21 Easy DIY Baby Shower Cupcake Recipes And Themes

Sweet treats are always a big part of hosting the perfect special occasion. These 21 DIY baby shower cupcake recipes are not only cute ideas that are a feast for the eyes, they’re also packed full of flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just getting started, these creative and delicious cupcakes are sure to add a touch of sweetness to your baby shower, making it an event to remember.

If you’re looking for the best baby shower cupcake ideas that you can make at home, you’ll find them on this list!

diy baby shower cupcakes

Pink Baby Shower Cupcakes

Pink is always perfect for a baby shower, celebrating the arrival of a baby girl. If you’re going with a classic baby shower theme, try this recipe for dark chocolate cupcakes with pink-dipped Oreos on top. 

This recipe will show you how to make the cute pink dipped Oreos, which you can also serve on their own on your dessert buffet. They’re an easy way to elevate your cupcake decorations and even a total beginner can make them look good. You could even go with a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with this same style of decoration on top. 

pink cupcakes
Dark Chocolate Cupcakes With Pink Dipped Oreos From Mama’s Buzz

Blue Baby Shower Cupcakes

Blue cupcakes for a baby boy’s shower are the other classic option for a baby shower. This cupcake recipe also includes instructions for filling the batter with crushed Oreo cookies for an added flavor boost. Adding blue sprinkles and a blue, chocolate-covered Oreo to the top of your blue frosting will give them an extra level of sophistication. 

blue cupcakes
Blue Oreo Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

Woodland Animal Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you’re having a woodland animal themed baby shower, try these simple DIY fox cupcakes. Having a specialty dessert at your baby shower can help tie the theme into the dessert table. You can make these cute baby shower cupcakes with a bit of creativity and a dash of fun. 

fox themed cupcake
Fox Cupcakes From Well If She Can Do It

We Can Bear-ly Wait Baby Shower

A teddy bear themed baby shower or a ‘We Can Bear-ly Wait’ shower theme is another popular choice. There are so many adorable bear themed decorations you can use for a baby shower like this. An added bonus is that you can re-use bear themed decorations on your baby’s first birthday party and do a ‘My Bear-y First Birthday’ theme. 

Try making these easy bear themed cupcakes and follow along with my photo, step-by-step instructions to make your own. They’re bear-y cute!

bear themed cupcake
Bear Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

Bay-Bee themed Baby Shower or Mommy To Bee Cupcakes

A bee themed baby shower is an idea that’s as sweet as honey. They go well with a ‘Mommy To Bee’ theme or ‘Bay-Bee Shower’ party. The bee theme tends to be gender-neutral, which makes it a great choice if the parents-to-be have chosen not to reveal the baby’s gender or if the shower is for a mom expecting twins of different genders. This party theme is full of hilarious puns and sweet ideas.

bee themed cupcakes
Beehive Cupcakes From Frugal Mom Eh

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower Cupcakes

Follow along with my recipe for star-shaped cupcakes for a Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star themed baby shower.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is often associated with soft and neutral colors like pastels and whites, making it a great choice for those who prefer a gentle and calming color palette. The nursery rhyme itself is sweet and sentimental, making it a fitting choice for celebrating the love and anticipation surrounding the arrival of a new baby.

star shaped cupcakes
Star Shaped Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

Sesame Street Cupcakes

I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant I felt like a cookie monster… After I got over the nausea of course. If there will be children at your baby shower party, the Sesame Street theme creates a kid-friendly atmosphere, ensuring that everyone, young and old, can enjoy the festivities.

Try this super cute and easy DIY recipe for cookie monster cupcakes that fit a Sesame Street theme.

cookie monster cupcakes
Cookie Monster Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

Tea Party Baby Shower Cupcakes

Looking for a classic and refined baby shower theme? It doesn’t get more elegant than a High Tea or tea party themed baby shower. I’ll show you how to make simple buttercream roses to put on top of your cupcakes in this tutorial. You can also steal all my great ideas for displaying cupcakes at a tea-themed baby shower.

flowery cupcakes with pink tea set
Tea Party Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

A great second option for a tea party themed baby shower are these lime-flavored cupcakes. They are sweet, tart, light and pair perfectly with the citrus notes of classic Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey tea. These delicious cupcakes can be made with or without the stripe of green on top of each cupcake.

lime cupcake
Lime Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

Jungle Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

Parenthood is a real jungle sometimes. A jungle-themed baby shower not only embraces the wild side but it’s also got the potential to be full of beautiful botanicals, green leafy decor and these adorable cupcakes that look like tigers.

