160+ Monthly Baby Picture Captions (For Letter Boards & Instagram)

Baby photos are just the cutest things! If you’re taking monthly baby pictures of your new baby you may be wondering what is the best saying to caption your photo with? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together all the best quotes for monthly baby pictures and funny captions for you to use on your baby’s letter board. If you’re looking for some fun ideas and activities to do with your baby check out this article on 30+ fun things to do on maternity leave next!

You can use the table of contents to jump to the best captions for monthly baby pictures depending on which month you’re looking for. Or scroll through them all and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect caption or baby letter board quotes for your little bundle of joy.

Table of Contents

baby monthly photo captions

What do you write on a baby’s letter board?

If you’re a new parent for the first time, you may be wondering what to put on a baby’s letter board. A great way to use your letter board for monthly photos is to write a simple message like ‘5 months’. You can also pick a few things to add each month like ‘first steps’ or ‘first smile’. The next month you can update the baby letter board with the new month and milestones your baby is hitting.

If you’re looking for something sweet, funny or punny to write on your baby’s letter board or cute baby Instagram captions, take a look through this great big list! You can always take two pictures of your baby each month. One with their age and milestones and another with a funny saying about babies that fits what you’re going through at the moment. Humour will help you get through the early days of parenting.

one month old quote: started from the belly now I'm here

Funny baby photo captions & letter board ideas

Funny monthly baby photo captions are a great way to celebrate precious moments and remember all the good things about your baby’s first year. You’ll definitely look back and laugh at the photos you took each month with these kinds of captions.

  • What do you call an elephant with a dirty diaper? A smellephant 
  • Don’t scare me I poop easily
  • I’ll have a bottle of the house white
  • This is my backup outfit
  • I’m not crying, I’m ordering dinner
  • World’s most expensive alarm clock
  • Mom calls me stinkypants, but she hasn’t showered in 3 days…
  • Hey girl. Those dark circles really make your eyes pop
  • I may be small, but I’m the boss
  • I’ve got my mama’s eyes and my dada’s thighs
  • Party at my crib 3 am
funny baby quote: mom calls me stinky pants but she hasn't showered in 3 days
  • But first, milk
  • Party at my crib BYOB
  • #teamnosleep
  • Nap? No thanks
  • I’m kind of a big deal
  • I like big bows and I cannot lie
  • Ain’t nobody got time for naps
  • Pretty eyes and chubby thighs
  • ½ mommy, ½ daddy and a whole lot of trouble
  • ½ mommy, ½ daddy and a whole lot of cute
  • Gangster rapper? I thought you said gangster napper…
funny baby letter board: gangster rapper? i thought you said gangster napper.

Cute baby picture captions & letter board ideas

Babies are the definition of perfection. Their little feet and coos bring so much joy into our lives. These cute baby letter board captions are perfect for your little girl or little guy for any month or season.

  • Eat, sleep, be cute, repeat
  • Worth the wait
  • Milk chugs and mom snugs
  • Of course I’m cute, have you seen my mom?
  • I got it from my mama
  • I like it when you smile
  • Hi there, baby bear
  • The snuggle is real
  • Someday I’ll be in school and you’ll have time for a shower and chores again. Right now, let’s cuddle 
cute baby quote: milk chugs and mom snugs
  • Daddy’s little princess
  • Mommy’s little prince
  • World’s cutest baby
  • Mommy’s sunshine
  • Mama’s boy
  • Little blessing
  • Tiny miracle
  • Crib hair, don’t care
  • New to our crew
  • The cuddle is real
  • Isn’t she lovely
cute baby caption: i only love my bed and my mama I'm sorry

One month old baby quotes

Take as many photos as you can of your newborn baby because they sure grow fast. Here are some great quotes for your one month old baby to start off your monthly baby picture quotes.

