Easy DIY Dinosaur Cake Ideas

If you’re looking for the best simple dinosaur cake ideas that you can make at home you’ve come to the right place! Making a dinosaur themed cake doesn’t have to be too expensive or complicated to be fun. There are so many great accessories out there to add to your cakes that will make them DINO-MITE! Using these simple ideas with a little creativity and imagination we can turn fudge, Oreo cookies, and chocolate into dino dirt. Green icing can make some really convincing grass. We can even make a sheet cake style dig-site that is definitely going to make your dinosaur lover smile.

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Card Stock Green Dinosaur Cake Topper

card stock dinosaur wearing a party hat and lots of green card stock leaves decorate the top and sides of a white cake

LaVenty 11 PCS Dinosaur Birthday Cake Toppers. Find it at Amazon.com click here or on Amazon.ca click here

This cake topper set makes it so easy to purchase or bake a plain white Betty Crocker cake and add the decorations to the top of the cake for a super easy professional look. For added effect consider using some green icing in a piping bag or asking your local bakery to make a simple white cake with a bit of green edging. This set would be so much fun for a dinosaur birthday cake for your little boy or little girl.

Colorful Cute Dinosaur Cake Topper Set

two colourful chunky dinosaurs and some colourful trees made of nylon decorations the top of a green and white cake

Luckerain Forest Series Cute Dinosaur Cake Topper find it at Amazon.com click here or on Amazon.ca click here

These funky little dino cake toppers are made from rubber and nylon. They are more sturdy than the card stock decorations which means they can be reused for multiple birthday parties on top of cakes or a cupcake design in the future.The best part about using a cake topper kit like this is that if you’re looking for an easy dinosaur cake design that doesn’t involve you baking, you could purchase a finished cake and add this set to it for a super easy gorgeous dinosaur cake that is sure to impress any birthday boy or girl.

T-Rex Cake Topper With Oreo Dirt Cake

one large green t-rex toy dinosaur decorates the top of a green cake. The dinosaur is standing in crushed cookies and fudge that look like dirt.

Photo from merri.bakes on Instagram click here to see her profile Use this plastic set linked below to create a similar look: click here for Amazon.com or click here for Amazon.ca

One large plastic dinosaur as a cake topper can have a fun dramatic effect like this. Get out a large bowl to crush up some Oreo cookies to create dirt or using a candy like chocolate rocks will look and taste great on this cake! Dripping chocolate ganache or chocolate frosting down the side like this gives it a really fun effect.

Dinosaur Bones Dig-site Chocolate Sheet Cake

big plastic white dinosaur bones decorate the top of a chocolate sheet cake

Photo from Sprinkle Bakes. Click here for the recipe and more info. Get a similar look buying big plastic dino bones on Amazon.com here or Amazon.ca click here

Where do we find dinosaur bones? In the ground at a dig site! Your little palaeontologist will have the best time digging up these dinosaur bones at party. It’ll be a ROARIN good time! This diy dinosaur cake uses a chocolate cake base and you could use chocolate frosting and mini chocolate chips, crushed Kit Kat, Oreo cookies, or even some chocolate rocks to create the perfect cake for your next dinosaur party. Sprinkle Bakes created those big white dino bones using a mold and melted chocolate but you could also buy some large plastic bones and set them on top of your cake after it’s cooled for a similar but inedible look.

Round Green Dino Face Cake

a large round green cake is decorated with green fondant, black eyes and a smile.

Check out this video tutorial by Lovesome Sweets

A round cake with a few added features can make a cute little dinosaur cake in no time! This six minute video will take you through the decorating steps to make your own at home. This cake involves baking a couple round cakes and using a sheet of green fondant and a couple smaller fondant accents, which would be the hardest part if you haven’t worked with fondant before. If you’re more comfortable using green frosting you still may be able to create a similar effect.

Mini Dinosaur Cake Pan

two images paired together of a dinosaur cake pan and the mini dino cakes that it's used to create.

Nordic Ware Dinosaur Cakelette find it on Amazon.com click here or on Amazon.ca click here

These detailed little dinosaur cakes are easy to make with your own favourite cake recipe or even a box cake mix. Adding these small dino shaped cakes on top of a larger chocolate sheet cake would look impressive without a lot of extra decorating.

Dino Land Chocolate Sheet Cake

a brown chocolate cake with green icing trim and small plastic toy dinosaurs on top.

Photo from The Many Little Joys. Read her how-to guide and click here for the full recipe and for some plastic dinosaur toys click here on Amazon.com or click here for Amazon.ca

Whoppers and chocolate covered raisins make great boulders and rocks. A few fun dinosaur figurines drinking at a gel icing lake and munching on some plastic trees go perfectly on top of a simple chocolate sheet cake. By purchasing a couple small plastic dinosaurs and adding them to the top of a chocolate boxed cake mix you can create your own easy dinosaur world for your dino themed party. This dinosaur world cake is sure to be a winner at your next dino themed birthday party.

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