Enchanted Forest Nursery Decor (30+ Magical Ideas)

There’s nothing more mystical than an Enchanted Forest nursery theme. Lush green forests, toadstool mushrooms and woodland creatures create decor that will transport you out of this world. An Enchanted Forest themed nursery is such a great idea if you’re looking to make a space that is relaxing and will also inspire curiosity and wonder in your little one.

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From mobiles and wall art to pillows and wallpaper, I’ve found all the most amazing things you’ll need to create the Enchanted Forest nursery of your dreams. Scroll through the article or click on a section to jump to:

Enchanted Forest Wallpaper

Using wallpaper throughout your baby’s nursery to create an Enchanted Forest theme is an easy way to create a mural without all the hard (and messy) work. There are some truly amazing wallpaper options here to help you make a feature wall in your baby’s room. And some of them would look great on every wall if that’s your preference. 

With permission from OliPrint on Etsy

Puffy dandelions and little toadstools decorate the background of this enchanted tree and fairy wallpaper mural. There is something totally magical about this wall mural. It looks like a forest creature might pop out at any moment to say hello. 

With permission from UpGreat on Etsy

The fireflies in this magical scene light up the air like lanterns. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to put up a large mural for a feature wall like this. You can even contact this creator for a custom size to fit your wall perfectly.

With permission from KidsColoray on Etsy

Woodland animals are another great addition to consider in your Enchanted nursery theme. This dark wallpaper has just enough touches of magic to work into an Enchanted Forest themed nursery without being totally overpowering. KidsColoray advertises they can customize the size you need to fit the walls of your nursery with easy to use peel and stick wallpaper panels. 

With permission from KidsWallpaperDesign on Etsy

This forest green wallpaper would create an epic mural in your baby’s Enchanted Forest nursery. You’re going to have so much fun looking at this mural as you spend time with your new bundle of joy in their Enchanted Forest themed nursery. It really brings the outdoors inside.

With permission from KidsWallpaperDesign on Etsy

Don’t you want to tiptoe down this path? Creating a lush green forest right inside your nursery has never been easier with this wallpaper from KidsWallpaperDesign on Etsy. It’s so realistic you could almost step right into it. 

Enchanted Forest Wall Art

If you want something more subtle than a full mural, wall art can be the perfect addition to your baby’s room to enhance your Enchanted Forest nursery theme. Alternatively, if you’re only putting wallpaper on one wall in the room then there is still plenty of space on other walls to spice things up with some of this gorgeous art!

With permission from PrettyFelting on Etsy

How about a darling deer for your dear little darling? I’m fawning over these fauns haha! This handmade garland would look stunning on your baby girl’s nursery wall. Bright pink roses and sweet happy deer match an Enchanted Forest nursery perfectly. 

With permission from MayatreeWoodburning on Etsy

An enchanted forest wood slice would be simply magical hanging on the wall of your nursery. This creator sells handmade one of a kind items and draws them freehand onto bark edged wood slices that are then sealed with varnish for protection. What a unique piece of wall art that fits an Enchanted Forest nursery theme so perfectly.

With permission from MayatreeWoodburning on Etsy

I had to feature just one more incredible piece from Mayatree that offers baby name personalization. What a jolly looking little frog king and his toadstool. This is the sort of thing fairy tales are made of. A piece of art like this would be wonderful in an Enchanted Forest nursery for a boy or girl!

With permission from EarlyBirdPrintCo on Etsy

Here’s a stunning woodland creature alphabet poster. I love how quick and easy it is to use a digital download like this one. Who wouldn’t want to learn the alphabet this way? From A for ‘Acorn’ all the way through to the sleeping ‘Zzzzz’ at the end. Neutral colors and earth tones surrounded by various animals create a work of art that will last long into the toddler years of your little girl or little boy.

With permission from HelloxSugar on Instagram

Handmade felt acorns, mushrooms and trees create a sweet little woodland scene that goes nicely with an Enchanted Forest themed nursery. These muted colors are gentle and serene, this makes them perfect to include in a baby’s room.

Enchanted Forest Mobiles

There are some amazing unique handcrafted mobiles on this list that fit right in with an Enchanted Forest nursery theme. The motion of a mobile can be so soothing to watch. Place one above your change table to give your little one something to watch during changing time. Or use a mobile above your baby’s crib! A mobile is one of my favorite decor items to use to bring together the theme of a room.

With permission from WoollyfoxUA on Etsy

I can’t get over how cute the hedgehog is! These little forest creatures and acorns almost seem to march around the center tree on this enchanted forest crib mobile from WoollyfoxUA on Etsy. Their product page even has a little video of the mobile in action I highly recommend watching in order to get the full effect.

With permission from FeltDreamByV on Etsy

This leafy green and natural wood mobile is elegant and earthy. I love how the two shades of green give the mobile more depth and color. If your Enchanted Nursery needs a touch of a botanical vibe, this is the perfect touch. 

With permission from Childreams on Etsy

Under a moonlit sky a bear walks in the woods, through the forest and mountains. What a lovely scene to watch dance above your head as you go to sleep. Woodland nursery decor fits perfectly in an Enchanted Forest nursery with all the forest animals.

