Cactus Nursery Decor That Will Inspire You

Here is a round-up of some of the greatest cactus nursery decor to inspire you! The cactus is a symbol of strength, persistence, and toughness. After all, what other kind of plants are known for living in such desolate locations and still make the sweetest looking flowers? They’re also very in style at the moment and having a cactus themed nursery for your little boy or girl is a super chic idea.

Cactus Bunting Banners

A bunting banner would look sweet hanging on the wall in your baby’s nursery. I found two that you’ll love. I’ve featured one felt cactus and mountain banner and another with some pink roses for a pink cactus nursery theme for your baby girl.

From HelloxSugar on Instagram
Find this bunting banner from DecorOfFelt on Etsy

Cactus Wallpaper and Decals

Here are some great ideas for cactus wallpaper and vinyl decals. You could use cactus wall decals all over your nursery or even just pick one wall to add wallpaper as an accent wall. Some of these are removable vinyl decals that are super simple and easy to use. Others listed here are full-blown wall paper if you’re looking for a different effect. You could even paint an accent wall in your nursery a different colour first and then layer a cactus decal on top of it.

Photo from sweetlittlestory on Instagram
Find this wallpaper on Etsy from AshandOliveCo
Find the removable vinyl set on Loomwell
Find the wallpaper at Loomwell
Find the vinyl decals from AshAndOliveCo on Etsy
From Loomwell on Instagram

Cactus Nursery Artwork

Adding some beautiful cactus themed wall art to your nursery is a great way to enhance the decor. Cactus wall decor will really give baby’s nursery a cute boho vibe. From simple cactus art trio’s to personalized cactus signs with your baby’s name on them, the possibilities are endless to create the nursery of your dreams.

Find it here from ButtonsAndPearl on Etsy
Find the art trio from BenjiandBear on Etsy
Photo from Claraloocreations on Instagram
Photo from wildcombdesigns on Instagram
Find the art trio from DesignSouthChs on Etsy
Photo from Farmhouse 598 on Instagram

Cactus Baby Mobiles

You can add a cactus themed baby mobile to the ceiling above your baby’s change table for added entertainment during diaper changes. Or add a mobile above the crib for baby to watch as they drift off to sleep. This kind of handmade cactus mobile is a super unique way to enhance your cactus theme. You can also feel great about supporting small businesses with your purchase!

Find the mobile from DecorOfFelt on Etsy
Find the mobile from DecorOfFelt on Etsy
Find the mobile from DecorOfFelt on Etsy
Photo from bohobabyheaven on Instagram

Cactus Plushies

What could you put on the window sills in baby’s nursery? How about an adorable plushy cactus? Get the same great cactus look with NONE of the dangerous prickles by using a cute cactus pillow. These cactus plushies are so cute you might have to get them all.

From BoutiqueVeilleSurToi on Instagram
Find the plushies from TheCactusGardenShop on Etsy
Find the plushie on
Find the plushie on

Final thoughts on cactus nursery decor

I hope you’ve found something perfect to decorate your little one’s cactus themed nursery with. If you love plants, maybe you should consider reading this next article on making money selling plants.

I know with just a few of these special touches your baby’s nursery will be full of serene decor. Who knows, maybe if they grow up surrounded by beautiful succulents they will have green thumb just like you!

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