Mickey Mouse Party Foods, Games and Decor (30+ Ideas)

Mickey Mouse fans everywhere can appreciate how perfect the character is to build a party theme around. We’ve put together some of the best Mickey Mouse party food ideas to make your party guests say wow! You can create a whole Mickey Mouse menu complete with appetizers, snacks, a main course and dessert. Let’s make your Mickey Mouse themed birthday party the ‘happiest place’ just like the theme parks.

For even more Mickey Mouse party ideas we’ve even found some party invitations, decorations and Mickey themed games to help complete the event! This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

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There are so many cute appetizer ideas to include for your Mickey Mouse themed party. You can use little cards next to your food items to label what each one is. It’s both practical, telling your guests what’s on the menu, and it’s also a fun way to showcase the theme you picked out. There are some menu cards and food labels that are already filled out for you with a Disney-like font and some other options that are blank you could fill in with whatever you’d like. Etsy has so many great products like this available for download that can really take your party theme the extra mile.

Mickey Watermelon

mickey shaped watermelon slices
With permission from MickeyMomJulie on Instagram

You can use a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to press your watermelon into these adorable shapes. Serving Mickey melon on a platter would be easy, quick, and so much fun. Or make your Mickey melon part of a fruit shish-kabob and add some blueberries to wooden skewers.

Cheese and Quackers

cheese and crackers with a "cheese and quackers" food card
With permission from: PartyMyWay on Etsy

Why not get the rest of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang involved in your party? Cheese and Quackers are such a cute way to put Donald Duck themed snacks on the menu. PartyMyWay on Etsy designs these awesome food cards that are perfect for your Mickey themed party.

Minnie Carrots

roasted baby carrots
Minnie Carrots

‘Minnie Carrots’ could be served roasted warm with some dill and olive oil or even just as a raw appetizer of baby carrots next to a nice dip. A little food sign next to this item on the menu would really tie it into the mickey party theme.

Minnie’s Bow – Tie Pasta Salad

pasta salad with a 'minnie's bow-tie pasta" food card
With permission from: PartyMyWay on Etsy

Minnie wears a cute bow in her hair. This perfectly pretty accessory is also a great name for a side dish. Pasta Salad with Bow shaped noodles are sure to be a hit when they’re Minnie Mouse themed. This food card is another great design from PartyMyWay on Etsy.

Daisy’s Vegetable Garden

veggie platter with a 'daisy's vegetable garden' food card
With permission from: PartyMyWay on Etsy

Right next to Donald’s cheese and quackers you can put your Daisy’s vegetable garden! Not only is Daisy a wonderfully floral name that would go nicely in a garden, but she’s also Donald’s better half. In the animated television show Mickey’s Clubhouse there is a garden in some episodes too. There are so many great reasons to include Daisy’s Vegetable Garden in your next party food spread! Grab the digital download from PartyMyWay on Etsy to get a food card like this for your buffet.

Main Course

Hot Diggity Dogs

hotdog with text reading 'hot diggity dog'
Hot Diggity Dog Station

If you’re a really big Mickey fan I’m sure you’ve seen the animation of him dancing to the tune ‘hot dog!’ This is a hilarious play on words that is sure to delight your party goers. There’s a whole ‘hot dog!’ dance on YouTube you can look up that you might want to play for your little Mickey fans.

hot diggity dog buffet cards
With Permission from DivinePartyDesign on Etsy

Hot Diggity Dogs are the perfect Mickey main course for your party. If you’re having a bbq, serve them fresh off the grill. If you’re eating indoors you can boil them and put them in a crockpot for later. Easy and inexpensive and totally theme appropriate! DivinePartyDesign on Etsy makes these super cute food cards that would be great for your Hot Diggity Dog station.

Mickey Clubhouse Sandwiches

clubhouse sandwich buffet cards
With Permission from DivinePartyDesign on Etsy

Not a fan of hot dogs? No problem! How about a Mickey Clubhouse Sandwich as a main course for your themed party? Clubhouse sandwiches are a simple recipe that usually feature: bread, chicken or turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. For an older group you can serve them cut in quarters with a little toothpick in each section to keep them together and make them look chic. Skip the toothpick for a kid’s party! You could even use a Mickey Mouse head shaped cookie cutter to press the sandwiches into a nice Mickey shape. Grab these Clubhouse Sandwich food cards from DivinePartyDesign on Etsy.

