Rose Gold Nursery Decor (20+ Elegant Ideas)

Rose gold is such a calm, sweet hue. It’s a lovely choice for a baby girl’s nursery. If you’re interested in a modern look and love pink nursery decor, rose gold can be a great addition for a focal point or even for your entire room to build a theme on. There are a few directions you could go if you’re interested in rose gold decor. A simple white crib in a blush nursery with rose gold accents is a great combination. Floral nurseries pair well with a natural wood crib. We’ve even found you a rose gold crib if you’re looking to go all-out with your pink nursery design!

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Pink and white work together perfectly in a modern nursery. This color combination works in a large nursery room as well as a smaller one, and goes well with most bold colors. This post has all the best rose gold nursery ideas you need to make the perfect feminine room for your new little bundle of joy.

Rose Gold Furniture

We have to start off this list with some absolutely stunning rose gold colored furniture. There are a couple brands out there like Incy Interiors and Nursery Works who have answered your rose gold prayer and made some great cribs and rockers with rose gold accents.

rose gold crib and rocking chair
With permission from Incy Interiors

This Incy Interiors rose gold crib and rocking chair are a show stopping combination. If you’re looking to create the ideal rose gold nursery, I can think of no better way than to have a whole rose gold colored crib! This ‘Ellie Cot’ from Incy Interiors even has the ability to turn into a toddler bed with an additional kit; thank goodness it does because you’ll want to keep it as long as possible. It’s just too perfect.

rose gold rocking chair and crib
With permission from Incy Interiors

The rose gold crib pairs perfectly with the ‘Sybilla Rocker’ which has a light pink velvet fabric seat and rose gold legs. If you had this duo in your nursery, your rose gold theme would shine bright.

pink change table with rose gold accents
With permission from Incy Interiors

One last furniture piece from Incy Interiors we had to highlight was this blush colored change table with rose gold accents. A crib, rocker and change table are the perfect combination to start creating the matching rose gold nursery of your dreams.

We found one other option from the company Nursery Works if you’re looking for a cute pink rocker. This rocker has blush colored velvet fabric with rose gold colored legs. Rock your little baby girl off to sleep in this great modern chair. If you click on this image it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

clear acrylic crib with rose gold accents
Check the price on this Nursery Works Crib on here

Here’s an ultra modern clear acrylic crib with rose gold colored legs from Nursery Works. Aside from looking super new age, an acrylic crib has the added benefit of allowing you to be able to see your baby well from all angles. The touch of rose gold on the legs of this crib could really highlight your theme. 

Rose Gold Name Signs

A rose gold name sign is the perfect piece of nursery decor. It’s very popular right now to put a name sign on the wall above your baby’s crib, so why not do so with a dazzling rose gold color? You could go with a name sign that hangs on the wall or one that’s a decal made out of vinyl for a similar effect. They’re customizable and made just for your special little girl.

rose gold name wall art
With permission from Barley.boy on Instagram

Your baby girl’s room is really going to shine with a rose gold colored name sign like this one from Barley.boy on Instagram. Personalizing your baby’s nursery is such a sweet way to prepare for her arrival. This creator has lots of different styles of fonts and colors to choose from to get things ‘just right’ for your unique space.

rose gold colored vinyl sticker name art
With permission from StickyWallVinylrt on Instagram Purchase on:

Look how it shines! A vinyl wall decal is another great way to put your baby’s name above her crib. It’s a slightly less permanent solution, so if you’re worried about putting holes in your walls to hang art, this is an awesome choice instead. This company has hundreds of designs and offers 40 colors of vinyl to choose from including rose gold of course!

Rose Gold Wall Art

There are so many great options for rose gold colored wall art. It’s undoubtedly one of the best and easiest ways to bring rose gold into your room as an accent color. A neutral pink and beige nursery looks sweet, with touches of rose gold decor. A light shade of pink really gives the room a light, airy feeling. You can really see in some of these nurseries how nicely rose gold works as an accent.

blush colored floral wall art
With permission from Miogallery on Etsy

Elegance and beauty! These paper wall flowers are to-die-for. Floral accents work perfectly in a rose gold colour nursery. It has a light and airy look that is delicate and feminine.

Take a look at these little metal butterfly wall stickers. The body of the butterfly sticks to the wall and the wings stick out in 3D. These butterflies really look like they’re about to take off. If you click on this image it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

four pictures of zoo animals with blush colored floral crowns
With permission from kiwiNberries on Etsy

kiwiNberries on Etsy makes these unbelievably cute animals with flower crowns as a digital download. Pink flowers are the perfect accent in a rose gold nursery. A mostly white nursery just needs a few pieces like this to build a beautiful theme.

