Navy Blue Nursery Decor (40+ Amazing Ideas)

Navy blue nursery decor is a classic shade to build a theme with. The color blue is associated with open skies, deep and calm ocean waters; it symbolizes tranquility and peace. Whether you’re considering adding a blue wall or mural to your nursery room, or looking for accents like art and sheets to bring the theme together, this article is full of beautiful deep blue nursery ideas that will help you put it all together and help you visualize what you can do. 

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Here are a few complete nursery rooms that have used a navy blue theme perfectly. If you’re looking for a bit of room inspiration, these are worth checking out! It can be helpful to see the color palette used in a full, completed nursery to see if you’ll like it in your own home decor. A white crib and furniture pops against a dark color like navy in a classic looking baby boy nursery. Navy is also a great color to pair with soft light grey or blush pink for a little girl.

navy and white nursery
With permission from BrightStarKids on Instagram

A navy blue accent wall with white furniture is a classic look. Adding a white faux fur rug is a nice touch that’s both functional and cute.

navy nautical nursery
With permission from CadenLane on Instagram

This navy nursery has a nautical vibe to it with the boat paddles on the wall and rope that is used in the hanging shelves plus name art above the crib. Navy walls make a good choice for a boy’s nursery and stand out against the white stripes of these plaid drapes.

navy board and batten nursery wall
With permission from TimberWoodDesigns and MariaMontero on Instagram 

Light blue hot air balloons pair perfectly with this navy board and batten nursery wall. Light grey and navy pair well in this look.

white crib and navy nursery wall
With permission from patmcdonnellpaints on Instagram 

This photo shows how a dark colour doesn’t mean the room has to look dark. This nursery still looks airy and bright with a matching rug and white furniture accents. 

dark navy nursery
With permission from patmcdonnellpaints on Instagram 

This dark navy nursery is elegant and so classic looking. With natural wood furniture and a few simple touches of wall art this theme comes together nicely.

Wallpaper is a powerful design tool that allows you to create a bold statement with a small amount of work. There are so many stunning wallpaper options to choose from to help you create some amazing navy blue nursery looks.

geometric blue gradient wallpaper
With permission from Wallpaew on Etsy

This geometric print uses different types of triangles to create a white to navy blue color gradient. It’s a stunning modern look that would look great with white nursery furniture.

blue and navy modern wallpaper
With permission from Wallpaew on Etsy

This wallpaper creates an abstract geometric look with navy, grey and touches of gold accents. The top of the wallpaper has a bit of a honeycomb flair to it.

botanical green and navy wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

How about a sage green and navy nursery? This wallpaper can bring a botanical theme into your baby’s room with the earthy green leaves and navy background.

bird and feather navy wallpaper
With permission from Wallpaew on Etsy

Your little one’s imagination will take flight with this bird themed navy blue wallpaper featuring larger than life feathers and soaring birds.

dark navy and gold abstract wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

An abstract gold and navy wallpaper mural pairs so well with navy wainscotting on the bottom of your wall. It really helps break up the solid blue color with different shades and an interesting texture.

nautical navy wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

This art deco navy wallpaper would be perfect in a nautical nursery. The half circles and geometric pattern look almost like scales. The shades of blue also look like watercolor with touches of light and dark instead of one static blue color. 

geometric bold wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

This is a bold geometric navy and white print. Your baby might be mesmerized with a bold pattern like this to look at near your changing table.  

navy whale wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

Another perfect wallpaper mural for a navy nautical nursery. These giant whales look peaceful and serene, what a perfect look for your baby’s room.

constellation wallpaper
With permission from KidsColoray on Etsy

I’m totally over-the-moon with this constellation wallpaper! Your baby is going to be the centre of your universe, so a space themed navy nursery is a wonderful idea.

I’ve found a few solid navy crib sheets and some stunning crib sheet sets that could help you put together your theme in your little one’s room. A starry night sky or a woodland forest are both themes that pair nicely with a navy blue shade. 

star themed crib sheet set
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

This dark blue crib set can be ordered with many of the matching details you see in the photo. The navy and white nursery look really stands out and the stars in this theme give a nice glittering touch of gold. You can even order a matching throw pillow to suit your navy nursery decor.

navy and grey nursery
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

In addition to this crib sheet set you can also order the matching artwork in this listing on Etsy to match your decor scheme. Your little one is certainly going to have an adventure ahead. This woodland mountain scape with ‘adventure awaits’ on the wall art is an adorable look.

Here’s a great blue crib sheet from Burt’s Bees on Amazon. Made from 100% organic cotton, you can trust that your baby will sleep soundly on good quality navy sheets. Find it on or in Canada on

Whether you’re working with big walls or a small space, there’s art of every size that will help you complete your nursery theme. Here’s a collection of some of the best boy nursery wall decor for a blue baby room. So many of these options would be nice baby room wall art that would also remain a treasure into your child’s toddler years.

navy dinosaur wall art
With permission from HollyPop on Etsy

How adorable are these little dinosaurs for your baby’s navy room? This sign can be ordered in 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches to fit your space perfectly. A vibrant color like green or orange shows up nicely against a dark navy background.

navy woodland wall art
With permission from ThistleDewLane on Etsy

This blue nursery art would help create a serene nursery with dark navy mountains and towering green trees. This sign can be ordered in a 18, 24 or 36 inch base. You can even customize the font and color of the name personalization if you’d like!

