Birthday Bingo extravaganza goes off without a hitch, I’ve made you a free printable bingo game sheet set. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating your own Bingo cards – we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Simply download the free printable bingo cards, print, and get ready to dive into the excitement of Birthday Bingo at your next bash. You don’t even need bingo balls or dobbers!

birthday bingo set

Why Play Birthday Bingo?

Birthday Bingo is the life of the party because who can resist the allure of winning with a satisfying “BINGO!” 

Birthday Bingo brings everyone together.  Picture this: a room filled with laughter, cheers, and a dash of friendly rivalry as people share their epic tales of Bingo triumphs. Trust us; these memories will last a lifetime! 

How to Play Birthday Bingo


Birthday Bingo is a piece of cake to play! The rules are as simple as blowing out candles on a cake. Each player gets a game sheet with a grid of squares filled with different birthday-related items, like “cake,” “balloon,” or “gift.” The goal is to mark off these items as they’re called out during the game. The first person to complete their bingo card wins this fun birthday game.


All you need to get the party started are game sheets and markers. You can print your game sheets that are available below in this article. As for markers, anything works – from classic Bingo daubers to colorful candies. Just make sure they won’t mysteriously disappear before the first callout!


Get ready to Bingo like a pro! First, distribute the game sheets and markers to all the party animals. Don’t forget to have a prize stash on hand for the lucky winners! Next, appoint a charismatic bingo caller to announce the items randomly. 

As the caller announces the items, players mark them off on their sheets with a confident dab or a cheeky tick. And remember, shouting “BINGO!” is mandatory to claim the victory dance! The first player to complete a full row – horizontally or vertically, – wins a prize and eternal bragging rights. You can also have a longer game by waiting to declare a winner until the whole sheet is filled out, rather than just one row.

But hold your applause; the fun doesn’t stop there! Keep playing multiple rounds, or amp up the excitement with a full-house Bingo. The more, the merrier!

So, whether you’re hosting a kiddo’s birthday bash or celebrating the “forever 29” milestones, Birthday Bingo is the ultimate crowd-pleaser that guarantees laughter, connections, and memories to cherish. Now, let’s get this party rolling!

Birthday Bingo Variations: Adapting Birthday Bingo for Different Age Groups

For younger children, you may want to use the birthday bingo sheet with pictures/icons on it so if they don’t know all their numbers yet or it may be too confusing for them, they’ll still be able to play. The final sheet in this set includes all the possible icons. Simply cut out the squares and pull each one from a hat until someone wins.

For a short game, declare the winner once someone has filled out one row or column of their bingo sheet. For a longer game, declare a winner once someone fills out their entire bingo sheet.

For older kids, teens and adults, you can use the birthday bingo sheet with numbers if you prefer. The final sheet in that set includes the numbers 1-99; print it off and cut out the squares. Pull each number from the hat until a winner is declared or use the final sheet as a bingo calling card and cross off each number until there are none left. Want to reuse your game? Use card stock, laminate the sheets and use dry erase markers again and again!

kids playing bingo

Bingo Prize Ideas

What type of prizes you’ll need for the perfect birthday bingo game will depend on the age of the participants and the amount of money you’d like to spend on prizes. You can get one prize for the first winner, or buy multiple prizes and keep playing until more than one person shouts ‘BINGO’!

Do you NEED prizes to make birthday bingo fun? No, There are also some great no-cost bingo prize ideas listed below. Or just play for fun! Winner gets bragging rights.

No Cost Birthday Bingo Prize Ideas

  • Photo Props:
    • Provide winners with quirky photo props for a memorable snapshot.
  • Paper Crown:
    •  Create a homemade paper crown for the winner to wear throughout the party.
  • DIY Certificates:
    • The winner is awarded a birthday bingo 1st place certificate.
  • Playlist Power:
    • Let the winner create a playlist or pick a song for the party.
  • Special Privileges:
    • Offer winners special privileges like choosing the next activity, or selecting a movie to watch.
  • First in Line For Cake:
    • Decide on the order of who gets birthday cake first, based on who wins Birthday Bingo!

Bingo Prize Ideas For Kids

  • Low Cost Prize Ideas For Kids:
    • Sticker sets
    • Miniature toys or figurines
    • Coloring books and crayons
    • Temporary tattoos
    • Small bags of candy or chocolates
  • Mid Range Prize Ideas For Kids:
    • Board games or puzzles
    • Art and craft kits
    • Storybooks or activity books
    • Plush toys
    • Movie tickets for an animated film
  • Higher Budget Prize Ideas For Kids:
    • Remote-controlled toys
    • Building sets (LEGO, etc.)
    • Personalized items (water bottles, lunch boxes)
    • Outdoor sports equipment (soccer ball, hula hoop)
    • Gift cards to kid-friendly stores or activities

Bingo Prize Ideas For Teens

  • Low Cost Prize Ideas For Teens:
    • Funky phone accessories
    • Novelty socks or t-shirts
    • Trendy stationery items
    • Pop culture merchandise (posters, keychains)
  • Mid Range Prize Ideas For Teens:
    • Headphones or earbuds
    • Makeup or grooming kits
    • Video game gift cards
    • Movie or passes
    • Fashion accessories (jewelry, hats)
  • Higher Budget Prize Ideas For Teens:
    • Smartphone gadgets
    • Sports equipment (skateboard, basketball)
    • High-quality speakers or Bluetooth devices
    • Subscription services (streaming, gaming)
    • Gift cards to popular clothing stores

Bingo Prize Ideas For Adults

  • Low Cost Prize Ideas For Adults:
    • Gourmet chocolates or specialty coffee
    • Unique kitchen gadgets
    • Cozy socks or slippers
    • Desk accessories or planners
    • Personalized mugs
  • Mid Range Prize Ideas For Adults:
    • Wine or spirits
    • Cooking or baking sets
    • Spa or wellness gift certificates
    • Specialty books or journals
    • Home decor items
  • Higher Budget Prize Ideas For Adults:
    • Fine wines or champagne
    • Premium grooming or beauty sets
    • Fitness trackers or smartwatches
    • Experience vouchers (cooking classes, wine tastings)
    • High-end restaurant or theater gift certificates

Free Printable Birthday Bingo Sheets

Below you’ll find two different free printable bingo games. One set comes with 10 unique cards that have icons/pictures on them. This is a great version of bingo for any age group, but in particular, this birthday bingo set works well with early elementary school-aged children who may not be reading yet. If you have more than 10 kids at your party or are using them for class parties, pair them up to work in teams and let them take turns crossing off pictures until someone wins.

The second set is a typical bingo sheet with numbers 1- 99. These printable birthday bingo cards come with 30 game boards, which is great for older kids, teens and adults. It’s also helpful to have more sheets like this for a bigger party crowd. 

Use your own printer at home, or visit your local copy shop or professional printer with these digital files. These digital items are for your own personal use only, not for selling or replicating.

Printable Birthday Icon Bingo Set

birthday bingo icons printable

Printable Birthday Bingo Numbers Set

birthday bingo numbers printable


This great game is much more than a simple grid of squares. It’s a laughter-inducing, connection-forging, memory-making masterpiece that transforms ordinary birthday parties into extraordinary celebrations. It’s always a big hit!

From the young children to the young-at-heart, Birthday Bingo brings party guests together at birthday celebrations, with so much fun, camaraderie, and a touch of friendly competition. With its adaptability across all ages, this fun bingo game can be tailored to suit any gathering, ensuring that each participant has fun.

Remember that it’s not about the size of the prize or the complexity of the game. It’s about the laughter that fills the room, the connections that deepen, and the memories that linger long after the Bingo sheets are put away. 

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