With permission from ArtSisterStudio on Etsy

Foxes are notorious mischief makers! But they’re also an absolutely adorable woodland animal to include in your Enchanted nursery theme. Not to mention, they are such a stunning orange color that is so vibrant and eye-catching. 

enchanted forest mobile with toadstools, and woodland creatures
With permission from HarlowandBeau on Instagram

Cute little forest animals and a pop of red colored toadstools! This Enchanted Forest mobile would be so entertaining to watch sway and move. I can imagine the stories you might tell your baby about each animal included in this woodland scene. The bear chases the fox, the fox chases the rabbit, the rabbit chases the acorn and around and around they go!

Enchanted Forests Pillows

One of my favorite ideas for bringing your theme together in your  baby’s room is to add pillows that match or enhance the decor. I even found a couple options for an Enchanted Forest themed nursing pillow cover for you! Gorgeous and practical. Pillows can bring a lot of texture into your space that help make your theme stand out. 

With permission from APieceOfBella on Etsy

This dark forest green pillow is accented by geometric mountain ridges. A pillow like this could definitely enhance your Enchanted Forest decor. It’s the perfect size for a rocking chair or glider.

With permission from BelovedBobbin on Etsy

How sweet is this Enchanted Meadow nursing pillow cover? Rabbits and owls dip their toes in the stream flowing through the picturesque scene. A purple and orange sunset is going down in the background. The backside of this nursing pillow cover is a super soft minky fabric.

With permission from CoolDesignGiftsStore on Etsy

This vegan suede cushion looks super soft and stylish! An owl, a moth, a squirrel and even a darling little snail peek out at you from this cushion. The mushroom and crescent moon illustrations really tie in the Enchanted Forest theme for this piece. This cushion would look so great on a rocking chair in your baby’s nursery. 

With permission from FlynnAndCompany on Etsy

As a new parent you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at your nursing pillow. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a pillow like this can be so helpful to prop up yourself and baby in a comfortable position. Why not get a pillow cover you love! One like this that matches your decor theme! Different types of trees and woodland creatures on a forest green background look peaceful and sweet. 

With permission from FlynnAndCompany on Etsy

Mushrooms and ferns look wild and wonderful on this Enchanted Forest nursing pillow cover. This earthy fabric looks so cozy, your baby would just love to rest their tired head on it as you prop them up and feed them. You can choose from 21 different shades of minky fabric for the back of your nursing pillow. 

Enchanted Forest Blankets

Wrap yourself in a cocoon of ferns, mushrooms and pinecones. Or be spirited away to the forest with woodland creatures and fairies. These amazing blankets are perfect for an Enchanted nursery theme. Drape them on your rocking chair, use them for tummy time with your little babe, or even as a backdrop for monthly photos as your wee one grows!

With permission from OutOfCharacterQuilts on Etsy

This blanket features woodland creatures and the alphabet. Your little one will enjoy this special blanket into his or her toddler years as they start to learn their ABC’s. The satin soft backing is available in 24 different colors to perfectly match your nursery decor! A special blanket that matches your nursery decor makes a great keep-sake for your child as they grow older too.

With permission from BeyondVintageShopCA on Etsy

This super soft velveteen throw blanket features fairies, mushrooms and forest leaves. If you’re looking for a mythical magical element to add into your room this could be it!

With permission from 4Retinas on Etsy

What a stellar looking woven throw blanket. Featuring retro mushrooms and lush green ferns, this blanket fits the Enchanted Forest theme perfectly. It would look so gorgeous draped over your rocking chair when it’s not in use. 

With permission from Lim Kreative Gifts

If you’re looking for something personal and woodsy check this out! Personalized swaddle blankets with forest creatures and mountains to match your theme and keep your bundle of joy cozy.

With permission from Optimababy on Etsy

What a fantastic 13 piece enchanted forest bedding set. This is a great neutral gray color with matching items to help you put together your theme quickly and easily. 

With permission from GrayAndWildCo on Etsy

These personalized forest baby blankets come with your choice of color on the back. The super soft minky fabric comes in all sorts of earthy choices like sage, and forest green or even a nice rust color and floral tones like blush pink too!

mountain and forest themed personalized name baby blanket
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

You’re going to go WILD for this personalized baby blanket. With images of a watercolor style forest and mountains scene, this blanket is sure to fit right in to your Enchanted Forest themed room. Made of soft fleece and minky, you can choose to order it in three different sizes!

Enchanted Forest Rugs

Adding a themed rug is a nice way to add texture into your decor scheme. Your bare floors will look more tied into your Enchanted Forest theme and your toes will thank you!

With permission from TwoPinsStore on Etsy

This tufted rug looks like a forest full of moss. Not only is this rug such a beautiful unique piece to add to your decor, but I think it would inspire creative play as your child’s imagination develops.

From Gorrilla Grip on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

This faux fur sheepskin style rug is available in a sage green color on Amazon. If you’re looking for something earthy in a muted color tone this rug could blend in nicely with your Enchanted Forest room decor. It also comes in shades of brown and beige that could pair nicely with your color scheme.

toadstool chair and table set
With permission from LibertyHouseToys on Instagram

When your Enchanted Forest theme spreads to your playroom, you’re going to need this darling little set of table and chairs. Bright red seats with white polkadots create magical toadstool chairs that your child is going to love using.

Bonus Enchanted Forest Items

crochet mushroom toadstool toy for baby
With permission from MyMiniStudio_ on Instagram

I had to include this super adorable mini mushroom crochet by the very talented: My Mini Studio. If you’re looking for super sweet botanically themed toys that would fit your Enchanted Forest nursery theme be sure to check out their instagram and Etsy shop!

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