Mickey Pizzas

mickey mouse shaped pizza

Mickey pizzas are delightful for a couple reasons. First of all, they’re adorable little mouse shaped foods that you can decorate with all your favorite toppings or keep classic with just some cheese. Secondly, you can actually get Mickey Mouse shaped pizza at some of the Disney parks like Disney Paris. Disney copycat recipes like this are so great for a party at home.

When making Disney pizzas at home you have a few different options. You can buy or make pizza dough and shape it into Mickey before baking. You could use some prebaked pizza crust and cookie cutters to get the right shape before topping and heating them up. Or you could even use bagel bites to help make the right mousy shape. Last but not least, you could use individual-sized round pizzas topped with little round bagel bites for the ears.


I found so many seriously sweet ideas for a Mickey Mouse themed dessert table that you’re going to want them all. Cupcakes, waffles, and even some chocolate covered strawberries. The options to find the perfect dessert for your Mickey Mouse party food table are endless.

Mickey Oreo Ears Cupcake

red mickey mouse cupcakes with mini oreo ears
With permission from Cameo_cakery_cafe on Instagram

Bright red icing and sweet mini oreos create an amazing Mickey themed treat. They’re almost too cute to eat! Ok, who am I kidding I would totally eat these.

Mickey Mouse Smash Cake

Tutorial from Mamasbuzz.com

You can learn how to make your very own Mickey Mouse themed smash cake for a baby’s first birthday party right here on Mama’s Buzz! This article will take you through all the steps you need to make this easy cake at home, even if you’re a total beginner.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcakes
With permission from Paolas_Sweets on Instagram

These  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcakes get the whole gang in on the fun. Using Mickey cupcake liners is an easy way to emphasize your theme. The real talent shines through in the toppings that Paolas_Sweets uses to create little characters out of icing and fondant. 

Mickey Cupcakes with Gloves

mickey mouse cupcakes with red wrappers, mickey gloves and feet
With permission from Puroamor_doces on Instagram

These bold red cupcake wrappers really stand out in a crowd. They match perfectly with the mickey-red fondant on top. And how absolutely adorable are the gloves, shoes and hats? This is a classic looking treat with a whimsical twist.

Mickey Chocolate Covered Strawberries

mickey mouse themed chocolate covered strawberries
With permission from Sweetcakeryla on Instagram

Sweet Cakery has really gone the extra mile to decorate these Mickey themed chocolate covered strawberries. You can see they used red candy coating as well as chocolate to make a classic Mickey color combination. 

Mickey Cakesicles

mickey mouse cake pops
With permission from TheDippedHaus on Instagram

Similar to a cake pop but in this case, bigger is better! The Dipped Haus sure makes a cute Maus… I mean Mouse. These cakesicles fit the Mickey Party theme perfectly and even come in a set with some differentiation. Custom dipped treats are sure to be a hit!

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

mickey mouse shaped rice krispy treat
With permission from TreatsByTaryn on Instagram

These awesome Mickey Rice Krispy Treats can be shipped anywhere in the USA from Treatsbytaryn. These treats specifically were done for a Mickey themed Halloween party but they could be customized for a birthday or different kind of party too.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

minnie mouse themed cupcakes with pink frosting, white polkadots and mini oreo cookie ears
With permission from Ganacheaboutit on Instagram

These Minnie Mouse Cupcakes would look amazing on your dessert table at your Disney World themed party. Mickey and Minnie pair perfectly together. These treats sure look sweet with their blush pink colored frosting, edible white polka dots and tiny oreo ears.

Cinni-Minnie Rolls

cinnimon rolls arranged to look like two ears and a mouse head
Cinnie-Minnie Rolls

An easy way to serve cinnamon rolls as a mouse themed dessert would be to make classic round cinnamon buns in two different sizes. Arrange them on a serving platter with one large roll that has two smaller rolls above it to form ears.

