Rose Themed Nursery Decor (40+ Floral Ideas)

Looking for a feminine, bright and cheery theme for your baby girl’s nursery? A rose themed nursery is both stunning and sweet. The rose symbolizes beauty and elegance; it’s the most classic flower of all time. Pairing neutral colors with pale roses, or adding floral accents to a pink nursery can help create the perfect little girl‘s room.

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We’ve put together the best rose themed nursery decor ideas out there so you can build the perfect nursery for your baby. 

Rose Themed Wallpaper

From bright red roses to pretty purples  to pale pink pastel, there are so many different types of rose themed wallpaper you could use in your nursery. You can create a bold accent wall or use floral wallpaper in the whole room. With peel and stick wallpaper options, and even some vendors on Etsy who will help you order wallpaper in a custom size to fit your walls, it really couldn’t get any easier! If you’re looking for rose-colored wallpaper instead of rose-themed, check out this pink wallpaper too!

pink rose wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

These light colored roses really pop against a darker background. This kind of focal point is the perfect addition to an elegant baby girl’s room.

light pink floral wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

A delicate light rose print wallpaper like this could make the perfect accent wall. The light pink flowers are also subtle enough to look great on every wall of your nursery. 

vintage rose wallpaper
With permission from KidsColoray on Etsy

You can really see, in this photo, how a white crib paired with rose themed wallpaper and a few small touches of decor can create the perfect look. White and soft pink roses are a fantastic color scheme. This delicate option is the perfect nursery wallpaper.

blue and pink rose wallpaper
With permission from KidsColoray on Etsy

Light blue, white and blush pink roses are the perfect color combination for an airy feeling, baby girl’s nursery. 

red rose wallpaper
With permission from Wallpaew on Etsy

This gorgeous bright red rose wallpaper is based off an original oil painting of roses. Pops of color can bring together the whole nursery theme.

dark botanical rose wallpaper
With permission from Wallpaew on Etsy

Botanical foliage, hydrangeas and roses make for a sophisticated and elegant wall mural. You could create an entire room’s look based around gorgeous removable wallpaper like this.

vintage dusty rose wallpaper
With permission from Wallpaew on Etsy

Vintage rose themed wallpaper would look chic with some vintage style nursery furniture in your baby girl’s nursery room. 

Rose Themed Wall Decals

If you’re looking for a touch of color instead of wallpapering an entire wall, decals can be the best option to create a mural in your baby’s room. Wall decals have the added benefit of being non permanent and non damaging. These wall decals are long lasting. 

name decal with purple and white peonies
With permission from

Peonies and roses draped over this name sign almost look like a flower crown! You can choose from several different colors for the name personalization to make these wall stickers fit your decor theme perfectly. This is also available on StickyWallVinyl’s Etsy shop.

pink rose wall decal
With permission from StickeyWallVinyl on Etsy

This large rose and peony wall decal has a whimsical look to it that is sure to bring vibrance to your space! You can also purchase decals directly from 

Rose Themed Wall Art

This collection of rose themed wall art includes rose garlands, rose themed name signs, and even large paper flowers. Whether you’re working with big walls or small ones, I’m sure you can find something perfect here for your baby girl’s room.

felt rose garland
With permission from PrettyFelting on Etsy

Little white and pink roses make a darling wall garland. This sweet, handmade, felt wall art is simple and stunning. Adding natural materials like this rose garland to your nursery design can help create different textures in your decor.

white wooden name sign with roses
With permission from Hollypop on Etsy

A personalized wooden sign with rose accents is sure to make your child feel special. There is a unique sense of belonging that enables a child to feel secure when we take the time to make their space just for them! These signs are available in 6, 8, or 10 inches to perfectly fit small spaces or large ones too. 

natural wooden name sign with roses
With permission from Hollypop on Etsy

Another option for a rose themed nursery is to use a natural wood grain look to make things feel earthy and grounded. These dark pink and burgundy roses compliment the colors chosen for the baby’s name personalization so well. 

