20+ Best Gifts for Second Baby (What Second-time Moms Actually Want in 2023)

What are some of the best gifts to give families expecting their second child? 

Although baby showers are typically reserved for the first baby of the family, there are some really wonderful gift ideas out there to celebrate the birth of a sibling. Whether you’re attending a baby shower for child number two, or you’re just looking to purchase a gift on your own to bless the family with, I’ve compiled a list of the best second baby gifts around!

Certain items undergo so much wear and tear from the first child that they are unlikely to be good hand me downs. Other items become useful only when there is a second child (such as a double stroller). And finally, there are more modern gift ideas that every family would appreciate when time is scarce during that new baby phase (like a hired cleaning service).

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Let’s jump into the list!

1. Baby Bibs for Drool

Photo by Nikita Nikitin on Pexels.com

Find solid colour or patterned bibs on Amazon.com or on Amazon.ca here

My first baby was a drooler. I was so excited to receive brand new baby bibs as a gift for my second baby so he wouldn’t have to use old or stained items from his brother. Sometimes old bibs with Velcro clasps also fall apart after being put through the wash too many times. There are so many cute bandanna style options in solid colors and patterns available. Bandanna style bibs are a great option for everyday drool and spit up catching. 

2. Food Bibs

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Similar to the first item on this list, but designed differently for a more rugged purpose. Food bibs are often different in shape and size. They cover a larger portion of the baby to try and keep them clean. Full sleeve splash proof fabric options are a nice style of food bib. Large soft silicone bibs have been some of my favorites due to the fact that wet purées won’t leak though on to baby’s clothing. As you can imagine, after being used at the dinner table over and over again by an older brother or older sister it’s pretty nice to receive some new food bibs for baby number two.

3. Gift Cards

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Gift cards are a great idea for celebrating second babies. If you’re unsure of what they might need or are concerned you may purchase a duplicate gift the expecting mom might already own you can’t go wrong with a gift card to Amazon or a baby store near you. A gift certificate to a bookstore is another great option if you’re unsure of which books they might already have. Take out food gift cards are another helpful idea. This allows the family to get a break from cooking without breaking the bank. 

4. Cleaning Service

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Someone hired a cleaning service to clean my home right before the arrival of baby number two. It was wonderful to have an extra set of hands get into all those hard to reach places I didn’t have time for (or was too pregnant to reach). Life can definitely feel busy around the time of a new baby’s arrival and a cleaning service can help take the load off the new parents.

5. Baby Socks

Baby socks get stretched out and stained depending on how well worn they are. Especially in the 6-12 month sizes once a baby has started crawling or walking. These can make a great practical gift option. And who doesn’t love teeny tiny cutie booties? 

6. Soothers

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

For hygienic reasons, it’s best to use brand new soothers for each baby in the family. Soothers are not an item you’ll want to reuse for a second child. Also, as they get used and children develop teeth sometimes little tears can develop in the soother that make it possible to rip and this would turn into a choking hazard. Brand new soothers are a great gift idea for baby two. 

7. Spa Services for Mom

There are a few items on this list to help pamper mom after the arrival of baby number two. The first in this category is spa services! Pedicures, facials, you name it, spa gift cards are a great way to celebrate mom as she brings forth another life into the world. I personally find the more kids a family has, the harder it is to find time to take care of oneself because more and more effort is put towards caring for others. 

8. Haircut Services for Mom

Sometimes life gets so busy for us moms we forget to take care of ourselves and everyone gets their hair trimmed except us. Help a new mama put herself first by giving her a gift card for hair services at a nice salon. Often pregnant ladies put off getting their hair dyed while pregnant because of the chemical exposure. Now that the baby is safe and sound on the outside mom is free to dye her hair again without worry. Lastly, who doesn’t love a good head massage when the stylist is washing our hair? Salon services are a nice way to pamper a new mom. 

9. Massage Services for Mom

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

After months and months of not being able to lay on her belly, mom can finally get a good massage. She probably has plenty of sore muscles from labor and delivery or just from carrying and feeding her new little bundle of joy. Newborns don’t love being set down and now that mom has two children to look after some days it may seem like there’s always one she’s holding on to. Bonus points for you if you decide to give this gift with the offer to babysit during her massage haha. 

10. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Find this ornament on Amazon

An ornament personalized for the tree is a great gift idea for any child. You might have to wait for once the baby is born to order this gift unless you already know the new baby’s name. You would also need to be certain of the correct spelling. Ornaments are great gift ideas for the second, third, or fourth child. It’s a unique gift that will make the child feel just as loved and special as the first when they see it on the tree every year.

11. Baby Handprint Keepsake

Find a handprint kit here on Amazon

There are some really easy to use kits on the market to capture a baby’s handprint in ink on paper or as a three dimensional pressing. Some of them I’ll link here are mess-free and allow for multiple attempts with the purchase of just one kit. Every baby is special and unique. I have a pressing of my own children’s hands and love seeing how tiny they once were.