mountains blue wall art
With permission from SomethingCutePrints on Etsy

This art trio would go perfectly in a light blue and navy nursery. I love the starry night sky above this crib; it will help create a peaceful scene for nap and bedtime.

grey and navy mountains wall art
With permission from SomethingCutePrints on Etsy

You can really get a good idea about how a navy blue and grey nursery theme would look with an art trio like this. If you compare it to the light blue and navy nursery art trio above, it may help you choose which color scheme to go with.

navy woodland creatures wall art
With permission from SomethingCutePrints on Etsy

If you have a large space to work with and a big, empty wall, a set of six wall art prints can be a great choice. You could even split them up and use them on two different walls of your nursery, or put a couple in your playroom to carry over the theme.

blue and navy mountain, rainbow, arrow and trees wall art
With permission from SomethingCutePrints on Etsy

The bright blue and lighter shades in this set of wall art really pops against the darker navy shade. Trees, rainbows, mountains and arrows have an earthy and woodsy effect when paired together. 

abstract navy prints
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

Contemporary abstract art can be so much fun in a child’s room. Let your baby’s imagination run wild with a set of prints like this, that are open for interpretation.

six botanical navy wall prints
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

Blue botanical branches and leaves are a pretty, natural choice for a navy nursery theme.

navy rocket ship art
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

This art comes in a set of three, featuring gold colored astronauts, rockets and moons on a dark navy blue background. An outer space themed nursery is a wonderful choice if you’re looking to add to your blue decor.

nautical blue art
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

A compass, a sailboat, an anchor with rope and three gorgeous whales. These prints would be perfect in a nautical, navy nursery.  

pink and navy wall art
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

Blush pink and navy are a great choice for a baby girl’s nursery. Or if you’re having boy and girl twins navy is a wonderful shade to use throughout the space with touches of pink on her side of the room.

A crib mobile is such a unique, personal touch to incorporate in a baby’s room. It adds beautiful motion and eye catching details to a space that is so special in those first early days. 

whale, octopus, seahorse crib moblie
With permission from ArtSisterStudio on Etsy

If you’re planning a nautical, navy blue nursery or like the ocean theme, this is a beautiful choice. The handmade felt details in this mobile are spectacular.

navy and sage mobile
With permission from LittleDropsOfSun on Etsy

This  green and navy mobile looks chic and fun. I really think a classic looking mobile like this would age well with your child as they get older. You could put it above a crib or change table for your baby, to help create a beautiful nursery and it would still look great hanging in the corner of your older child’s room some day.

grey, white, blue, and navy gradient mobile
With permission from LittleDropsOfSun on Etsy

Whether your theme uses grey, white, or light blue to accent your chosen navy shade, this mobile is the perfect choice. This listing has tons of positive customer reviews with photos so you can see how great it looks in other rooms. 

Blue rocket ship mobile with grey, tan and white accents is available on Amazon. This mobile is really out of this world! Find it here on Or in Canada on

Blue grey dinosaur crib mobile from Lambs and Ivy. Soft plush dinosaurs with grey and white spots are a cute choice for your baby’s mobile. This mobile even comes with a little music box with sweet tunes. Find it on here. Or find it in Canada here on

A navy blue nursing pillow cover is a great addition to your nursery decor theme. I love how practical items like a pillow you use to prop up and feed your baby, can be transformed by a spectacular looking nursing pillow cover. 

jellyfish nursing pillow cover
With permission from Beloved Bobbin on Etsy

These jellyfish look electrifying and vibrant in a light blue shade, contrasted against a darker navy. A nautical room or underwater ocean themed nursery absolutely needs this cover.

white dots and navy nursing pillow cover
With permission from Beloved Bobbin on Etsy

Simple white dots and a navy background are another great, classy choice for a nursing pillow cover. You can order a selection of different colors for the minky fabric backing on this pillow too. Choosing grey, white, blue, or something else would nicely match your desired theme.

dinosaurs nursing pillow cover
With permission from Beloved Bobbin on Etsy

How great do these navy dinosaurs look on a bright white background? This nursing pillow cover even has a 36” zipper to make it easy to remove for washing. 

constellation nursing pillow cover
With permission from Beloved Bobbin on Etsy

This nursing pillow cover looks like a gentle starry sky. Not only would it be great when feeding your baby, but it could also be useful to prop up your baby during a modified tummy time activity. 

anchors nursing pillow cover
With permission from Beloved Bobbin on Etsy

Is there anything more classic than an anchor pattern for a nautical navy nursery? This fabric is simple and bold and would perfectly fit your theme. 

navy plaid nursing pillow cover
With permission from Beloved Bobbin on Etsy

Another choice that would fit an outdoorsy room, or one with woodland creatures, is a navy plaid nursing pillow cover. 

navy baby swing
With permission from SwingAwayCreations on Etsy

Here’s one last incredible navy blue nursery option for you, a baby swing! This is such an adorable idea for your navy nursery, or even to carry your blue theme into a play room in your house.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article full of spectacular navy nursery decor to help you put together the blue baby room of your dreams. From wall murals and crib sheets, to navy blue nursing pillow covers and wall art, there are so many great ways to work this color into your desired theme.

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