paper flowers wall art
With permission from RosesPartyDeco on Etsy

Large paper flowers are a wall accent that really pops! These would look stunning above your baby’s crib or change table. You could even include a name sign or personalized wall decal in the middle of these flowers. This type of art piece would help you create a modern, sophisticated look.

pink rose wall art
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

Hang a rose themed picture frame on a wall or even a smaller size print in a frame for your baby’s shelf or dresser. Floral prints are one of the easiest ways to highlight your nursery theme.

crescent moon and rose wall art
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

This gray watercolour style moon with rose accents will help you wish your baby sweet dreams each night if you hang it in her nursery. 

art trio with roses
With permission from SomethingCutePrints on Etsy

This classic quote from Robert Munich’s book ‘Love You Forever’ is such a great addition to any nursery. These pale blush pink colors are a pretty shade that stands out just enough, while still being subtle. 

set of rose wall art
With permission from PetieFlowerStudio on Etsy

A matching set of rose themed wall prints would look great on either a smaller or larger sized nursery wall. This print is gorgeous and so classic looking!

Rose Themed Mobiles

If you’re looking to bring movement and an extra spark to your nursery decor, consider adding a baby mobile! A mobile is so helpful to have above a baby’s changing table to keep her entertained during diaper changes. Or put one over her crib to help soothe her to sleep at night!

purple rose mobile
With permission from WollyfoxUA on Etsy

Here’s a stunning deep purple rose themed mobile that’s handmade from felt. Your baby will be able to see all the detailed roses, lying beneath it in wonder…what a beautiful sight.

pink rose mobile
With permission from ButteflyMobile on Etsy

You should really see this rose and butterfly themed mobile in action! If you check out this artist’s etsy listing you can watch a video of the mobile moving. It looks like the butterflies are fluttering around these roses in such a beautiful way.

colorful rose mobile
With permission from ArtSisterStudio on Etsy

There are so many little details in this floral mobile that make it wonderful. You can see the center of each flower has been handcrafted in such a special way. 

roses and crystals mobile
With permission from BlossomingNursery on Etsy

With the slightest breeze in your baby’s room, this delicate rose mobile will spin mesmerizingly. The small crystal beads look like shining drops of dew.   

This Rose Flower baby mobile from Artistro on Amazon comes with a music box and crib arm attachment. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

This Sorrel and Fern mobile from Amazon has a unique minimalist design with soft shades of peach and pink and is made of natural materials. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Rose Themed Nursing Pillow Covers

It can be a great idea to have more than one nursing pillow cover. Accidents happen, and things can get pretty messy with newborn babies, especially around feeding and burping time. A nursing pillow is a staple you’ll find in so many nurseries but the majority of them seem boring and plain, or are covered in rough material. Why not consider a special nursing pillow cover to match your nursery decor?

dark rose nursing pillow
With permission from FlynnAndCompany on Etsy

This bright floral pattern stands out against a darker background. You can choose to make the back the same organic cotton fabric as the front, or you can order it with a selection of minky fabrics on the back! Beautiful and practical, this is a great addition to any rose themed nursery.

pink rose nursing pillow
With permission from BelovedBobbin on Etsy

This nursing pillow is so soft and feminine with its pretty shades of pink and delicate blossoms. For the back of this pillow, there are 21 different color options of super soft minky fabric to choose from.

pink and white rose nursing pillow
With permission from BelovedBobbin on Etsy

I love this classic white and pink rose design. It’s a sophisticated look you’re going to love using every time you feed your baby.

dark and red nursing pillow
With permission from BelovedBobbin on Etsy

A darker background with bright red roses is another elegant option for a nursing pillow cover that fits a rose themed nursery perfectly.

