Dark Green Nursery Decor to Inspire the Perfect Gender Neutral Baby Room

This page is full of all the dark green nursery ideas you need to make the perfect room for your little one. Green is a serene colour that inspires calmness, what a great idea to use it in your baby’s room. If you’re looking for walls painted or wallpapered with green there are lots of ideas here to inspire you. Dark Green can also be a beautiful colour to accent your nursery with. There are so many different nursery themes that pair well with the colour green too. Forests, jungles, and botanical themes are great ideas for a gender neutral nursery for either your little boy or girl. You could even do a simple natural wood look paired with green. Or try a combination like green and gold with some bold modern geometric patterns. Let’s jump into the best green nursery decor ideas!

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Dark Green Wall Paint and Wainscoting

I’ve found some great examples of different shades of dark green paint that have been used throughout an entire nursery or just as a paint color for a green accent wall. There are a few of them that are painted wainscoting or wood paneling and others that are more simply painted. If you’re looking for inspiration to see what shade of dark green (sage, olive, emerald, forest, or dark hunter green) will look best on your nursery wall this should help you imagine the best color in your own space. These pictures are full of nursery design ideas you’ll want to steal for your boho nursery. Enjoy these beautiful rooms!

From everythingg_ericaa on Instagram
From Simplynursery on Instagram
From StroudandOak on Instagram
From JujuandJake on Instagram
From Culoramegreen on Instagram
From LauraJacquline on Instagram
From LittleFellaDesignCo on Instagram
From BrightandBoujee on Instagram
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Green Wall Paper and Decals

There are so many gorgeous dark green wallpaper and decal options to choose from. Wallpaper is another great way to create an accent wall in your baby’s nursery with a fantastic design without too much artistry on your part. You don’t need to be an expert mural painter to have a scene like this at home. Tropical green leaves or dark green foliage decals compliment a wooden crib or a white crib, they look great in a natural modern nursery. Textured dark green or even green and gold pair so nicely together. These ideas are sure to inspire.

From Bellababystores on Instagram
From Cocointeriordesign_ on Instagram
From ShopLittlelona on Instagram
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Buy the wallpaper on Amazon.com here

Green Baby Mobiles and Wall Art

A mobile with dark green colours would look great above your baby boy or baby girl’s crib. You could even hang a mobile over their change table to keep baby happy while you’re getting them dressed and changed. I’ve also thrown in a couple green leafy wall art ideas that will help tie your green theme together. These small touches can make a big difference in making your nursery theme feel put together and complete. Mobiles are available in so many different themes these days you’re bound to find one that fits the look you’re going for. You can find so many unique options online and support a small business owner too!

Buy it from BornandRaisedCAN on Etsy
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Buy it from HeirloomandOak on Etsy

Green Furniture

Adding some furniture to your nursery in a bold dark green colour is another excellent way to bring green into your space. Perhaps painting the whole room green is too much for you but you still want the green theme? Or you want green furniture to match the new green wallpaper you picked out. There are so many modern styles of nursery furniture to choose from. From rocking chairs to floor lamps and footstools, here are some fun and stylish furniture pieces in varying shades of green to consider adding to your nursery as green accents.

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Green Cushions and Blankets

Textiles are such an amazing way to add a dark green pop of colour to your baby’s nursery. If you’re looking for green cushions and blankets here’s a little inspiration. Adding a green cushion to your comfy chair is a cozy idea to bring the decor to life. You’ll also want a throw blanket draped over your chair in case your shoulders get cold at night when you’re up rocking that sweet baby to sleep. Even in a small space, green textiles can help bring together your nursery colors. What a great addition to your overall look, why not choose one of these dark green throw blankets to match your theme!

Buy it on Amazon.com here or in Canada on Amazon.ca here
Buy it here on Amazon.com or in Canada on Amazon.ca
Buy it on Amazon.com or in Canada on Amazon.ca here
Buy them on Amazon.com or in Canada on Amazon.ca

Green Rugs

Keep your toes warm and happy with a dark green rug! It’s also a nice soft spot for your baby to practice their tummy time and crawling. Adding a bold rug is a simple way to tie a nursery color scheme together. It can help bring together the other natural materials in your child’s nursery. I love how you can find bold geometric colors to fit your modern nursery ideas. Or choose a botanical green option that fits your color palette to create the perfect gender neutral color scheme. White furniture with a green rug seems to be a popular choice. What a great addition to your baby room!

Buy the rug on Amazon.com here or in Canada at Amazon.ca here
Buy the rug on Amazon.com here or in Canada on Amazon.ca here
Buy the rug on Amazon.com here or in Canada on Amazon.ca here


Adding live green plants to your baby’s room is a great way to enhance your green theme. They can even help clean the air in your nursery. I suggest something like a snake plant if you’re going to try a real live plant that can do well in a room with low lighting since baby will hopefully be spending a lot of time napping and sleeping peacefully with sweet dreams in this space. Alternatively, if you don’t have a green thumb like I do… you may enjoy some of these silk plants in your nursery for a similar touch of earthy green and a natural look.

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Buy the silk Sansevieria plant on Amazon.com or click here for Amazon.ca

I hope you’ve found the perfect example of how to turn your dark green dreams into reality to create your child’s perfect room. There are so many different ways to bring the color green into your room as an accent color or feature wall, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them all here.

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