25+ Best Places for a Perfect Baby Shower

A baby shower is a way for people to share their excitement about a new little bundle of joy joining the world! Traditionally, baby showers have been thrown by a close friend or a family member for the mama-to-be. These days, you can have a baby shower almost anywhere! Indoors, outdoors, in person, or virtually… The options seem endless. This guide will help you narrow down your decision and give you some ideas about the best baby shower venues and what your party might look like if you choose one of these venues.

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Trying to decide on baby shower locations can feel like such a big decision. There are so many unique baby shower venues to pick from. Here are a few factors that can help you decide what venue will be best for you.

baby shower at home
  • Who’s invited?
    • Is it co-ed? Men and women?
    • Are kids invited too?
  • How many people might come?
    • Is it a small intimate tight-knit group of your besties?
    • Is it your whole contact list? 
  • What’s your style?
    • Would you feel more at ease at a rented venue?
    • Are you a total home body?
  • What’s the budget?
    • Are you throwing a huge party with a giant budget?
    • Would you prefer to save $$ and have a smaller party?
  • What time of year?
    • Is your party in the summer when you could host outdoors?
    • If your party is around the winter holidays will venues be booked up with other events?
botanical garden green house

Botanical Garden Baby Shower

I can’t think of a more beautiful location for special occasions than a botanical garden. If you’re looking for a feminine spot for a baby shower that’s full of natural Mother-Earth energy this is it! A gender neutral green or botanically themed baby shower full of palm leaves and neutral tones would be great here. Or you could go with something floral for a “baby in bloom” theme or “it’s a little lady” for a ladybug themed babyshower. Butterflies, song birds, or just some super chic floral arrangements could make this space really memorable.

A botanical garden often has indoor and outdoor space available for rentals. Some gardens even have add-ons like an activity for children if they’re part of your guest list like a ladybug release, or a plant potting activity to take home. 

golf green and club house

Golf Club Baby Shower

The restaurant of a golf club often overlooks the scenic rolling greens. They may even have a private room available for rental. This is a great co-ed baby shower location where men and women will both feel welcome. A golf club house is also a good location for larger groups if you’re expecting a lot of party guests.

Use a theme like: “let’s Par-Tee” for an extra punny time at your golf club. Or have a “tea-time and tee-time” event where your guests are invited to have some tea, coffee and light refreshments at your party and then use the driving range with you. 

Tennis Club Baby Shower 

Similar to a golf club, a tennis club is often an additional scenic location to host a baby shower at. It’s another great venue for a co-ed party since the sport is geared towards both men and women. Country clubs are another good option if you happen to have a membership.

You could use a tennis pun like: you’ll have a “rally good time” or here comes my “ Future doubles partner” or if you’re having twins it’s the perfect location to have a “double trouble doubles partners” sort of theme!

wall of library books

Library Baby Shower

Libraries are classic and elegant. Maybe your hometown has a historical looking library, or your downtown has a chic modern library. Or go with a library that’s close to home so it’s easy for you to drive to for your special day. They often have private rooms available for rentals. They also have a wonderful variety of children’s books! It’s definitely a unique space to celebrate your new baby.

A great idea for a baby shower at a library is to ask your guests to write an inscription inside their favorite baby book instead of giving you a card. Or pick one lovely baby book for your guests to write in as a guestbook to remember the special day. You can even have a storybook themed baby shower by using different childrens’ books as inspiration for food you serve like a fruit station with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Or put the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by your desserts.

meerkats at zoo

Zoo Baby Shower

Ok…. I know… insert your joke about the birds and the bees here. But a zoo is a super fun place to consider hosting a baby shower especially if you’re inviting people who have children. This location is the perfect place to host a nice little shower and then explore the site with your guests for a lovely day together. 

There are SO MANY fun animal themes for a baby shower that would be perfect at a zoo. How about a safari themed baby shower, woodland animal themed baby shower, jungle themed baby shower, or a farm animal themed baby shower?

red barn and rustic fencing

Farm or Barn Baby Shower

Having a baby shower at a facility with a nice rustic barn is definitely in vogue at the moment. Just think of all the weddings taking place at venues like this that have been recently designed as an event space. Baby showers often take place after weddings…why not use the same types of venues?

