75+ Best Back To School Letter Board Ideas

It’s that time again – back to school! But fear not, because this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill return to the chalkboard routine. We’re talking about jazzing up the entrance to your educational sanctuaries with some serious letter board charm. Get ready to dive into a world of cute, short, and outright funny back-to-school letter board quotes that will make both students and teachers do double-takes. 

We’ll move those classroom vibes up to an eleven and give the new school year the welcome it deserves. This article has all the best back to school letter board ideas for students, teachers and parents too. Let’s plaster those letter boards with humor and inspiration and turn those first-day jitters into first-day giggles!

back to school letter boards

Back To School Letter Board Ideas For Kids

These letter board sayings are a great way to add positive messages to your first day of school sign. It can be so much fun for parents to take a photo of their child on the first day of the school season each year to look back on.

  • Lookin’ cool for back to school
  • Time to put on our thinking caps… or any cap, really!
  • Dream big
  • Be awesome today
  • One smart cookie
  • Ready to rule the school
  • Happy 1st day of school
  • Class of 2030
  • School: Where every day is a new adventure, like a choose-your-own-storybook.
  • Don’t worry, we’re all in the same homework boat.
  • Learning is a journey, and you’re the captain of this ship!
  • Time to impress our teachers with our amazing ability to raise our hands.
  • Wake up, be awesome, repeat…
lookin' cool for my first day of school

Funny Back To School Letter Board Quotes

​These funny back-to-school quotes are the perfect addition to your message board. If your little one has a big sense of humor, they’ll like these fun ideas you can use on your new letter board. Once the back to school season is over, you can use your letter board as home decor with these funny letter board quotes that are good for year-round. 

  • School is ready to come back, I’m not.
  • Prepare to be schooled.
  • Only 9 more months until the last day!
  • Watch out kindergarten, here I come
  • Dear teacher, I talk to everyone, moving my chair won’t help
  • I’m just here for recess
  • Ready to shine brighter than glitter glue!
  • Brain cells, assemble!
  • It’s all fun and games until it’s time to study…
  • Get excited! It’s not every day you get to show off your new pencil case.
  • Ready or not, here comes the school bus!
  • Be brave, be silly, be kind
school is ready to come back, I'm not

Cute Back To School Letter Board Quotes

Even if you only have a small set of plastic letters, these short and cute back to school phrases will fit on your own felt letter board at home. 

  • Small steps, big dreams!
  • Learning is my superpower
  • Learning, laughing, and growing
  • Ready, set, school!
  • Learning is the key that opens doors to a world of possibilities
  • Back to school, where dreams take flight.
ready, set, school!

Back To School Letter Board Quotes For Teachers

Letter boards are a creative way to add to your classroom decor or even add a message to your break room! These are inspirational quotes and heartfelt letter board quotes for teachers; you can use them on your white board or as a school bulletin board idea if you don’t have a message board in your classroom.

  • If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you
  • Teaching is a work of heart.
  • Teachers: The architects of the future.
  • In a world where you can be anything, be a teacher.
  • Educators plant seeds that grow forever.
  • Teaching is my jam.
  • Behind every successful student is a dedicated teacher.
  • Teaching: The only profession that creates all other professions.
  • Empowering minds, changing lives.
  • Teachers make magic happen in and out of the classroom.
  • Teaching: Where passion and purpose collide.
  • Educators: Molding minds, one masterpiece at a time.
  • Teaching is not a job; it’s an adventure.
  • Teaching: The journey that inspires a thousand journeys.
teaching's not a job, it's an adventure

Funny Letter Board Quotes For Teachers

The best way to get ready for back to school is to have a bit of humor. Try these phrases out on your own letter board and you’ll get a smile out of your coworkers, and maybe your students too!

  • I’m not a regular teacher, I’m a cool teacher.
  • My students are the reason I need a coffee IV drip.
  • Teacher’s pet? More like teacher’s caffeine supplier.
  • Teaching: The art of keeping a straight face while saying the funniest things.
  • Yes, I talk to myself. I’m a teacher; I need expert advice.
  • My superpower? Taming wild classrooms.
  • Teaching: Where every day is a surprise party… and you’re the one surprised.
  • The three Rs of teaching: Recharge, Replenish, Repeat.
  • Why did the teacher go to the beach? To test the waters!
  • I teach. What’s your superpower?
I'm not a regular teacher, I'm a cool teacher

Back To School Letter Board Ideas For The Classroom

Need a back to school quote for the classroom? These are funny classroom rules and some heartfelt messages you can consider using in your class, depending on the tone you’re going for. 

  • In this classroom, mistakes are welcomed as opportunities to learn.
  • In this classroom, kindness is our compass and curiosity is our guide.
  • In this classroom, we celebrate diversity and embrace each other’s uniqueness.
  • In this classroom, creativity has no boundaries and imagination takes flight.
  • In this classroom, we foster a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.
  • In this classroom, we believe in endless possibilities.
  • In this class we don’t do ‘easy’, we make easy happen through hard work.
  • Rule #1: No teleporting to the bathroom.
  • Rule #2: Jedi mind tricks are only allowed during recess.
  • Rule #3: Raise your hand if you know the secret handshake!
  • Clean up after yourselves, house elves don’t work here.
clean up after yourselves, house elves don't work here

Back To School Letter Board Ideas For Parents

Ok parents, it’s time to join in on the fun. You can either take a picture with one of these letter board signs and post it alongside the one you take of your child to share with close friends and family, put it in your scrapbook, or use these phrases as part of your letter board home decor during the back-to-school season.

  • Back to school? More like back to sanity!
  • The most wonderful time of the year: Back to school shopping season!
  • Cheers to school buses and quiet houses!
  • The house was so quiet, I actually heard a clock ticking!
  • Freedom is having the remote control all to myself again!
  • It’s official: I’ve earned a PhD in hiding snacks from the kids.
  • Back to school, where I finally get to finish a cup of coffee while it’s still hot.
  • I survived summer break… now let’s see if I survive homework!
  • Moms and dads, assemble! Back to school mode activated.
  • Back to school, where we trade sunscreen for sanity.
  • My heart is walking into the classroom today.
  • Wishing I could press ‘pause’ on these precious moments.
  • Missing our summer adventures, but excited to hear about your school day.
I survived summer break, let's see if i can survive homework

What NOT To Put On A Back To School Letter Board

I’m sure you’ve all seen those adorable first day of school letter board signs on social media that have lots of personal information on them. They might include things like the child’s age, name, favorite colors, elementary teacher, and what they want to be when they grow up. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a sign like this. The problem comes when a well-meaning parent starts posting this type of personal information about their kids online for all to see. 

In this digital world we live in, we need to protect our kids, and that means not putting too much of their personal information online for strangers to see. Here are some things you’re better off not including on your child’s back to school letter board. If you’d like to know more about why this is a potentially dangerous idea, check out this article from Today.com.

  • Don’t include:
    • Child’s name
    • Teacher’s name
    • School name
    • Favorite sports
    • Favorite activities
    • Favorite food
    • Favorite colors
prepare to be schooled

Final Thoughts on Back To School Letter Board Ideas

Is back to school your favorite time of year? I hope you found the best back to school quotes for your letter board on this list! Save this article to your Pinterest so you can find it next year! And send it to a friend who’d love it too. 

You can also use your felt letter board again for the last day of school pictures. It might just become your child’s favorite childhood memory to look back on, to see the different ways they grew and the fun and cute phrases you used at the start and end of the year. 

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