Mickey Waffles

This is a great little waffle iron that takes all the guesswork out of making Mickey shaped food. Just make your favorite waffle recipe or mix and use the iron to make perfect Mickey waffles. You could even dip the ears of the waffle in chocolate or decorate the face of your waffle with blueberry eyes. If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

DIY Mickey Cupcakes

Interested in trying to DIY your own Mickey cupcakes at home? You might want to try these edible cupcake toppers. This wafer paper is 100% edible and totally cute. You could make any flavor of cupcakes you like and top them with some icing and these wafers for a charming Mickey dessert that is super budget friendly.  If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Making a round red cake and adding these food-safe decorations is another great idea to create a Mickey Mouse cake at home. This seven piece set comes with a face, two ears, two buttons and two feet for a darling looking Mickey peeking into your party. If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Party Supplies

From food platters to extravagant piñatas, there are so many ways you can decorate your space to make it look amazing with some Mickey Mouse party supplies. Adding a few nice decorations can really pull a theme together. Mickey is such a popular character you really have a wide variety of choices in how to make your party pop. 

Party Invitations

mouse themed party invitations
With permission from DivinePartyDesign on Etsy

A digital themed party download is perfect for today’s day and age. You can print off your invitations at home and mail them or hand them out. Or you can even send them off in an email to your guests! A Mickey themed party deserves Mickey themed invitations. You can find these party invitations available for immediate digital download on DivinePartyDesign’s Etsy page.


A nice big Mickey themed food platter is going to look great on your buffet table. And it makes for a special keepsake to remember your fun day. If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Disposable plates are a great option for feeding a large crowd. This super cute Mickey set has plates, napkins and cups for 16 guests. If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Mickey Ears 

Want to make sure your guests can get in on the fun too? How about mickey mouse ears for everyone? This is one great way to make sure your party-goers get in the spirit of your Mickey Mouse theme. They’re great for kids of all ages. This set has both Mickey and Minnie mouse ears for your mouseketeers. If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Food Cards

mouse themed food cards
With permission from DivinePartyDesign on Etsy

Have your own great ideas for your Mickey Mouse buffet table I didn’t mention yet? Why not grab some mouse-themed blank buffet cards? These ones from DivinePartyDesign on Etsy are available for instant digital download.

Mickey Decorations Package

If you’re looking for a great big set of Mickey Mouse Party Decorations there are some great options like this on Amazon. Decorating for birthday parties has never been easier. If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.


So we’ve got food and decorations so now all that’s left is to plan for some party games! Whether you’re looking for something more mellow like Mickey Bingo, or something that will get kids up and racing to burn off their energy, I’ve found the best Mickey party games to finish off your event.

Mickey Mouse Bucket Toss

mouse themed bucket toss party game
With permission from DivinePartyDesign on Etsy

All you need is some bean bags, buckets, and these cute printables! This would be a great game to hand out some little prizes for. Give each participant five or ten tries and see who can land the most in the buckets!

Mickey Piñata

mouse themed piniata
With permission from ThehappypinataUS on Etsy

A piñata is such a classic game for any kids party. Having a turn trying to open up the candy filled container is something your little party-goers will remember forever. 

Pin the Nose on Mickey

Traditionally this game was played as pin the tail on the donkey. But luckily for us we can just give our kids stickers instead of pins these days! Blindfold your guest, give them a little spin and point them towards Mickey! See how close they can get to giving Mickey his smile back. If you click this photo it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Mickey Mouse Bingo

Need a quiet game the kids can do while seated? How about Mickey Mouse bingo? Just pass out the cards and pencils so kids can cross off each item as you read it, and draw one out at a time to read off. This is a great game for young children attending your Mickey party. 

Dance Party 

So maybe you don’t have a CD player anymore to play the classic Mickey Mouse clubhouse CD on. But you can download some tunes! Have a fun Mickey Mouse clubhouse music dance party! Or have your guests play a game like dance freeze, where they all stop like statues when the music is turned off. 

Donald Duck, Duck, Goose

This game really quacks me up! Your party guests can play duck duck goose as they race around in a circle outdoors or inside if you have a nice big play space. 

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