Your baby shower theme at a barn could include burlap, wood beams, and twine accents for a rustic feel. Or cute baby farm animals for more of an “Old Macdonald” baby shower theme. How about a yellow themed baby shower to welcome your new “little chick”? The possibilities are endless at this venue.

log fort

Historical Park Baby Shower

Historical parks are another venue that typically have a cozy private room available to rent for a special event like a baby shower. You could use mason jars as decorations and cute wooden rocking chairs to tie together a theme. 

A historical park is another great location to invite families to if your baby shower is kid-friendly. It’s got something for everyone: tea rooms, cannons, an old saloon, maybe even a little petting zoo with some farm animals. 

Museum Baby Shower

Are there any cool museums near your home? Dinosaur museums, rock and gem collections, toy museums, chocolate museums… There are so many interesting places you could rent a private room from to host your baby shower. From a more formal catered event to a potluck, there are a myriad of possibilities to choose from at this location.

Art Gallery Baby Shower

Similar to a museum, you could have a baby shower at an art gallery. Your “little work of art” will fit right in at a location like this. “You’re my favorite work of art” is a delightful theme to consider for a baby shower at an art gallery. It’s a versatile location that you could dress up or down. Use colorful rainbows and splashes of paint, or have a formal affair. 

Depending on the type of art gallery this could be another child friendly location. If it’s a glass museum… maybe not. But many modern art museums even have a child-friendly exhibit for your guests to explore.

high tea table setting

Tea Room Baby Shower

A tea room is another super feminine location for a dressy baby shower. What a splendid occasion to get dressed up and enjoy a treat. Some hotels offer high tea in a pleasant tea room you could rent for a baby shower. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a restaurant that is a dedicated tea room they will often have a private room for you to rent, or welcome you to rent their space after hours. 

How about a theme like “a baby is brewing” or “babies are sweet, let’s have a treat” for a tea party themed baby shower.

Restaurant Baby Shower

A restaurant is a great choice for a baby shower if you’re interested in serving your guests a full meal but want to do NONE of the set up, cooking, and clean up! It’s true that you’ll end up paying more for a meal like this, but if you’re low on energy or time it’s a great option. Sticking with a smaller guest list can help cut costs. You could also host a breakfast or early lunch; some sort of meal where it will be appropriate to keep alcohol off the menu will keep prices lower too. You can call your favorite restaurant to see if they offer private dining rooms for rentals and parties.

Community Center Baby Shower

The beauty of a community center is that it is hopefully close to home. If you need a larger space than your own house can handle, a community center is a great choice. Having a potluck or even asking a few of your family members or close friends to pitch in by bringing some snacks can be helpful. Most community centers also have a built-in kitchen where a catering company could set up.

church and sunset

Church Baby Shower

Does your church have a room you could rent for a party? Are all the ladies at your church excited for your new bundle of joy? Having your baby shower at a church hall can be a really lovely idea if you are already a part of a church community. 

“Heaven sent” is a super cute theme for a baby shower at your church. You could also use a really sweet “answered prayer” banner as part of your decor. How about Noah’s ark as a theme for your church baby shower? The little animals on Noah’s ark or some pretty rainbows are both cute ideas to add to your theme. 

Virtual Baby Shower

If you’re super germ cautious, a virtual baby shower is a great way to go. It’s become so much more normal these days to host a virtual baby shower. There are lots of games you can email out to your guests in advance like ‘gift bingo’ that will help people feel like they are still participating in the fun. Email out a blank bingo template and have your guests fill it in with their guesses on what items mama will open up. As she opens each gift, they can cross out their bingo board until someone wins! 

A virtual baby shower is also a good idea for folks who have loved ones, dear friends and family, that live far away that would still like to participate in the fun. Make sure you give your guests lots of advance warning in case they would like to mail you a gift to open on your big day, or send an e-gift card. 

Drive by Baby Shower

A drive by baby shower is another good option for germ-cautious party planners. It’s a nice way to make your guests feel like they’re taking part in your fun and memory making without inviting them into your bubble. There are some really cool invitations you can send out from places like Etsy. 

I like the idea of having a baby shower ‘parade’ for a theme like this. You can even offer individual treats and beverages for your guests to scoop on the run.