  • I miss womb service 
  • Glad to be out, was running out of womb
  • Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat. 
  • No more free womb and board…
  • You can’t fool me, I wasn’t born yesterday
  • Get milk or cry trying
  • Mr. One-derful
  • Little Miss One-derful
  • This month has been a wild-One
  • Started from the belly now I’m here… 
  • Hello! I’m new here.
  • The smallest things take up the most room in our hearts
one month old quote: i miss womb service

Two month old baby quotes

There are some pretty punny options for your two month old baby letter board captions. They’re two-riffic, two-cute and two wild!

  • To do list: eat, cry, poop
  • Sleep all day. Party all night. 
  • Mom just changed my outfit. Should I spit up or poop on it first?
  • We change the most diapers in the wee-hours
  • Now I know why it’s called the wee-hours of the morning
  • Two little, too cute 
  • I’m Two sweet
  • I’m Two-riffic
  • Monkey see, monkey two!
  • Two legit to quit
  • Born two be wild
  • Love you Two the moon and back
  • This month I turned into a two-nado
  • It’s been a totally Two-bular 2 months
two month old quote: this month I turn into a two-nado

Three month old baby quotes

These monthly baby picture captions are great for three month old babies. The best part is at three months, your baby might be hitting a big milestone and their tiny face is starting to smile more. Is there anything more sweet than a baby’s smile? There are also some great pun options for your three month old baby’s photo captions.

  • I don’t know what I’m doing. But mom keeps saying she’s proud of me. 
  • Giggles, cries and chunky things. 
  • Stealing hearts and making farts
  • No hair, don’t care
  • Three months of googling everything 
  • Let’s have a three-esta, it’s like a siesta… I’m tired.
  • Wild and three
  • Stealing 3rd
  • What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!
  • A sleeping baby is the new happy hour 
three month old quote: three months of googling everything

Four month old baby quotes

Did you hit the four month sleep regression? Check out this article on getting your baby to nap longer than 30 minutes. You might feel like your baby’s turned into a little four-nado this month but those perfect toes and little fingers are the greatest gifts of all. Who needs sleep anyways?

  • Four months, oh dear how am I already a third of a year?
  • An un-four-getable 4 months 
  • 4 un-four-getable months!
  • Could open a bakery with all these rolls
  • Team no sleep
  • I’ll sit around and drool with you
  • I’m a four-nado
  • Four-ever wild
  • Four-ever sweet
  • I’m made four-adventure
  • Jump four joy!
  • Today’s four-cast is: sunny with a chance of sprinkles
  • Love you four-ever
  • May the fourth be with you
four month old quote: 4 months, I'm made four adventure

Five month old baby quotes

Is your baby five months old today? Five months old is the best time for a handful or high-five pun! It’s even better if you can get a picture of your cute baby boy or girl waving or with his or her hand up to go along with a caption for their five month old photo shoot.

  • Five months old, you mean fine months old 
  • High five!
  • I’m a real hand-ful
  • Officially a hand-ful
  • Five is a vibe
  • Five fabulous months
  • Her royal five-ness
  • His royal five-ness
  • This is what an awesome five-month-old looks like
five month old quote: 5 months, I'm a real handful

Six month old baby quotes

Your little love has made it through half the year already. Some great captions and quotes for six month old babies include referencing their half-birthday.

  • Happy ½ dozen 
  • Sweet, sassy and six months old
  • Go shawty, it’s your ½ birthday 
  • All I want for my ½ birthday is real food
  • Level 6 unlocked
  • I can put my whole fist in my mouth wanna see?
  • Mom keeps buying toys but I’d rather play with the remote
  • Who needs sleep anyways?
  • All I do is eat, eat, eat, no matter what
six month old quote: all i want for my 1/2 birthday is real food

Seven month old baby quotes

You could use a nice rhyming baby photo quote with the words ‘seven’ and ‘heaven’ this month. Your baby’s unique personality is also starting to shine though. Pick something sweet or funny that matches the moments you’re going through with them.