Rose Themed Crib Sheet Sets

A crib sheet set is like a one-stop-shop for nursery decor. You can easily pick out a perfect crib sheet set that matches your vision and with one click your nursery decor is practically done!

pink and white crib sheet set
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

Pink and gold are a great color combination for a crib sheet set. There are options to pair your three piece sheet set with some of the additional items in this listing like wall art and cushions.

burgundy crib sheet set
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

A deep burgundy color is eye catching for a rose themed crib sheet set. Personalize your set with your baby’s name or initial for an added touch.

pink and grey crib sheet set
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

Navy is another gorgeous color to pair with a pink rose themed nursery. Navy and dusty rose are a combination that make a visual treat.

pink rose and grey crib sheet set
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

This last crib sheet set is gray and mauve. You can order a crib sheet, blanket, pillow and even a matching changing pad to fit your nursery decor scheme.

Rose Themed Blankets

A personalized baby blanket is such a special gift for your baby girl. You can use it to take adorable monthly milestone photos with, as a backdrop. Then, as she grows older she can use it as a security blanket or keepsake. The hardest decision will be deciding which of these gorgeous options to choose from!

pink rose baby blanket
With permission from BlueElephant on Etsy

This is such a classic looking rose themed baby blanket. You can order it in small, medium or large depending on how you’d like to use it. It also comes in a variety of different fabrics to choose from: fleece, minky, or sherpa.

dark and gold rose baby blanket
With permission from BlueElephant on Etsy

A dark background with gold accents looks chic! BlueElephant can even make blankets like this for twins, so you can take their monthly milestone photos together at the same time.

rose milestone blanket
With permission from BlueElephant on Etsy

What a pretty looking, super soft blanket that can also be used as a monthly milestone photo backdrop. You can get creative thinking about what to use to highlight each month of your baby’s first year as you watch her grow.

pink and blush baby blanket
With permission from BlueElephant on Etsy

I love these larger pink blossoms on this baby blanket. A soft blanket such as this would even make a great gift for a baby shower if you already know what her name is going to be!

dark rose baby milestone blanket
With permission from BlueElephant on Etsy

I can just picture your sweet little girl with a big rosy headband with this milestone blanket backdrop behind her each month. An added bonus of going with a dark colored blanket is it will be less likely to show wear and tear if it becomes a security blanket or ‘lovey’ for her later.

red rose baby blanket
With permission from Hollypop on Etsy

Hollypop also makes some incredible personalized baby blankets on Etsy. As a backing to this blanket you can choose from a sherpa blanket, minky blanket, or even fleece. It can even be ordered as a jersey swaddle. The large initial really stands out in a gold color!

rose milestone blanket
With permission from Hollypop on Etsy

An elegant rose and gold milestone blanket with name personalization! Your baby will be framed by beautiful roses like a little work of art each month as you take your photos.

Receiving blankets can be helpful to swaddle your newborn with and can be used as burp cloths or light car seat blankets too! Hudson Baby receiving blankets come in a set of 7 super affordable cotton flannel prints: small roses, large roses, stripes and dots. Click here to check the current price on Amazon

Other Amazing Rose Themed Ideas

There are a few other rose themed ideas you could use in your baby’s nursery to make it even more unique. I just had to include these to give you all the best ideas! You can even use this cricut flower template to make your own paper flowers to decorate your baby’s nursery with!

pink rose baby swing
With permission from SwingAwayCreations on Etsy

If you have space in your nursery for a baby swing it’s such a cute and whimsical idea. And this beautiful hand made item will match your decor! You could even put this swing in a play room in your home.

I had to include a matching outfit for your rosy babe. Gerber makes super soft baby clothes with a rose print on them. This set comes with a matching headband. You can click the photo to take you to Amazon, or click here to check the current price.

pink rose plush toy

You could even include this fun rose themed plush toy from Jellycat in your baby’s room. It would look cute on a wall shelf until your baby’s old enough to play with it. Maybe even use it as a prop in her monthly milestone photos!

Final thoughts on floral nursery decor

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of awesome rose themed nursery decor. It’s full of the best ideas to help you create the perfect nursery for your little girl! You can also check out some perfectly pink baby names if you’re looking for a name for your baby that means ‘pink’.

If you love roses, you might also be interested in this article about what to do with rose petals and their hidden uses!

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