Poolside Baby Shower

Why not have a baby SHOWER at the pool haha. Float your decorations on the water, seat your guests on the deck, and grab your sun hat! “Under the Sea” or an “Ocean” themed baby shower are sure to make a splash. 

A poolside baby shower is a great place to host a BBQ or serve some fun snacks. It’s a super idea for a co-ed baby shower and definitely gender neutral. If you’re looking for a relaxed party space this is a good location. 

terrace party

Terrace Baby Shower

A rooftop terrace is another fun spot you could host your baby shower. Some hotels offer spectacular views from their rooftop restaurants and event spaces. They often have a good indoor backup plan to offer in case of bad weather too. “Raise the Roof” and “Taking Life to New Heights” are some endearing sayings you could include on your invitations or decorations. 

picnic party

Park or Picnic Site Baby Shower

Parks and picnics go hand in hand! Your local park is usually a free venue. Free places or an outdoor venue like this can really help cut down on your costs of hosting a baby shower. There are also some really nifty companies out there these days that offer to set up elaborate picnics for you if that’s more your style. It’s something you could DIY or hire catering for. You could find a park with picnic tables or ask guests to bring their own blankets to spread out on the grass.

This is another good family friendly option if you’re thinking about bringing some yard games. If your park is by a playground that could also help keep little ones engaged while your party is going on.

Beach Baby Shower

If you love the idea of sand between your toes maybe a beachside baby shower is your perfect venue. Tropical favors are the way to go with a theme like this. Pineapples, coconuts, and citrus fruits could be the perfect appetizers for this location. Bring a speaker and play some Beach Boys or some nice caribbean steel drum music to enhance your theme. 

fire pit

Fire Pit or BBQ Baby Shower

Another super laid back location for your baby shower is around a BBQ or fire pit. If evening is the best time of day for your party why not do some grillin’ and chillin? Have a “Bay-B-Q” or “Baby-Que” themed shower. There’s no better way to guarantee your guests will have a great time at your party than by dishing up the best food. If you’re looking for a location where men will feel comfortable attending with their wives this is the perfect way to go. Gender neutral, co-ed, kid friendly… You can even have backyard games setup for a fun filled party.  

Garden Baby Shower

Your garden or yard might be the ideal spot for a baby shower. “Growing baby” is an entertaining theme idea for a garden and so is “there’s a baby in bloom.” A garden can be dressed up or down so easily depending on what your style is. You could have tea and appetizers or chips and snacks. You can even send your guests home with a tiny potted plant as a party favor. 

Hotel Room Baby Shower

Grab a couple of your closest gal pals and have a slumber party before baby arrives! Maybe you could treat the expecting mom and her friends to a service from the spa. Order room service! Enjoy an evening of really pampering yourself while you’re still flying solo. 

Even if you don’t plan on staying overnight, a hotel room can be a fun crash pad for a baby shower you expect to go late into the evening with a couple of close friends or for small groups. You could even go nuts and get a penthouse suite if the budget allows it!

Bed and Breakfast or Air B&B Baby Shower

Similar to the hotel room but a different feel! There are some Air B&B options that are really geared towards hosting events. They’ve designed their space to be super party friendly. An Air B&B is also a space that might feel homey but is bigger than your own home so it’s easier to entertain there. 

Alternatively, a bed and breakfast is another location similar to a hotel or Air B&B. You could even make a weekend getaway out of a little overnight party like this. Sleep in, let someone else prepare breakfast in the morning and enjoy time with your closest friends. Treat yourselves to spa masks or paint each other’s nails for a retreat to remember. 

Baby Shower at Home

At Home Baby Shower

Your own home or the home of a friend or family member might be the ultimate spot for your baby shower. It’s cozy, comfortable, and cost effective. A baby shower at home will also allow you to set up exactly like you want with no worries about a venue placing restrictions on what food you can bring in and how much sticky tack or tape you can put on the walls. 

Final Thoughts On Baby Shower Locations

At the end of the day, the best venue is the one you are going to feel happiest in and allow you to have a good time. If you’re about to be a new mom, you may want to check out this fun article on the best Starbucks iced coffee drinks. Iced coffee is like mom-fuel right?!

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I hope you’ve found your perfect baby shower venue in this list and got some great ideas about how to choose the right place for your party.

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