17 Awesome Truck Cake Ideas

Do you have a truck-themed birthday coming up? Or a party for someone who loves trucks? Come check out 17 of the best truck cake ideas around. From construction trucks, to garbage trucks, pick up trucks and harvesters, we’ve got LOADS of inspiration and awesome cakes to get you started. This list is full of big truck birthday cakes, and some that are sophisticated enough for other party types too.

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1. Heavy Duty Construction Cake

From: Александра on Pinterest

Starting off our collection of the best cakes, this bright yellow construction truck cake is so much fun. Use small plastic toys like a digger and small dump truck to create your own construction site on and around a cake. The cake itself is a fairly simple round cake with textured yellow fondant and some chocolate coloured fondant bricks. Be sure to include some treats inside the back of the truck. A little bit of crushed Oreo cookies give this construction site a dirt-filled effect. Get a similar look using these small toys or if you’re shopping in Canada click here

2. Excavator Cake

From: lemontreekitchen.co

You can really DIG-IN to this excavator cake. A chunk has been taken out of the top of this cake and covered with cookie crumbles to look like it is being dug into by the front of this truck. Some fondant accents like grey bricks and orange pylons stuck to the white butter cream accompany some chocolate rocks near the bottom of this cake on the cake board for a super cool effect. Get a similar look using these small toys. If you’re shopping from Canada click here.

3. Trash Truck Cake

From: abigails_nc on Instagram

Here’s an idea that doesn’t stink! How about a trash truck cake? Using a small plastic garbage truck toy on top of a simple round white cake you can create something similar to this cake at home. This cake could be chocolate or vanilla cake on the inside. Choose your favourite candies and cookies, break them up into pieces and ‘glue’ them to the side of this cake with white icing to create the trash spilling out of the back of your truck. Get a similar look using this toy. If you’re shopping in Canada click here.

4. Backhoe Cake

Credit Unknown

Creating this backhoe cake would be super simple at home. A simple white round cake with white frosting on the sides accompanied by sprinkles spilling out of the missing piece and voila! You could even change up the type of heavy machinery used to make the hole on this cake. A wrecking ball or drilling machine could easily have the same effect here as an excavator toy. Get this look using this toy. If you’re shopping in Canada click here.

5. Front Loader Cake

From: Tus Antojos Mis Delicias

Another simple round cake with a toy and treats! Using a toy front loader with small wheels or even a toy bulldozer with tracks to ‘push’ the treats off the side of this cake is a smashing way to create a dramatic look without too much fuss. Breaking and chopping candy pieces and adding some cut fruit down the side of this cake makes it look like the truck is on the move. Secure your treats to the side of your cake with chocolate, or super sticky icing. Add chocolate ganache to the top of your cake for an extra ‘dirty’ look. You could use any type of cake here since the toy and treats are set right on top.  Get a similar look here. If you’re shopping from Canada click here.

6. Recycle Truck Cake

From Sarah Barclay

Check out this recycling truck dumping a load of treats off the side of the cake! The top of the cake is spilling over with chocolate ganache to give it a smooth dark appearance like mud or the street. You could use more melted chocolate to attach candies and cut gumdrops to the side of the cake for a similar look. This cake is perfect if your party has a garbage or recycling truck theme! Get a similar look using this light plastic recycling truck. If you’re shopping in Canada click here.

7. Crane Cake Under Construction

From: @heywood_l on Twitter

This smooth glossy grey cake has the appearance of asphalt in a big grey city! The chunk of missing chocolate cake is a really awesome contrast to the rest of the top of the cake. Add some cookie crumbles to look like a little dirt pile on top. You could get a construction themed birthday party kit or a toy crane for this look. This plastic crane kit comes with pylons too! If you’re shopping in Canada click here.

