25+ Best ‘Two The Moon’ Party Ideas For A 2nd Birthday

My baby turned two and we planned a Two The Moon birthday party for him to celebrate his second trip around the sun! All year long he’s been obsessed with rocket ships, stars and the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so when I came across this birthday party theme idea I knew it would be perfect for his 2nd birthday celebration. It’s also the perfect theme for a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower.

If you’re looking to plan a Two The Moon party, I’ve got your back with a galaxy of tips, tricks, and ideas that are as fun as they are out-of-this-world.

From desserts that’ll make taste buds do the moonwalk to decor that’ll transform your party space into a lunar paradise, and not to forget gift ideas that are more exciting than a rocket launch, I’ve rounded up the best lunar-themed inspiration for a birthday bash that’s truly star-studded for your little astronaut.

I’ll show you the decorations I made and bought as well as the desserts I whipped up for this outer space party. So buckle up, space cadets, as we count down to a party that’s all about moons, merriment, and making memories that are light years beyond ordinary!

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two the moon party ideas

Two The Moon Party Decorations

When decorating for a Two The Moon party there are so many adorable ideas you can use, that don’t cost an arm and a leg, for your big celebration. The best part of my party decorations for this special occasion is the fact that we were able to use things we already had around the house like toys such as an outer space felt sheet activity.

Here are some of the Two The Moon party decorations I ended up using for this second birthday party.

Outer Space Felt Board

We’ve had this outer space felt board at my house for months now so I can highly recommend it. My toddlers love taking off the velcro pieces and rearranging the planets and stars. If you get one for your party, you can continue to play with it for years to come after the event.

outer space felt board

When we decided to use this Two The Moon theme, it was a no-brainer to use what we already had around the house to add to the decor. My youngest had ripped off some of the velcro backings, so I reattached them with hot glue and it was good to go. 

Use some damage-free wall hooks like these ones and some black string to hang your felt board wherever you’d like. I put a larger black sheet behind my felt board to make a bigger back-drop for the felt board to blend into. 

Ceiling Decorations

We used these ceiling swirl decorations and painters tape to hang them in place where we wanted them. For less than $10 per package, they’re a great deal that definitely add to the festivities.

two the moon ceiling decor

Imagine walking into a room where the ceiling is decked out with a galaxy of swirling stars, rockets soaring through the cosmic expanse, and planets suspended in midair. It’s like stepping into your very own space adventure! These decorations instantly set the mood and immerse your guests in a world beyond our atmosphere.

I used a plain black sheet as a backdrop behind my outer Space felt activity. If that’s not your style, you might like a simple Two The Moon Backdrop like this one instead.

A backdrop with a “Two the Moon” theme instantly transports your guests to a space adventure. The imagery of a rocketship soaring towards the moon evokes a sense of wonder and excitement. It creates a focal point that not only captures attention but also serves as a perfect backdrop for photos. Guests will love taking snapshots in front of this captivating scene, creating memories that are truly larger than life.

Here’s one last option for Solar System Celing Swirls that add a special touch to make the celebration unique.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Ship

My husband picked up a GIANT refrigerator box from an appliance store in town and helped me cut and paint it to make it into a rocket ship for the party. 

Not only did it look super cool on the outside, but we also put shining star stickers on the inside to make it fun to be in there for the kids who came as guests. Decor that you can play with, double win!

cardboard rocket ship
DIY Cardboard Rocket Ship

The only cost to this project was the paint, tape and stickers since the box was free. If you’re not into the idea of spending a few evenings creating and painting your own rocket before the big event, I’ve got another idea for you. 

rocket tents

Get a Rocket Ship Tent, or Rocket Ship Cardboard Playhouse Kit! Neither of these items are terribly expensive, so if you don’t mind the extra cost it’s a great option. It’s also another part of your party that your kids will get hours of fun out of even once the party is over!

We’ve had a rocket ship tent for two years now and it’s still somehow in really great shape even though my kids play with it relentlessly. I highly recommend getting one for a Two The Moon party since it will help you set the scene and it’ll be totally fun to play with even after the party.


Balloons are essential at the party to make it feel joyful and light. You could go with a full balloon arch or balloon garland if you have the space for it, or just get a few that fit your theme. I got these star balloons that came with a big silver moon, rocket ship and astronaut.

two the moon balloons

Balloons are great for adding a burst of celestial magic that takes your decorations to new heights! Balloons are a quick and effective way to set the tone for your party. Star, moon, and rocket balloons instantly transform any space into a whimsical world of space exploration. 

The shapes and designs of these balloons resonate with your theme, creating an immediate connection to the universe and captivating your guests’ imagination from the moment they walk in.