  • Seven is so sweet
  • In seventh heaven
  • If olive oil is made of olives, what is baby oil made of!?
  • Once I was seven months old
  • Don’t look at me… That smell is coming from dad.
  • I woke up this cute
  • I’m the reason we’re always late
seven month old quote: 7 months in seventh heaven

Eight month old baby quotes

Did your baby start crawling? Or pulling up to stand? There are so many fun baby milestones to look forward to around 8 months old. Most babies have also started teething and eating a lot of solids. Feel free to play on those milestones in your captions for monthly baby pictures.

  • I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that cute
  • Eight is great!
  • I put grandma on speedial. That’s what I call Instagram. 
  • The tooth fairy has an evil twin called the teething fairy. 
  • How does a baby look something up? They goo-goo it…
  • Mom says changing my diaper is like wrestling a breakdancing raccoon
  • So cute you could gobble me right up
  • I get slightly aggressive when I’m not fed fast enough
  • Creepin, crawlin, cute as can be
eight month old quote: the tooth fairy has an evil twin called the teething fairy

Nine month old baby quotes

Can you believe your baby’s been out of the womb for 9 months already? This can be a fun time to show a comparison of what your baby looked like when you were the most pregnant with them and compare it to how big and beautiful they are now in a side-by-side photo.

  • Born to be wild! Until like 7pm or so. 
  • Nine months in, nine months out
  • I like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite 
  • I only love my bed and my mama I’m sorry
  • Me: buys all the teething toys. Baby: imma chew my hands. 
  • These teeth were made for chomping 
  • How did the baby tell mom he had a wet diaper? Sent her a pee-mail.
nine month old quote: nine months in nine months out

Ten month old baby quotes

Creeping, crawling and maybe even trying to walk. Your baby’s been keeping busy hitting new milestones for you to celebrate each month. Here are some great ideas for your baby who’s hit double digits this month!

  • 10 months old #doubledigits 
  • Ten months old and good as gold 
  • So tell me exactly how that spoon became an airplane…
  • I was up all night keeping my parents awake and now I’m exhausted
  • Mom says she’s not a night owl or an early bird. She’s a permanently exhausted pigeon.
  • What did batman decorate robin’s crib with? A bat-mobile…
  • How do you get an astronaut baby to sleep? You rock it…
ten month old quote: ten months old, #doubledigits

Eleven month old baby quotes

Only one month left until you have a one year old! But the good news is you have a lifetime of love ahead still. Has your baby turned into a wild child? Being able to move around more might mean they are getting into all kinds of trouble.

  • I stand up! Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up
  • I’ve seen some strange things these last 11 months
  • 11 months old & can’t be controlled
  • 11 months old & feeling bold
  • Really slept like a baby last night. Woke up every 2 hours and cried.
  • What do you call a group of chubby babies? Heavy infantry.
  • Why am I still in diapers? I’ll give you two reasons. Number one, and number two.
  • Mom won’t let me eat scrabble tiles. I just wanted my diaper to spell disaster.
eleven month old quote: I stand up! nothing can stop me I'm all the way up

One year old baby quotes

These first birthday letter board ideas are a great way to cap off your year of photos. You’re really going to love looking back at all of them and you’ll be so glad you took the time to do them each month. Check out this free first birthday checklist if you’re planning a party for your baby. Mama’s Buzz also has lots of easy cake and smash cake ideas like this watermelon smash cake for a ‘one in a melon’ birthday and this party theme for your baby’s bear-y first birthday.

  • 365 days on earth
  • 365 days of loving you
  • One. Oh what fun.
  • Best. Year. Ever. 
  • Today I eat cake
  • It’s been a wild one
  • Now I’m a wild one
  • My 1st birthday
  • Hip hip hooray I’m one today
  • One wonderful year
  • I’m one in a melon!
  • One whole year of awesome
  • Twinkle twinkle little star, one-derful is what you are
  • This is what an awesome one year old looks like
twelve month old quote: today I eat cake

Final thoughts on monthly baby letter board quotes

I hope you’ve enjoyed all these monthly baby milestones picture captions! They’re perfect for your monthly baby pictures and will definitely fit on a felt letter board. They’re also great for social media captions for you to use on Instagram and sharing with all your friends and family members.

baby quote: don't look at me that smell is coming from dad

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