Rose Gold Mobiles

A dreamy rose gold mobile would be great above your baby’s crib. She can watch it dance overhead as she drifts off to sleep. Or put one over her change table to help keep her entertained during diaper changes. Butterflies, rainbows, stars and even geometric prints! I’ve found the coolest rose gold mobiles out there for you to pick from.

pink mobile with stars and moons
With permission from tresjolieinteriordesign2.0 on Instagram

Tres Jolie Interiors on instagram makes these sweet fluffy pink cloud and star mobiles with gold accents. Your new baby could drift off to sleep happily watching the pink colors dance by.

pink and rose gold baby mobile
With permission from Knotsbyhammie on Etsy

This rose gold rainbow mobile is such a cute idea from Knotsbyhammie on Etsy. A handmade one of a kind mobile like this is a super creative way to incorporate the rose gold trend into your baby’s nursery.

rose gold colored butterflies on a hanging mobile
With permission from Butterflymobile on Etsy

If you check out this Etsy page to see the butterfly mobile in action you’ll understand why it’s such a gorgeous choice for a rose gold themed nursery. All the delicate wings seem to flutter as the mobile moves. 

geometric shapes on a nursery mobile
With permission from TheConfettiHome on Etsy

This geometric mobile from TheConfettiHome on Etsy is available in rose gold! Geometric shapes like this almost have an art-deco look to them and pair nicely with other vintage pieces in a rose gold theme. 

lots of tiny circles in an ombre of colors from pink to white and gold
With permission from LittleDropsOfSun on Etsy

LittleDropsOfSun on Etsy makes this dusty rose ombre mobile that would look great in your little girl’s room. The circles are so light they move with a slight breeze and are sure to fascinate your baby as they dance and sway above her head.

Rose Gold Clocks

I’ve found two rose gold clock options that would look bold and modern in a rose gold themed nursery. As a new mom, it’s normal to be often looking at the time. When was baby’s last nap and feeding? Having a wall clock in the nursery is a nice idea to help you keep track of time.

This large rose gold wall clock from Lumuasky on Amazon advertises that it is ‘non ticking’ which is great if you’re looking for a quiet option for your baby’s room. If you click on this image it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

This rose gold wall clock with a marble-patterned background from mDesign on Amazon has Roman numerals instead of numbers. I love the shine that rose gold has on a metallic finish like this. If you click on this image it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Rose Gold Wallpaper

With rose gold wallpaper you can make a stunning accent wall in a nursery or add a touch of pink to every wall in your baby’s room. These two rose gold colored wallpaper options are both so unique and different from each other, you definitely need to check them out.

light geometric patter rose gold wallpaper
With permission from WallcoveringsDecor on Etsy

There is a subtle shine to this geometric rose gold patterned wallpaper from WallcoveringsDecor on Etsy that makes it look magical. This is an elegant and refined look that would grow with your baby into a beautiful little girl’s room too.

bold watercolor looking pink and gold wallpaper
With permission from Wallpaew on Etsy

If you want your nursery to look modern, why not go with a bold wallpaper choice as an accent wall in your baby’s room? This abstract design from Wallpaew on Etsy combines pink and gold to make a fun and artistic wall.

Rose Gold Pillows

Rose gold colored pillows are another interesting way to help put together your rose gold themed nursery. A pink pillow set can add the perfect amount of sweetness to a white and beige room and you will end up with a nursery that is both sophisticated and adorable. Pillows are a great way to add fun texture to your baby’s room.

These shining sequin pillows in a rose gold color from Eternal Beauty on Amazon would look great on a rocking chair in your nursery. If your chair is a neutral color like beige or gray, a pillow can be a fun pop of color to help tie in your theme. If you click on this image it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Sequins not your style? Try a faux leather throw pillow in rose gold color from Brawarm on Amazon. What a soft and easy way to bring together your theme.  If you click on this image it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

One last rose gold pillow cover option for you is this option by DEZENE. It has fantastic reviews on Amazon and if you already have a pillow this size you’d like to cover in something more luxurious and fun it’s a great choice! If you click on this image it will take you to Amazon to check the price.

Final Thoughts on Rose Gold Nursery Decor

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the beautiful rose gold colored nursery items on our list! Your baby’s nursery is going to be elegant, beautiful and full of joy with this delicate rose gold theme.

If rose gold is one of your obsessions, check out this article next on What To Wear With Rose Gold and incorporate more of it into your wardrobe! With its versatility and timeless appeal, rose gold nursery decor opens the door to endless possibilities, allowing you to mix and match, customize, and add your personal touch. Whether you’re creating a space for a newborn bundle of joy or transforming a room for a little explorer, rose gold effortlessly infuses warmth, elegance, and sophistication into any nursery.

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