Two The Moon Shirt

Believe it or not, I made this shirt on Canva! It took less than 30 minutes to figure out the design I wanted, put things together, and finalize my order.

two the moon shirt

If you want to make something like this, create a free account with Canva. Select ‘create new’ then search ‘T-shirt’ to create a shirt design of your own. Add elements like stars, moons, and rockets, then add text in whatever kind of font you like.

It was such an easy process for me that I’m definitely going to remember it for future birthdays and special events to make more shirts for my family!

Star Projector

A star projector is a classic way to transport your imagination to the cosmos. Your guests, especially the little ones, will be mesmerized by the moving stars and the chance to explore the universe indoors. It sparks curiosity and encourages wonder as people look up to admire the twinkling constellations.

star projector

I purchased this star projector for my kids ages ago and I’m not going to lie, they’ve been pretty rough with it! I was surprised at how well it’s stood up to regular use considering how fragile I thought it would be. 

Pair this star projector with some magic wand glow sticks and have a great time by adding a dance party to your festivities! This star projector also makes a great gift, if you’re looking for something that will fit the theme of your party.

Two The Moon Party Desserts

Star Cupcakes

Check out this article for all my tips and tricks on making the best star shaped cupcakes. ​​These star-shaped cupcakes add a touch of celestial charm to your dessert spread. Imagine your guests’ faces lighting up as they reach for a cupcake that’s not only delicious but also looks like a little piece of the night sky.

star shaped cupcakes
Star Cupcake Tutorial – Mama’s Buzz

Star Rice Krispies

These delightful treats take the classic Rice Krispies squares to a whole new level of cosmic fun. They’re also incredibly versatile –  depending on your cookie cutters, you can make them in different sizes to cater to different appetites or use them as charming party favors.

star rice krispie treats
Magic Wand Rice Krispie Tutorial – Mama’s Buzz

Moon Cake

What Two The Moon party would be complete without a crescent moon shaped cake? This cake was incredibly easy to make. I used a dairy and egg free recipe but you can use a box cake mix and a round pan. 

Just cool your cake completely and then trace the shape of a moon with a knife. Once you’ve got the perfect outline, cut your cake and add frosting and sprinkles. 

moon cake
Crescent Moon Cake

Wilton Royal Icing Galaxy Decorations 

Another simple way to create an out of this world dessert table is to use premade Wilton Royal Galaxy decorations. They’re great little cupcake toppers that give your cupcakes style without too much effort. 

two the moon cupcakes
Cupcakes with Wilton Royal Galaxy Decorations

Two The Moon Gifts – Toys & Book Ideas:

So now that you’ve planned the best Two The Moon party, the last thing to take care of is to get a couple great gifts for your space-obsessed little one. The great part about the party decor I used, like the outer space felt set, is that it’s a toy that will be used again and again, not just a decoration that might get thrown out. 

The rocket ship tents, cardboard boxes and star projectors also make great gifts. But if you’re looking for more ideas, here are some I reccommend.

Cozy Star Lights

star lights

This star light has been a favorite in our nursery for the past couple of years. We originally had it in my older kid’s room and my youngest loved it so much we bought a second one for him. 

Another great gift idea is this blue star stuffy. Or this glow in the dark star blanket! Cozy and cute, what could be better?

Rocket Sprinkler

rocket sprinkler

When I found this rocket sprinkler online, I knew my kids would love it. Not only is it a great way to cool down in the summer heat, but it encourages imaginative play as your kids blast the rocket off to ‘space’. 

The pressure in your hose needs to be strong, so we got a cheap short hose to make it really blast off. It also spins and balances on the spray of water, which is pretty impressive.

Star Books

When I say that my toddler likes stars… I mean it. Here are some of his favorite books that feature stars he’ll ask me to read again and again. 

star books
Star Books

The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book by Caroline Jayne Church book has an iridescent shiny cover that’s sure to capture your toddler’s attention. 

The Can You Count the Stars? by Georgina Wren has glow in the dark stars that stand out with a thicker texture little fingers love to explore. 

Twinkle Twinkle Dinosaur by Jeffrey Burton  and Twinkle twinkle Robot Beep by Jeffrey Burton both follow the same rhyme pattern as the traditional Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song, but they feature different characters and words. If you toddler likes the original song, they’ll love the novelty of these books too. 

Last but not least, the final version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Hazel Quintanilla features woodland creatures and a cute happy star that’s perfect for sending your toddler off to dream land.

Final Thoughts On Throwing A Space Party

So, there you have it! From decorations to desserts and even some great gift ideas, this Two The Moon party was an absolute blast! It rocketed to the top of my favorite celebrations list, leaving us all starry-eyed with cosmic joy.

The decorations were out of this world, and the atmosphere was as enchanting as a moonlit night. From moonwalking on the dance floor to indulging in intergalactic treats, it was a space-tacular event that truly took us to infinity and beyond.

I hope you got lots of great ideas from this article on how to make your own party as fun as this one was. Get your moon boots on and get ready for an unforgettable event!

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