BabyBjorn One Air Carrier (An Honest Review)

I’ve tried a lot of different soft structured baby carriers to get a good idea about how they are different and which is the best. Let’s take a detailed look at the BabyBjorn One Air 3D Mesh baby carrier to see how easy it is to use, how comfortable it is and if it has the right features that you find important.

This article will take a look at all the important features of the One Air BabyBjorn carrier so you can decide if it’s the perfect choice for you.

What makes this an Honest Review? This article is NOT sponsored. I purchased the Babybjorn One Air myself and was not paid to write this article. If you choose to buy a baby carrier from the affiliate link in this article I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, which has not impacted my review of this item.

How Easy Is It To Use The BabyBjorn One Air?

The BabyBjorn One Air carrier is very easy to use. I still recommend watching a tutorial video to see how someone else puts it on and adjusts it to safely carry a baby. There’s a learning curve with every type of baby carrier you will try at first, but the trick is to stick with it and keep trying. There are a few reasons the One Air is easier to use than other carriers.

front view of one air
Front view of BabyBjorn One Air.

One of the reasons the One Air is so easy to use is that most of your adjustments are made from the front, not behind your back. You can adjust the strap on your back before putting the carrier over your head like a T-shirt. Then you load your baby in and buckle up the four safety buckles and pull your straps to tighten as needed.

There are a lot more ‘acrobatics’ involved with wearing other types of soft structured carriers that new parents can find intimidating at first, especially with a tiny baby. The One Air makes things easier, I find.

Amount of Mesh

The BabyBjorn One Air is made entirely from mesh. The whole carrier is wrapped in mesh fabric. It’s also the softest mesh I’ve ever felt a baby carrier to be made from. Not only does it do a good job of keeping my baby cool on a warm hike, it’s also luxuriously soft on my baby’s skin that comes into contact with the carrier.  

baby bjorn one air 3d mesh
Mesh body panel of One Air.

If you’re looking for an even more airy mesh baby carrier you may want to check out the BabyBjorn Harmony, which has even better airflow.

How Comfortable Is The BabyBjorn One Air For Babies?

There are some great features that make the One Air a safe and comfortable carrier for babies to use. First of all, baby-wearing can get sweaty and this mesh carrier allows for airflow around your infant to maximize your baby’s comfort.

It’s easy to get a nice wide, deep seat for your baby as they grow because there are leg adjustment zippers to create a more narrow or wide seat. This carrier has never left a red mark on my baby from uneven pressure distribution. The One Air has never caused any skin chafing even when my baby is lightly clothed with skin exposed (this could be due to how soft the mesh fabric is).

side view of one air
Side view of One Air.

It’s true that some babies just don’t like being worn. Everyone is an individual so it’s possible you may not have a little one who wants to be close and snuggled. If you have a baby, however, who wants to be held all the time like mine do, your baby might really enjoy the comfortable design of this carrier.

How Comfortable Is The BabyBjorn One Air For Parents?

There are a few important features that make the One Air a good choice for parent comfort:

  • Flexible padded waist belt
  • Wide padded shoulder straps
  • Soft Mesh

The shoulder straps on the BabyBjorn One Air are nice and wide, which helps with even weight distribution. Wide straps make the carrier comfortable for longer baby-wearing sessions. My husband can also use this carrier comfortably since the straps aren’t tiny and digging into his shoulders.

One Air waist belt
Waist belt padding on One Air.

The Waistband padding in the One Air is soft and flexible. It’s quite similar to a Tula or Ergobaby waist belt. I personally prefer the Babybjorn Harmony waistband more because I have bony hips and the Harmony is more padded. 

It’s a sturdy waist belt that is nice and wide which helps with baby’s weight distribution as they get bigger and heavier. 

padded shoulder straps on one air
One Air shoulder straps.

The One Air does not have padded lumbar support. If this is an important feature for you, you’re better off going with a BabyBjorn Harmony or Ergobaby Omni Breeze, which are both mesh carriers that have lumbar support.


The BabyBjorn One Air costs around $219 when it’s not on sale ($299 in Canada)

You can click the photo or click this text to check the current price on Amazon.

Soft structured baby carriers can often have an expensive price tag but with this product at least you know you’re getting something that’s worth your money.

If you know you’re going to do a lot of baby-wearing because you’re doing some hiking, going on a trip or have a clingy baby this can be a good investment in your comfort. I wear the One Air all the time so I feel like it’s been a good piece of baby gear to own. Colicky babies are often soothed by being worn and so are teething babies. I also use this carrier a lot to chase my older toddler around the playground and other places a stroller can’t go.

One Air Carrier Fabric Type and Care

The BabyBjorn One Air is made completely of a supersoft mesh. The company actually develops many of their fabrics in house. The softness of this carrier is important to me because it’s against my baby’s delicate skin.

BabyBjorn One Air Baby Carrier.

The BabyBjorn One Air has a main body that is made of 3D mesh which is 100% polyester and the leg zipper cover is 100% cotton. 3D mesh is flexible and sturdy. The One Air is the softest mesh baby carrier I have ever used. The fabrics on this carrier meet the requirements of OEKO-TEX standard which means they’re gentle and safe for your baby and guaranteed to be free from hazardous substances. 

one air head support
One Air made from 3D mesh.