12. Stuffed Animal or Monogrammed Toy

A new stuffed toy would be a sweet and soft way to welcome baby number two. You can even get them monogrammed with baby’s name and birthdate to make them extra special. Some families take a monthly photo with these sorts of personalized stuffed animals which show how big the baby is growing compared to the toy each month.

13. Cross Stitched Birth Announcement

From vladaxstitch on Instagram see her profile here

If you’re crafty or know a crafty friend you could create or commission a custom crochet birth announcement. This is a seriously sweet and sentimental gift that can be used as decor in the room of a new little girl or little boy. Smaller sizes could even be hung on the tree at Christmas. It’s these kinds of special baby gifts that often get put in a keep-sake box for years to come and coo’d at when parents remember their tiny sweet babies later in life.

14. Diapers

From beckysbanycakesanduniquegifts on Instagram see her profile here

Cloth diapers can be used to make a cute diaper-cake style gift. If you know this family uses disposable diapers you could certainly gift them a box. Diapers are super practical gifts for the newest addition, every baby uses diapers! Along these same lines, cloth wipes or disposable wipes are another item new parents use a lot of in the early days. You may think it’s an unconventional gift, but a second time mom may appreciate receiving essentials like this that are sure to be used up in no time.

15. Baby Carrier

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

First babies spend a lot of time in a quiet house in their parents arms… Second babies join an already busy household! A baby carrier is the perfect gift for a second-time mom or dad who will likely be chasing a toddler or older child around while keeping the new baby close by and happy. There are so many different types of baby carriers out there at all sorts of different prices. There’s a good option for just about everyone.

16. Double Stroller

If baby two is arriving soon after baby one, a double stroller is an outstanding gift idea. It can be so tiring to carry a newborn in a wrap or carrier while pushing another baby or toddler in a stroller. If you’re doing a longer outing outside of the house or going somewhere fun like the park, having a double stroller can really save your back.

17. Toddler Bed

The addition of a new brother or sister often means the older sibling is moving into a new room or a new bed. A toddler bed can be a practical gift that helps out a growing family. Growing into his or her role as big brother or big sister can take some getting used to. Receiving a toddler bed as a gift can make the transition more exciting. Maybe even adding in a new teddy bear or room decoration could be a great way to make the experience more special.

18. Rash Cream and Other Baby Essentials

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Find gentle baby lotion on Amazon

Consumable items like lotion, baby wash and diaper rash cream can be a practical gift for baby two. Sensitive baby skin often requires special products to keep them happy and it can make a nice gift. You can also pair a few of these items together with a baby towel or some nice new baby soft washcloths to make a basket. A bath time basket or bedtime routine basket could be a great way to put together a few baby items in a cute themed way.

19. Baby Clothes

If the gender of this new baby is different than their first baby then some new baby clothes or a special outfit could be a great gift idea for the second child. Even if the gender is the same as the first, sometimes it’s nice to have a new outfit so all your clothes aren’t hand-me-downs. Think about when this baby is going to be born and what size they would be in each season. If you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter and the baby is born in summer, think about gifting long sleeved shirts in a 6 month size. Or if you’re buying something you hope the baby can use right away you could always include a gift receipt in case the baby ends up being bigger or smaller than anticipated.

20. White Noise Machine

Check out this Hatch Noise Machine and Night Light with customizable sounds and colours on Amazon

Chances are these parents may already have ONE white noise machine in their firstborns bedroom. But that noise machine will move with baby one into his or her toddler room with them. A second white noise machine is a great gift for baby number two because if they have their own room they will need their own machine too.

21. Photography Services

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

A new addition to the family means it’s time for a new family photo! What a beautiful way to celebrate the fact that this family looks different with a new sweet addition than by capturing the moment in a picture. You could even give them the gift of a photo session gift card in some sort of beautiful picture frame where they can put the final product so they still have something fun to unwrap. 

22. A Meal

Those early days right after a new little brother or sister is born are such a whirlwind for most families. Bringing over a home cooked meal can be such a blessing for the new parents. You could even check with the family to see if they would prefer to be stocked up with some freezer meals to save for later, or if they are in need of a more immediate meal. This is something the entire family can enjoy that gives some relief to the busy mom and dad in the first couple of weeks after baby two comes along.

Final thoughts on second time mom baby gifts

There are so many great options on this list that you could get a mom who’s having a second, third, or even fourth baby! If you need more help thinking of gifts, check out this post on new mom Mother’s Day gifts. At the end of the day, whatever kind of gift you come up with the great thing is that you are thinking of your friend or family member who’s just had another child. Whatever you choose to get them will be a thoughtful addition that shows you were thinking of them and their new baby.

For even more gift ideas, check out this article on the best nurturing gifts for new moms.

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