100+ Perfect Nursery Letter Board Quotes (Baby Decor Ideas)

If you have a letter board you’d like to use in your nursery as part of your baby’s room decor, there are so many great quotes you can put on it. Funny baby quotes will give you a giggle and remind you to find the humor in the early days of parenting. Cute nursery letter board quotes will make you go ‘awwwww’ and a quote from a lullaby will give you some inspiration as you’re singing your new baby to sleep.

You can also use these quotes and phrases as ideas for wall art in your baby’s nursery. Use the table of contents to jump to any section, or read through all the fantastic options!

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100+ best nursery letter board quotes

Table of Contents:

Funny Nursery Letter Board Quotes

All these funny nursery letter board quotes are perfect for the word board in your baby’s room. They’re short, hilarious, and also work well for nursery wall art quotes if you don’t have a letter board. Funny quotes are great for those sleepless nights when you need a little bit of humor to keep going.

  • You change the world, we’ll change your diaper
  • World’s cutest alarm clock
  • My mom thinks she’s in charge, that’s cute
  • Don’t wake the bear
  • The snuggle is real
  • Shhhhhh. If you wake him we will both scream
  • Gangsta napper
  • The sleep you ordered is out of stock
  • Sleep is for other babies
  • Do not disturb
nursery letter board: do not disturb
  • You’re my favorite reason to lose sleep
  • Naps are for quitters
  • What do you call an elephant with a dirty diaper? A smellephant 
  • I may be small, but I’m the boss
  • Started from the belly now I’m here… 
  • What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!
  • All I do is eat, eat, eat, no matter what
  • I was up all night keeping my parents awake and now I’m exhausted
nursery letter board: you're my favorite reason to lose sleep

Cute Nursery Letter Board Quotes

There’s something about tiny baby feet and chunky baby rolls that reminds us how sweet and adorable our little ones are. Use these cute nursery letter board quotes to decorate the walls of your baby’s room as a reminder of how loved your baby is and how precious this time of life is.

  • Twinkle twinkle little star, wonderful is what you are
  • Be wild and full of wonder
  • Let them be little
  • No one ever wanted anything more than we wanted you
  • We had each other, then we had you. Now we have everything
  • Read me a story, tuck me in tight, tell me you love me, then kiss me goodnight
  • We made a wish and you came true
  • Eat, sleep, be cute, repeat
nursery letter board: twinkle twinkle little star, wonderful is what you are
  • And suddenly, you are our everything
  • You are so loved
  • As soon as we laid eyes on you, you snuggled right into our hearts
  • All because two people fell in love 
  • Life is so wonderful now that you’re here
  • I woke up this cute
  • Your first breath took ours away
nursery letter board: you are so loved

Short Quotes for Nursery Letter Boards

These short quotes for nursery letter boards are a great idea even if you only have one set of changeable letters or don’t want to spend too long picking out a bunch of letters and putting them on your felt letter board. Nursery wall quotes don’t have to be long to be meaningful and cute. Baby nursery decor can be short and sweet!

  • Hi, I’m new here
  • Heaven sent
  • Sweet dreams
  • Adventure awaits
  • Dream, dream, dream
  • Tiny miracle 
  • Happiness is homemade
nursery letter board: dream dream dream

Baby Book Quotes for Nursery Letter Boards

Short Quotes from baby books are perfect to decorate your nursery letter board with. You can draw inspiration for your nursery wall art from these sentimental quotes from some of the best baby books out there. You can also use this list to inspire some of your nursery book collection ideas.

  • I love you to the moon and back, I Love You to the Moon and Back, by Amelia Hepworth
  • I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always ~ Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch
  • She loved a boy very, very much– even more than she loved herself ~ The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
  • Let me hold you longer ~Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury
  • If I could keep you little, I’d keep you close to me (but then I’d miss you growing into who you’re meant to be) ~If I Could Keep You Little by Marianne Richmond
  • You are my joy beyond joy, a gift from the start. You are my blessing and love, you are my heart. ~You Are My Heart by Marianne Richmond
nursery letter board: if i could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me
  • I wish you more hugs than ughs. I wish you more woo-hoo than whoa! ~I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • You are everything I could wish for and more ~I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • Even when I’m far away, this love I have will stay and wrap itself around you every minute of the day ~ Oh My Baby, Little One by Kathi Appelt
  • This love is always with you like the sun is with the sky ~ Oh My Baby, Little One by Kathi Appelt
  • Oh my baby little one, the sweetest thing I do is sweep you up and hold you tight and come back home to you. ~ Oh My Baby, Little One by Kathi Appelt
nursery letter board: I love you to the moon and back

Lullaby Quotes for Nursery Letter Boards

Short quotes from lullabies make great letter board quotes to put on your nursery wall. These quotes are soothing and might just give you some inspiration if you’re wondering which songs you should sing your baby off to sleep with.

