10+ Amazing Cocomelon Party Food Ideas

If you’re planning a Cocomelon themed party and wondering what to put on the menu, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together all the best Cocomelon party food ideas you’ll need to fit your theme and have a memorable celebration. 

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Cocomelon is an extremely popular kids show. Babies love it, toddlers love it, and even some school age children are obsessed with the show. That makes it the perfect theme for a birthday party. There are also some great Cocomelon party supplies, party favors and even Cocomelon invitations you can find to help throw the perfect Cocomelon birthday party.

There are some Cocomelon songs that naturally fit when you’re looking for Cocomelon party ideas. Either the name of the song is a perfect fit, or the lyrics immediately make sense for the food item. 

There are also some Cocomelon icons like watermelons, bright colors and rainbows that easily incorporate into your Cocomelon birthday party ideas and menu. Having Cocomelon themed party foods is a great way to get your little guests excited and a simple way to add to your party details without breaking the bank on your special day.

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Cocomelon Party Food Ideas

Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

fresh fruit ice cream

If you’re a Cocomelon fan, chances are the song ‘Fresh Fruit Ice Cream’ has been stuck in your head before.  Fresh fruit ice cream, what a sweet treat… It’s a great idea to put on your menu for a Cocomelon themed birthday party. Even older guests are going to be excited for this delicious food on your menu.

Rainbow Popsicles

rainbow popsicles

On the show, there is a song titled: ‘The Colors Song with Popsicles’ and it’s all about the characters blending up fresh fruit and turning them into rainbow popsicles. If you have popsicle molds at home and a bit of time before your party, these treats perfectly fit the Cocomelon party theme. Sometimes you can even buy rainbow popsicles at the store to save time.

Jiggly Jello


Another famous Cocomelon song about rainbow colors is the ‘Jiggly Jello Song’. Let’s make jiggly jello with three primary colors! Jello is a fun option to serve in a few different ways. You can serve jello cups in different individual colors, or create a layered rainbow jello dessert at home. Jello is a fun food to put on your dessert table that is safe for little kids and even a young birthday child to enjoy.

Watermelon Cake

watermelon cake

If you’re having a Cocomelon party, you’re going to need a cake! This watermelon themed cake recipe is so easy that a beginner can do it with very little experience. You can also use it as a watermelon smash cake for your baby’s first birthday. You could even find a Cocomelon cake topper for this birthday cake. Check out the full tutorial for a watermelon cake here.



Watermelon is a great addition to consider serving at a Cocomelon themed birthday party. It’s an iconic Cocomelon symbol that needs no explanation. You can even use watermelons as part of your buffet table decor. Sliced watermelon is also a great fruit to use for making geometric food shapes with a cookie cutter, which brings us to our next food option.

Geometric Food Shapes

food shapes

Food shapes like circles, squares, diamonds and triangles are a great idea for Cocomelon party food. Have you heard the ‘Shapes in my Lunchbox’ song? The song ties in perfectly with a menu item like this; it’s all about the different shapes you can find like triangle sandwiches. Cutting up watermelon, honey dew, and cantaloupe are all quick and easy fruits to consider using for food shapes. Toddlers will have fun eating all the different shapes on their plates and if you cut them into small shapes they’ll be easy for little fingers to pick up and eat on their own!

Rainbow Fruit Platter

rainbow of fruit

A rainbow fruit platter or rainbow fruit cups are a nice, easy idea for Cocomelon party food that will please a crowd. The rainbow is another classic Cocomelon symbol that is used everywhere in the show. Colorful and bright, this is a good cocomelon party food idea that fits with any of the songs the show has that mention the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow Vegetable Platter

rainbow veggies

Have you heard the ‘Yes Yes Vegetables’ song from Cocomelon? You don’t have to serve brussel sprouts at your Cocomelon party if you don’t want to… but a rainbow vegetable platter is another fun, colorful Cocomelon party food idea that totally fits the theme and has a song to go with it.

Rainbow Cake

rainbow cake and cupcakes

As an alternative to a watermelon cake, a rainbow cake or rainbow cupcakes might fit your Cocomelon birthday theme too! Check out the recipe right here from Mama’s Buzz and I’ll show you how I made this rainbow cake with step-by-step directions and photos. It also works well as a rainbow smash cake because there are no choking hazards or sharp cake toppers on the cake.



Mama Mia! It turns out JJ and the rest of the Cocomelon family have some Italian heritage. They have a song about making pizza together called ‘The Pizza Song’. You can totally work in serving pizza to your Cocomelon party guests if you put this song on your playlist! I’m sure your birthday boy or birthday girl will love eating pizza and it’s sure to impress your guests that it even works into your birthday party theme.



Similarly to the pizza song, Cocomelon also has a ‘Pasta Song’ that you could put on your party playlist to tie it into the party theme. If your little guy or little girl celebrating their big day isn’t a big pizza fan, then pasta is another great option and a fun way to tie in a song playlist to your menu items.

Final thoughts on Cocomelon Birthday Party Foods

With a few of these Cocomelon party foods, your theme is practically a guaranteed success! It’s going to be the best Cocomelon birthday party ever. You can even serve your food on paper plates that have the characters of Cocomelon on them. Your little girl or little boy is going to feel so special and the buffet table will definitely capture your guest’s attention. 

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