The carrier is machine washable in cool water on a gentle cycle and hung to dry only. You can also put the carrier in a laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine to help protect it. I don’t find the hang dry to be a problem since it dries so incredibly quickly. Because it’s mostly mesh, when I’ve put it wet on a hanger outside or clothes line and in about an hour, in warm weather, it’s good to go again. This can be a real bonus if your baby spits up a lot or you’re traveling with this carrier and don’t have access to a washer/dryer. 

Can the One Air Fold?

The One Air folds neatly into a self contained sort of package. This makes it very easy to put in a diaper bag or in the bottom of your stroller when you’re going out. Here’s a photo below of my One Air folded.

folded babybjorn one air
Folded One Air.

There are some places your stroller can’t go as easily as a carrier can. And if your baby is like mine, maybe they sleep easily in a carrier when you’re out and about but will not sleep in a stroller. It can be handy to have a carrier folded up and ready to go. 

Special Features

  • Safety Buckles
  • Zippers That Snap
  • Infant Leg Adjustment
  • Infant Head Adjustment
  • Infant Height Adjustment
  • Flexible Lightly Padded Waistband
  • Wide Lightly Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Weight Restrictions (8- 33 lbs)
  • Positions

The One Air baby carrier features safety buckles that little fingers can’t open on their own. The buckles are also pretty quiet so if you’re trying to take off the carrier without waking your baby, it helps a bit. 

leg zippers of one air
Leg zippers of One Air carrier.

The zippers that control how wide the infant seat is have a safety snap too. They click into place to lock when you find the right position for them. The zippers allow you to create a wide seat area so your baby’s hips can be in a safe position. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has deemed the BabyBjorn baby carrier Harmony hip-healthy. This means the correct use of the carrier encourages good hip joint development and won’t put your baby at risk of developing hip dysplasia.

Head support adjustement
One Air head support adjustment.

The infant head support adjusts with sliders as you can see in my pictures. You can have the adjustable head support all the way up for a larger baby when they’re asleep in a face-in position, or fold it down and move the sliders to give the correct support for a smaller infant. I’ve had some trouble at times when my baby is on my front and facing outwards in this carrier. Sometimes the head support can flap up into my baby’s face and get in the way. I’m not sure if it’s user error on my part and I need to adjust it better or if it’s a design flaw. The newer Harmony model adjusts differently and doesn’t have this issue.

infant height adjustment
Infant height adjustment zippers.

The One Air baby carrier has a zipper inside that allows you to adjust it to two different height positions, one for the newborn stage and another for a baby/toddler. This means you won’t need an infant insert or newborn insert for young babies to get started using the carrier and it grows to carry older babies too. This is a great option to allow you to use the carrier for a long time instead of getting something made only for a newborn like the BabyBjorn baby carrier Mini (which is less expensive but has a shorter lifespan).

The flexible lightly padded waistband, and wide shoulder straps are design features that make the One Air a comfortable, good ergonomic option for most adults to wear. 

The One Air can accommodate an infant from 8 lbs up to 33 pounds… right from the newborn baby stage, without the need for an insert, all the way up to your child’s toddler years. If you are baby wearing past 33 pounds, you may want to invest in a hiking style carrier anyways.

The One Air is a good ergonomic baby carrier; you can wear your baby in four different positions: newborn position, baby face-in, baby face-out, and back carry position. I’ve tried all these positions except for newborn because my baby was too large for it when I got the carrier.

What It’s Missing

  • No Pockets
  • No Privacy Hood/UV Protection
  • Lumbar Support

The One Air looks very sleek and not bulky at all compared to a lot of other carriers on the market.  This could be in part because it has no pockets. As a mom, my pants always have pockets so this isn’t a huge deal breaker for me. But it’s something you may want to consider if pockets are an important carrier feature for you.

The One Air baby carrier also doesn’t have a privacy hood or some sort of UV protection for your  baby’s head. This means you will probably want your baby to wear a hat on a sunny day.

clasp on back of waist band
No lumbar support

This carrier is also missing a lumbar support feature. I’ve heard from some friends that it can become uncomfortable where the back clasps shut with no additional support. It hasn’t been a problem for me personally, however, I do like the lumbar support on the BabyBjorn Harmony better.

Final Thoughts

The One Air is versatile because it’s made from breathable mesh fabric for warm weather and you can layer your baby up in cooler weather and remain snug. Adjusting all your straps from the front of your body makes this carrier super easy to use. Carrying your baby so they have a constant feeling of closeness and can hear the sound of your heart can make your baby feel safe and relaxed. I think this carrier is a great choice. I’ve really enjoyed using the One Air with my baby; it’s been durable, easy to clean and comfortable.

Some of my favorite safety features:

  • optimal breathability to prevent baby from overheating
  • safety buckles
  • good ergonomics
  • good support for baby’s neck muscles
  • adjustable infant leg position
  • adjustable infant height position
  • fabrics are guaranteed free from hazardous substances
  • IHPI certified ‘hip-healthy’ for baby

Some of my favorite comfort features:

  • wide lightly padded shoulder straps
  • flexible padded waist belt
  • mesh has a luxurious feel
  • folds easily
  • dries quickly

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