  • Hush little baby don’t you cry, mama’s going to sing you a lullaby 
  • Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ~ Somewhere Over The Rainbow, The Wizard of Oz
  • Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed ~ Brahms Lullaby
  • Lullaby and goodnight ~ Brahms Lullaby
  • Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ~ My Favorite Things, The Sound of Music 
  • Counting blessings instead of sheep ~ Bing Crosby
  • What a wonderful world ~ Louis Armstrong
  • All of me loves all of you. ~ John Legend
nursery letter board: hush little baby don't you cry, mama's going to sing you a lullaby

Girl Nursery Letter Board Ideas

These short quotes for a baby girl are great for your nursery letter board. Small and sweet, just like her! Haha. 

  • I like big bows and I cannot lie
  • Little Miss Perfect
  • Isn’t she lovely
  • The princess has arrived
  • Being a princess is exhausting
  • I got it from my mama
  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice
  • In a field of roses, she’s a wildflower
girl nursery letter board: sugar and spice and everything nice

Boy Nursery Letter Board Ideas

Need a letter board quote for your baby boy’s nursery wall? These options will do the trick! There’s something just for him on this list.

  • Handsome like Daddy
  • Little Mr. Perfect
  • Little man cave
  • To go to sleep, I count antlers not sheep
  • Be brave little one
  • The prince has arrived
  • Prince Charming
  • I love the boy you are and the man you will become
  • His little hand stole my heart, and his feet ran away with it.
boy nursery letter board: little man cave

Christian Nursery Letter Board Quotes

Bring the word of God into your child’s nursery with these Christian letter board quotes for babies. Hopeful reminders of God’s love, and reminders of our blessings and miracles are perfect for nursery wall art. 

  • Jesus loves me, this I know
  • All of God’s grace in one little face
  • God gave me you
  • Little answered prayer
  • Mama’s blessing
  • Raised on milk and Jesus
  • God knew my heart needed you
  • For this child we have prayed ~1 Samuel 1:27
nursery letter board: For this child, we have prayed
  • The largest blessing is so small
  • Every good and perfect thing is from above ~ James 1:17
  • I am set apart for his glory ~ Jerimiah 1:5
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm ~ 139:14
  • I am with you always ~Matthew 28:20
  • I am a child of God ~ John 1:12
  • The spirit of God lives in me ~ 1 Corinthians 3:16
  • I am God’s masterpiece ~ Ephesians 2:10
  • God’s angels protect me always ~ Psalm 91:11
nursery letter board: God knew my heart needed you

Inspirational Nursery Letter Board Quotes

These inspirational quotes are great for your baby’s room. Do you have aspirations for your little one? They’re destined to change the world in both small and large ways. Wooden letter boards are a gorgeous way to put the perfect quote on display in your nursery.

  • I want to give you solid roots, and wings to fly
  • You’ll hold my hand a short while, and you’ll hold my heart forever
  • My soul saw you and went: “oh, I’ve been looking for you.”
  • I loved you from the very start. You stole my breath, and embraced my heart.
  • Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine! ~ Chinonye J. Chidolue
  • You know what the great thing about babies is? They are like little bundles of hope. Like the future in a basket. ~ Lish McBride
  • Perfection only exists in babies and pastries. ~ Gayle Wray
you'll hold my hand a short while, and you'll hold my heart forever. nursery letter board

Other Nursery Letter Board Ideas

Another simple nursery letter board idea is to write your baby’s name or birth announcement on it to display on the wall. You can see how it looks in my photo below and decide if you like this simple nursery letter board design best of all! A simple black message board with white letters is a lovely way to display your baby announcements in your nursery. 

If you’d like to put any of these phrases on canvas to make a piece of nursery wall art instead of using them on a letter board, check out this article on canvas wall art with free printables. The article will show you how to use free printable images to make beautiful custom art for your home.

birth announcement nursery letter board

Final thoughts on Nursery Letter Board Quotes

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Adding a nursery letter board quote to your baby’s room decor is an easy way to give it a personal touch. You can use your letter board as home decor in other rooms and for special moments like birthdays, or special occasions like holidays too. Make sure you check out more fun letter board articles below from Mama’s Buzz!

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