8. Chocolate Construction Site Cake

From Vinita Phalak on Instagram

This cake really looks like it’s under construction! The crumbling chocolate cake and broken Kit Kat pieces really have a muddy earth moving effect. You could use a chocolate malt ball or small handful of them on top of the cake for round boulder-like decorations. Using a round cake pan you can create two or three layers of chocolate cake. Try a 7 inch or 10 inch cake for around 20 people.

9. Dump Truck Cake

From: Cakes by Karen

There are so many variations you could take on this dump truck cake depending on the effect you are looking for. This featured cake uses chopped chocolates to look like rocks flowing from the back of a small toy dump truck down the side of the cake. You could also use a slightly larger toy dump truck on the top and have crushed cookie or pretzels spilling out the dump truck bed onto the top of the cake if you’re looking to make something slightly easier at home.  Get a similar look using these small toys or if you’re shopping in Canada click here

10. Harvester Cake

From: The sweetest thing

If you’re having a farm themed party this toy harvester help creates the perfect cake. Green icing piped around the edge of the cake looks like grass. And the yellow icing is piped to look like rows of wheat! These farm toys look great on top of a number shaped cake or a large rectangular sheet cake would be another great idea. Get your own toy harvester here. If you’re shopping from Canada click here.

11. Chocolate Construction Dig-Site Cake

Mama’s Buzz

You can create your own 3rd birthday construction cake using this tutorial here on Mama’s Buzz! Here’s a great birthday cake idea for little boys or girls obsessed with construction trucks. A chocolate excavation site cake! Using a large chocolate sheet cake, you could dig into the top of this cake and add some crushed Oreo cookies to make it look like dirt inside. Place a few small plastic construction toys inside and pylons for this effect. Chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles go on top. Don’t fall in!  Get a similar look using these small toys or if you’re shopping in Canada click here.

12. Black and Yellow Cake Board

From: frostedindulgence.com

If you’re looking for great truck birthday cake ideas but you’re not an expert cake decorator you might want to get a cake topper set made of paper like the one I’ve linked below. Or try making something out of fondant like this cake above. Sometimes the little details have a dramatic effect. By making the cake board black and yellow stripes, it’s created a ‘hazard’ effect often seen at a construction site. A few fondant or toy pylons and cars on top of an otherwise simple white round cake have a bold effect. Get a similar look here. If you’re shopping from Canada click here.

13. Digger Cake

From: Torty dla dzieci

Dig deep into this cake for loads of fun! Crushed cookie or pretzel could look like dirt spilling out of your round chocolate cake. You could even use heaps of chocolate rocks around this earth-moving toy. Get a similar look using these toys. If you’re shopping from Canada click here.

15. Kit Kat Construction Cake

Credit Unknown

The sides of this cake are surrounded by Kit Kats that sort of make it look like it’s being walled in! A few toy cake toppers all dig into this cake together for a fun filled look. Digging a small hole in the top and filling it with chocolate frosting and cookie crumbs makes this a super cool cake. Having the front of the truck covered in crumbs really makes it look like it’s digging.  Get a similar look using these small toys or if you’re shopping in Canada click here.

16. Burnout Cake

From Ashlee Higley

Ok, I know this Camaro is not a truck… But if you use a pickup truck die-cast toy on top of this cake it will still look perfect! A round chocolate cake with fluffy white whipped cream looks like smoke coming off this car doing a donut or ‘burn out’ on top of your cake! Be sure to add the whip cream at the last minute so it doesn’t melt. Or use a thick white whipped frosting to make the billowing burn out smoke on top of this pickup truck cake. This would be a super easy truck cake to make at home for someone in your life who’s crazy about pick-up trucks.  Get a similar look using this truck toy. If you’re shopping from Canada click here.

17. Semi Truck Cake

From: Patti Cakes

A huge chocolate sheet cake designed to look like a road with a big toy semi on top! This would be the perfect trucker retirement cake for a large party. Or a great option for a little boy or girl who’s obsessed with the big rigs. Get a similar truck here. If you’re shopping from Canada find it here.

Make your own construction birthday cake with this easy tutorial!

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