60+ Best Diaper Raffle Prizes For Baby Shower Guests

If you’ve decided to host a diaper raffle, you’re going to need some great prizes for your baby shower guests! This list contains the best diaper raffle prize ideas that people will really want to win. Hosting a diaper raffle is a great way for the new parents to stock up on packs of diapers to get them through their first year with a new baby.

From small diaper raffle prize ideas (that won’t break the bank) all the way up to expensive luxury items… there’s something on this list for everyone. There are even a ton of great gift basket ideas that you can put together yourself, or find pre-made.

Use the table of contents to jump to any section, or read through the whole list of ideas!

Table of Contents:

best diaper raffle prize ideas

What is a diaper raffle?

A diaper raffle is a baby shower activity or theme for your shower that centers around guests bringing boxes or a pack of diapers. When guests bring diapers to the baby shower, they are able to enter to win a raffle prize. The point of a diaper raffle is to build up a stash of diapers for the new parents. They receive a ton of diapers to help get them through their baby’s first year.

For a full explanation of how to run the perfect diaper raffle at your shower, check out this article on how to host a diaper raffle! You can even grab a set of free diaper raffle tickets from this how-to article.

Small Diaper Raffle Prizes

If your diaper raffle is a small portion of your baby shower an inexpensive diaper raffle prize is entirely appropriate. In particular, if your diaper raffle is optional and guests are welcome to participate (but not expected) a small diaper raffle prize is also a good choice. 

Small diaper raffle prizes can also be a great idea to use if you’re giving away more than one prize. They can also be helpful to use as prizes for your runner up. You can draw three names for your prizes; two people can win a small prize and one person can win the grand prize.

small diaper raffle prizes

Here are the best small diaper raffle prize ideas:

  • Candle
  • Nail polish and nail file set
  • Robe
  • Kitchen towels
  • Small gift cards
  • Movie passes
  • Truffles
  • Flower arrangement
  • Bottle of wine
  • Fresh coffee or tea
  • Lotion
  • Potted plant
  • Home made treats
  • Scarf and gloves set
  • Travel mug
  • Recipe book
  • Lottery tickets
  • Outdoor game set (bocee ball, ladder ball)
  • Patio lanterns
  • Tote bag or beach bag

Large Diaper Raffle Prizes

Large diaper raffle prizes are perfect for a big party. If you have a lot of guests invited and your budget allows for a show-stopping prize, choosing one of these expensive diaper raffle prize ideas is great.

If you’re trying to entice more guests to enter to win your prizes, you could also set up a ‘diaper fund’ at your diaper raffle table. This way, even guests who did not bring a box of diapers can still participate. They could donate cash to your volunteer running the diaper raffle station in return for a ticket to enter to win the prize. 

large diaper raffle prizes

Here are some of the best large diaper raffle prize ideas:

  • Air fryer
  • Instant pot
  • Stand mixer
  • Wireless headphones
  • Tablet
  • Smart watch
  • Electric foot massager
  • Smart home appliances
  • Instant camera
  • Personal trainer session
  • Gym membership 
  • Full spa day treatment
  • Home cleaning services
  • Car detailing services
  • Designer purse & wallet set
  • Designer sunglasses & sun hat 

Diaper Raffle Gift Basket Ideas

Gift basket prizes for a diaper raffle are a classic! You can find some of these gift basket ideas on sites like Etsy and Amazon, where you can pick up a pre-made basket. You can also use some of the suggested items on each list to put together your own gift basket from scratch. 

Here are the best diaper raffle gift basket ideas:

  • Wine and cheese basket
    • Bottle of white wine, bottle of red wine, gouda, brie, cammembert, cheese board, cheese knife, crackers
  • BBQ basket
    • Grilling tongs, grill spatula, grill brush, skewers, basting brush, bbq sauce, bbq spices
  • Mimosa basket
    • Champagne, bottled orange juice, truffles, fresh oranges
  • Ice cream sundae basket
    • Bowls, spoons, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, treats for toppings, icecream scoop
  • Cozy home basket
    • Throw blanket, pillows, framed art, house plant, scented candle, coffee table book, 
  • Self-care basket
    • Slippers, sweatpants, bath and body items, book, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, cozy socks, face masks, bath bombs, snacks, heating pad
  • Spa basket
    • Robe, loofa, nail polish, lotion, soap, nail file, epsom salts, 
  • Picnic basket
    • Picnic basket, plates, cups, blanket, cutlery, cooler
  • Cake decorating basket
    • Cake pans, parchment paper, piping tip set, piping bags, gel food coloring, cake recipe book, cupcake liners, cake spatula, bench scraper, cake boards, cooling racks
  • Gardening themed basket
    • Seeds, tools, pot, gloves, herb infused oils and vinegar 
  • Movie at home basket
    • Popcorn, treats, pop, candy, pizza gift card
  • Kitchen basket
    • Salad bowl, salad tongs, spatula, wooden spoon set, kitchen towels, measuring spoons, whisk, grater, oven mits
  • Game night basket
    • Card game or board game, chips, chocolate, salsa

Diaper Raffle Prizes: Gift Cards and Tickets

Who doesn’t like a gift card?! I know gift cards may seem generic, but they’re popular for a reason. Put your gift card inside a picture frame to make it look extra special for your diaper raffle. Or put it in a beautiful card for the diaper raffle winner to take home with them.

Here are the best gift card and ticket ideas for your diaper raffle prizes:

  • Movie tickets
  • Local museum gift card
  • Sport event tickets
  • Dinner theatre tickets
  • Spa gift card
  • Restaurant gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Etsy gift card
  • Streaming service for a year gift card
  • Audible gift card
  • Home improvement store gift card

Diaper raffle prize FAQ’s

How to choose the best diaper raffle prizes?

Choosing the best diaper raffle prizes for your party depends on a number of things including: the time of year, guest numbers, budget, and if your party is coed. 

If your baby shower is in the summer, a beach bag or BBQ grill gift basket are entirely appropriate. In the middle of winter, you may want to go with a cozy home gift basket instead.

Guest numbers and budget matter too! It doesn’t make sense for a small party with a modest budget to give away a huge prize. Think about the party size and budget to help guide your prize choices. 

How many diaper raffle prizes do I need?

How many diaper raffle prizes you need depends on how many guests are invited, your budget, and how big your raffle is. If the diaper raffle is only a small portion of your party, there may be other baby shower games that guests are also winning prizes for. Having a few small traditional baby shower games and one prize for each game is a nice idea. 

If your entire baby shower is diaper themed and all guests are expected to take part in the diaper raffle, you may want more than one prize. Two small prizes for the runners up, and one grand prize would be great.

How to pick co-ed baby shower prizes?

If your baby shower is co-ed (meaning you’re having both men and women invited to this shower) you can pick prizes that both men and women would typically love to receive. Items like car detailing, home cleaning services, wireless headphones, and gift cards are things that most people will enjoy. 

Even for a prize idea like designer sunglasses, for a coed baby shower you could choose a men’s pair and a women’s pair. Keep the receipt and let your winner choose which they like then return the other set after your party. Including gift receipts is also a safe bet so guests can really get something they like.

Key Takeaways: Best Diaper Raffle Prizes

Picking something off this list means one lucky guest will walk away with a great diaper raffle prize! Newborn babies go through boxes of diapers faster than you’d think! Hosting a diaper raffle is a good idea to help the expectant parents stock up on disposable diapers. It’s a fun way to help get them through their baby’s first year.

Make sure your baby shower invitations tell your guests they can participate by bringing a pack of diapers. Include information telling if the new mom and dad have a brand preference or are happy with different brands as well if a variety of sizes are welcome.

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