The Ultimate List for Disney Gender Neutral Nursery Decor

You love Disney! But maybe you don’t want to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl! Or maybe you’re having both, congratulations on your twins! Or maybe you just want to have a Disney themed baby room that isn’t totally decked out in princess gear haha. The added bonus of a gender neutral Disney themed nursery is that if you have additional babies who are a different gender than your first you don’t have to change your theme! So smart, and it saves you time and money (two things a new parent needs more of). From the classic Dumbo, to the modern characters in Finding Nemo, I’ve compiled a list of the best gender neutral nursery decor that will fit a Disney theme.

Dumbo Nursery Theme

Starting off this list is the sweet grey elephant Dumbo. Disney recently released a new version of this story and merchandise associated with this character is easy to find! An elephant theme in general is perfect for a gender neutral nursery. It’s no wonder that Disneys Dumbo has amazing baby room decor for your little girl or little boy.

Find the Dumbo mobile on Wayfair
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Find the Dumbo Wall Decal here on Etsy
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Find the sleepy Dumbo wall art here on Etsy

Winnie the Pooh Nursery Theme

Winnie-the-Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood is another great theme for your gender neutral Disney nursery. There are so many great bed spread and blanket options for this theme. Adding a few wall decals and plushies can bring a whole room together without being dramatically feminine or masculine.

Winnie wall art from Illustrated.bymel on Instagram
Winnie wall art from Komarproducts on Instagram
Find the Winnie Decal on Wayfair
Find the pooh mobile on Wayfair
Find the Winnie the Pooh art trio on Etsy

Mickey Mouse and Friends Nursery Theme

Mickey Mouse and his friends absolutely SCREAM Disney, without being overly gendered. The mouse is a great focal point for your nursery theme if you want it to be totally Disney without all the pink or blue! There is even a three piece crib sheet set that comes with a comforter, fitted sheet, and crib skirt listed below that features both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse that would work well for your baby boy or baby girl. Mickey Mouse is such a classic theme for your little Disney baby.

Find the Mickey and Friends crib set on or in Canada on
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The Lion King Nursery Theme

The Lion King is an amazing theme idea for the gender neutral Disney nursery of your dreams. This theme could take you so many directions. From a totally jungle themed nursery with a *hint* of Hakuna Matata all the way to the full Disney crib sets and a mobile that’s lion king themed, the Lion King is a perfect fit for your gender-neutral nursery. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, your little lion can sleep every night. Or try mixing this theme with an earthy colored African Savannah theme.

Find the Hakuna Matata art on Wayfair
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Peter Pan and Neverland Nursery Theme

If the main character, Peter Pan, feels too masculine and Tinker Bell feels too feminine, why not try a Neverland theme? Neverland is the far away island that the movie characters fly off to. It’s full of pirates, fairies, and mermaids. What a fun fantastic theme for your gender-neutral Disney nursery!

Find the Peter Pan wall decal here on or in Canada on
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It’s a Small World Nursery Theme

If you’re a huge Disney theme park fan this one needs no explanation! It’s a Small World is a boat ride featured at some of the Disney Parks. The theme park ride is full of adorable animatronic dolls in costumes from all over the world to highlight their various cultures and world peace. Young children LOVE this ride (and adults love it too!) You could use bright colors like they do in the ride to create this theme in your nursery. Geometric patterns and bold colors would be so much fun in a Disney world nursery. You could alternatively use earth tones and muted colors with some of the lyrics to the song and popular images from the ride.

Small world wall art from Zippyboro on Instagram
Find the Small World pillow here on Etsy
Find the small world wall art here on Etsy
Find the Small World wall art here on Etsy

Finding Nemo Nursery Theme

“Fish are friends, not food!” They’re also gender neutral! Finding Nemo is a super fun Disney theme for the underwater nursery of your dreams. A blue ocean theme feature wall with some wall decals could really make this room pop. Nemo the clownfish, Dory, and all the other sea creatures from the movie are so bright and fun. This Finding Nemo theme is sure to add the perfect touch of Disney magic to your baby’s nursery. If you love Finding Nemo and the ocean, maybe you’ve considered heading to Aulani, the Hawaiian Disney resort? Check out this article next to answer the question: is Aulani is worth it?

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101 Dalmatians Nursery Theme

Babies LOVE high contrast images like black and white spots, which makes 101 Dalmatians such a fun gender neutral nursery theme for your new bundle of joy. Speckled animal print wallpaper, change pads, art work, and plushies are all great options to get your spotted Disney-themed nursery started.

Dalmatian decals from Bairndesigns on Instagram
Dalmatian change pad from Mummaslittlecub on Instagram
Find the Pongo and Puppy wall art on Etsy
Find the Dalmatian wall art on Etsy
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Up Nursery Theme

“Adventure is out There” is the perfect tagline for the Disney movie Up and it’s also the perfect tagline for the beginning of your parenting journey. The colorful balloons from Up would be such a great addition to your baby’s nursery. Using the different colors in these balloons throughout the room would be an easy way to bring the theme to life. Or you could stick with some modern neutral colors throughout the space and add a bit of high quality wall decor handmade from a small business owner, the possibilities are endless to create a totally magical scene.

Find the Disney Up inspired wall banner on or in Canada on
Up inspired needlepoint from EleriJade on Instagram
Up inspired wall art from Stephsdisneycollection on Instagram
Up inspired mural by Muralsbydiane on Instagram

Other Gender Neutral Disney Theme Ideas

I dug through the entire Disney movie archive and found a few more great options for theme ideas you could try out in your baby’s room! Using your favorite characters would be a great way to make your own Disney nursery theme. You could try a custom wall decal or do some digging on a small business website like Etsy to see what’s available in these other great themes.

  • Under the sea (little mermaid)
  • Robin Hood
  • Fantasia
  • Bambi
  • Pinocchio
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Aristocats
  • Aladdin (Arabian Nights Themed)
  • Hercules (Greek Themed)

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