What Is A Diaper Raffle? (How To Host The Best One)

If you’re trying to figure out what a diaper raffle is, or you’d like to know how to host the best one, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s go over all the details to help you decide if you’d like to host a diaper raffle and give you all the best tips, tricks, and free printables for your party. A diaper raffle is the perfect theme for a second baby shower or baby ‘sprinkle’. Check out this article next for help with what to write in your baby sprinkle invitations!

You might also like this huge list of the Best Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas. Check out this article next for the best places to host a baby shower. Use the table of contents to jump to any section, or read through all the details.

Table of Contents

What is a diaper raffle?

A diaper raffle is a baby shower theme or activity. A diaper raffle works by asking guests to bring a box of diapers to your baby shower. In return for bringing a box of disposable diapers, your guest will be entered in a draw to win a prize. It’s a great way for new parents to stock up on packs of diapers.

You could give one prize-draw ticket per box of diapers or give prize-draw tickets based on the number of diapers in a package. This way, the more diapers in a package, the more entries into the prize draw your guest receives.

For example, you could give your guest one ticket per 25 diapers which would mean someone who brings a package of 50 diapers would receive two tickets and another guest who brings a huge box of 125 diapers receives 5 tickets. Obviously, the more tickets you get, the higher your chances of winning a prize are.

Diaper raffle as a baby shower theme

You can make a diaper raffle the whole theme of your baby shower (or baby sprinkle for a second child) by asking guests to only bring diapers instead of traditional gifts. 

Diaper raffle as a baby shower activity

You can also make a diaper raffle an activity as part of your baby shower by including some information in your invitation explaining how guests can participate if they’d like to. As an optional activity, guests are welcome to bring a pack of diapers but it’s not expected or required. Guests will also usually still bring a regular baby shower gift as well as a box of diapers for this type of event.

what is a diaper raffle?

How to host a diaper raffle

To host a diaper raffle you’ll need an invitation, tickets, prizes, a diaper raffle table at the party, and you’ll need to announce the winner at some point in the party. Let’s go through each piece of this puzzle so you can host the best diaper raffle ever.

how to host a diaper raffle?

Diaper Raffle Invitation Wording

In your baby shower invitations, you’ll need to include some wording to let your guests know there will be a diaper raffle. You can write it directly in the main body text of your invitation, or include a small separate card or printout to let guests know. It’s also a good idea to let your guests know if there is a specific diaper brand and size the parents want or if a variety of sizes are welcome. You could combine these wording ideas with your baby shower invitation wording options in this other helpful article!

Let your guests know if there is also a gift registry for the new mom and dad or if it’s a ‘diaper shower’ with no other gifts.

Here are some diaper raffle invitation wording ideas for you to use:

  • Bring some diapers of any size for a chance to win a prize!
  • We’re having a diaper raffle. Do you want to play? Just bring a package of diapers for the special day. This is your chance to win a prize, bring a box of Pampers in any size.
  • Gifts are not needed, but if you would like, Mom and Dad have a need for their little tyke. Mom and Dad are about to have a new duty, please bring a box of diapers to cover baby’s booty. 
  • Diapers get used up in a flash. Let’s help mommy and daddy build up a stash! 

Diaper Raffle Tickets

There are two main options for diaper raffle tickets… buy a roll of raffle tickets from your local party supply store or dollar store, or print off some specialized diaper raffle tickets. 

print free diaper raffle tickets below

Here’s a free set of diaper raffle tickets you can download to use at your party. This template is for personal use only, not commercial use.

diaper raffle tickets

Diaper Raffle Prizes

Prizes are a key component for hosting a successful diaper raffle activity. How many prizes you need for a diaper raffle depends on how many guests you’re inviting. Check out this whole article on the Best Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas for options at every price range.

It’s typical for a small baby shower to have one diaper raffle prize. For a larger party, you could consider having one large grand prize and two smaller prizes. 

Here are some of the best diaper raffle prizes:

  • Spa services
    • Manicure gift certificate 
    • Pedicure gift certificate 
    • Massage therapy gift certificate 
  • Coffee shop gift card or gift basket
    • Put together your own basket or buy one pre-made
  • Entertainment gifts
    • Movie tickets
    • Gift cards to a local attraction like your zoo or museums
  • Wine and cheese
    • A nice bottle of wine, or two different types 
    • Brie, Camembert or Gouda 

Diaper Raffle Table

On the day of your diaper raffle party, you’ll need a table set up for the activity. Guests need a place to put down their box or package of diapers and enter their name in the draw for a prize. 

Set up a table with some framed instructions, or put a volunteer at your diaper raffle station so everyone knows what to do. 

Your diaper raffle table should include:

  • Tickets for your guests to fill out 
  • A jar, bowl, or hat for guests to put tickets in
  • Instructions on how to play 
  • Instructions on where to leave their box of diapers 

Announce Diaper Raffle Winners

Before your baby shower is over you’ll need to announce the winner of your diaper raffle! Don’t wait until the very last minute because some guests may start to leave before your prize draw. 

As long as all your expected guests have arrived and had a chance to fill out their tickets, you should be able to announce your prize winners. 

Consider making an announcement about 10 minutes before your prize draw to let guests know. This way, everyone will have a chance to put their name in before you announce the winner. 

Diaper Raffle FAQ’s

How do you let your guests know how to participate?

To let guests know that you’re having a diaper raffle, be sure to include information in your invitation that tells them all about it. 

What if the parents have a brand preference?

If the parents receiving diapers have a brand preference you can still host a diaper raffle! Include wording in your invitation that lets guests know the preferred diaper brand.

Make sure the parents know that some big-box department stores will accept unopened boxes of diapers as a return even without a receipt. They may be able to exchange brands they don’t want for a different brand they prefer.

How do you ask for diapers instead of gifts?

Ask for diapers instead of gifts in your baby shower invitation! If your entire party is focused on hosting a diaper raffle, your invitation wording can simply state: please bring a box of diapers instead of a gift. 

You can add a cute phrase so your guests understand why you’re not wanting gifts. Maybe you already have everything you need! Try some wording like: Gifts are not needed, but if you would like, Mom and Dad have a need for their little tyke. Mom and Dad are about to have a new duty, please bring a box of diapers to cover baby’s booty. 

Why do people like diaper raffles?

Parents like diaper raffles because they’re going to go through a lot of diapers over the course of their baby’s first year! A diaper raffle is a great idea for parents who already have the clothes, toys, and baby gear they need for their new little bundle of joy. It’s also fantastic for parents who are having a party for a second baby as a ‘baby sprinkle’ instead of a full-blown ‘baby shower’. 

Guests like diaper raffles because most people just want to bring a gift that will be used and appreciated. By telling your guests exactly what they can bring to help you out, you’re doing them a favor. Most folks will just add a box of diapers to their cart the next time they’re out grocery shopping or buy something on Amazon and TA-DA! They’re all set for your party. Easy!

Final Thoughts – Diaper Raffle Activities

A diaper raffle game is a fun way to engage with your baby shower guests as well as stock up on lots of diapers for the expectant parents. Alongside your other traditional baby shower games, a diaper raffle can be a fun idea at a baby shower that gives one lucky guest a prize to take home with them.

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