You don’t need any fancy piping skills to make these cute tiger cupcakes, which makes them a great choice for a beginner baker to DIY at home. They’re the perfect dessert for a jungle-themed shower.

tiger themed cupcakes
Tiger Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

A Berry Sweet Baby is Coming Soon – Strawberry Cupcakes

A ‘Berry Special Arrival Is On The Way’! Strawberry-themed cupcakes are perfect for a ‘Berry Sweet Baby’ theme. I can’t get over how adorable a berry-themed baby shower is, from it’s strawberry print decor options to fresh and airy atmosphere the theme creates… It’s no wonder this is becoming a super popular baby shower theme. These cupcakes are even filled with fresh strawberries for an extra burst of flavor. 

strawberries and cupcakes
Strawberry Cupcakes From Stephanie Sweets

Safari Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

A safari theme creates a sense of adventure and exploration, setting the stage for an exciting and memorable baby shower. It’s another great gender neutral option that you can incorporate a lot of beige, golden brown and green colors with, alongside some cute animal decor. 

These lion-themed cupcakes are simple and fun. With just one piping tip you can create your lion mane and make a roaringly great cupcake. You can even use white cake mix to save some time with this idea.

lion themed cupcakes
Lion Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

Little Pumpkin – Fall Baby Shower Cupcakes

A ‘Little Pumpkin’ themed baby shower is perfect for fall. Decorate with pumpkins of various sizes, fall leaves, and warm color schemes to create an adorable and inviting atmosphere. These pumpkin-themed cupcakes are an adorable and effortless way to tie the desserts into your decor!

pumpkin themed cupcakes
Pumpkin Themed Cupcakes From Mama’s Buzz

About to Hatch Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you’re looking for a nature-inspired shower that’s great for spring, try an ‘About To Hatch’ baby shower and make these adorable birds nest cupcakes! Rustic branches, feathers and egg themed decor are great ways to pull together this cute theme. They’re so much fun to make (and eat) with an easy birds nest full of eggs that sits on top of the cupcakes!

bird nest themed cupcakes
Nest Cupcakes From Amanda’s Cookin

Garden Party Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you’re hosting a baby shower in your yard at home, at a botanical garden or want a beautiful floral theme, try a garden party themed baby shower. You can use this recipe for lavender honey cupcakes with buttercream frosting for a floral-inspired flavor. Unique flavor combinations that suit your shower theme are the kind of details you’ll remember fondly when you look back on your big day.

cupcake with flowers
Lavender Honey Cupcakes From Frolic And Fare

Another great option for a garden party is this recipe that shows you a tutorial on how to make your buttercream frosting look like flowers. Your dessert table will look just like a bouquet! How pretty.

flower themed cupcakes
Flower Cupcakes From Little Sunny Kitchen

Beach Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower near the beach, at the pool, or just love the idea of a beach-themed baby shower, you can’t go wrong with these cute pearl-oyster themed cupcakes. A cute beachy vibe for your dessert table will help transport your guests to sunshine and waves no matter where your shower is taking place.

ocean themed cupcakes
Pearl Oyster Cupcakes From The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Rainbow Baby Shower Cupcakes

First of all, if you’re having a rainbow baby (a baby after suffering loss) congratulations! The term comes from the idea that a rainbow comes after a storm, symbolizing hope and the beauty that follows a challenging time.

White and blue decor with touches of rainbows, prisms and sun catchers are a great way to tie this theme into your party. Try making these gorgeous rainbow themed cupcakes for your party.

rainbow themed cupcakes
Rainbow Cupcakes From Beyond Frosting

For an even more simple rainbow themed cupcake, try white frosting with rainbow sprinkles and follow the recipe instructions to make the cupcake batter look like a colorful rainbow inside. 

rainbow themed cupcakes
Rainbow Cupcakes From Tasty Treats And Eats

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower Cupcakes

‘You Are My Sunshine’ or ‘Here Comes The Sun’ baby shower themes are bright, sunny and full of joy. Try adding some sunflower cupcakes to your dessert table to go with this wonderful theme. Flower cupcakes don’t have to be difficult to be beautiful. This idea is such a creative way to bring your shower theme to life!

sunflower themed cupcakes
Sunflower Cupcakes From My Joy Filled Life

Baby Sprinkle Cupcakes

A ‘Baby Sprinkle’ is a baby shower for a second baby. You’ve showered the first child with presents and celebration, so now you can just have a little ‘sprinkle’ of joy. 

If you’re hosting a baby sprinkle themed shower, making these ice cream sundae themed cupcakes is a really adorable idea to help tie-in your shower theme.

ice cream themed cupcakes
Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes From Frugal Mom Eh

Final Thoughts on DIY Baby Shower Cupcakes

There are endless possibilities when it comes to cupcake design ideas for your next baby shower celebration. The great news is, you can follow any recipe tutorial from this list and come up with your own beautiful cupcake decorations at home to suit your party theme. 

As you make your DIY baby shower cupcakes, remember that the most important ingredient is the love you pour into each batch! Creating these treats will add an extra layer of sweetness to the joyous occasion, making your baby shower a truly memorable and heartwarming experience.

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