Gender Neutral Elephant Nursery Decor (35+ Amazing Ideas)

Elephants are a great gender neutral theme for your nursery decor! This ‘larger than life’ animal is full of character and personality, which makes it so endearing. 

If you want your little one to ‘dream big’ what could be bigger than an elephant? Elephant-sized dreams! Haha. A gender neutral nursery is a great idea if you don’t know your baby’s gender yet but still want to put together a wonderful themed room. It’s also smart to use a gender neutral theme if you’re planning on having more children and want to use the nursery for another baby some day without changing the theme based on gender. 

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There are so many gender neutral elephant themed decor pieces on this list I’m CERTAIN you can put together the nursery of your dreams. Jump to a specific section or scroll through the whole list.

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to easily add your theme into the room decoration on a large scale. You can create an accent wall or add wallpaper to every wall in the room. You can even paper the bottom half of each wall for a sort of wainscoting effect. 

elephant on a bike wallpaper
With permission from WallpaperStoreCo on Etsy

Creating a gender neutral elephant themed wall mural has never been easier than this! This wallpaper featuring a baby elephant on a bike will be so cute in your nursery and also transition nicely into a room for your child as he or she gets older. 

elephant piloting plane wallpaper
With permission from Kidscoloray on Etsy

These elephants are on the move! Flying high in the sky, neutral grey elephant wallpaper is sure to delight your baby as they look at the fascinating pattern on their wall. 

This wallpaper from SpoonFlower on Amazon is subtle and light with a repeating pattern of grey elephants. It would look great on any wall of a gender neutral elephant themed baby room. If you’re going for a monochromatic look in your child’s bedroom, this will help you put together the look!

Neutral Elephant Themed Wall Decals 

Vinyl wall decals are a great way to include your chosen theme in your room decor. It’s very popular to have your baby’s name on the wall above the crib or to add decoration to that space. 

cute vinyl elephant wall sticker with name personalization
With permission from StickyWallVinyl on Etsy

Sticky Wall Vinyl makes tons of unique artistic decals for nursery walls. This cute gender neutral elephant wall decal comes with name personalization. You can choose the color of your name to match your decor perfectly. 

happy vinyl elephant wall sticker with name personalization
With permission from StickyWallVinyl on Etsy

This happy grey elephant vinyl wall sticker from Sticky Wall Vinyl would look perfect in your themed baby room. Installation is super easy. You simply peel off the backing and stick it to the wall. You can even reposition the elephant to get it just right.

realistic vinyl elephant wall sticker with name personalization
With permission from StickyWallVinyl on Etsy

Here’s a more realistic looking elephant wall decal with name personalization from Sticky Wall Vinyl that would be great in a gender neutral elephant themed nursery. Both the elephant image and the name come off easily and will not damage your wall when you’re ready to remove it. The elephant can even be repositioned to another wall later if you choose to move it. 

bubble blowing vinyl elephant wall sticker with name personalization
With permission from StickyWallVinyl on Etsy

This bubble blowing elephant from Sticky Wall Vinyl is a fun and lively addition to any nursery. Perfect for a little boy or girl to inspire their imagination. 

Here’s one last elephant themed wall decal from Amazon. The moon and stars create a serene picture for your baby to fall asleep to. 

Neutral Elephant Themed Wall Art

Wall art is such a classic way to create a gender neutral elephant themed nursery. There are decorations of all different sizes you could use to help bring together your theme. Hang a large piece of art on a big empty wall, or use a trio of pictures spaced out evenly for a nice effect. 

grey elephant wall art with baloons, clouds, moon and stars
With permission from HappyBabyKidsRoom on Etsy

Here’s a sweet scene of moon, clouds and an elephant holding balloons. It’s not just artwork, it also lights up! Check out the full listing on Etsy to scroll through more pictures and see it all lit up. 

wooden stained elephant wall art with name personalization
With permission from ThistleDewLane on Etsy

Personalized name art is such a nice way to make your child feel special. This art piece combines an adorable elephant with your choice of color stain, and your choice of color name. It even comes in three different sizes so you can get one that fits your space perfectly!

cute grey elephant wall art that reads: dream big, with stars around it
With permission from KiwiNBerries on Etsy

Digital downloads are an easy and fun way to build your nursery decor theme. If you have a small wall that could use some decoration just one photo can have a nice effect. Or pair a few together on a larger wall. This adorable elephant design is the perfect piece of nursery wall art!

happy grey elephant wall art that reads: dream big
With permission from KiwiNBerries on Etsy

This happy elephant would be such a sweet addition to your themed baby room. The ‘dream big’ slogan is such a popular one for kids rooms! If you have a shelf in your nursery a framed photo like this could help bring together your theme. 

wooden name sign with elephant image on it
With permission from Hollypopdesigns on Etsy

This is such a classic and elegant piece of wall art that could go well with decor for either a little boy or little girl. It’s available in 6, 8 or 10 inches wide so you can order it to fit your walls perfectly. This is modern nursery decor at it’s finest.

yellow and grey felt elephant wall garland
With permission from PrettyFelting on Etsy

Grey and yellow are a classic gender neutral color scheme. This elephant wall garland is sunny and happy and sure to fit your gender neutral elephant theme! The little star between each elephant is such a nice touch.

Neutral Elephant Themed Nursing Pillows & Cushions

Pillows this shape are so practical when you need some support feeding your baby. They’re also helpful for assisted tummy time to prop your baby in a comfortable position. Feeding babies can get messy! So I highly recommend getting a nursing pillow cover that matches your gender neutral elephant nursery theme. A pillow cover like the ones listed below are great for tossing in the wash when baby spits up and also soft on your skin plus it’s fun to look at! You may also want a cushion or pillow to support your back in your rocking chair. Take a look at these wonderful options.

cute grey elephant pattern nursing pillow cover
With permission from BelovedBobbin on Etsy

This gentle muted pattern of grey elephants would be great in any color of room. The backside of the nursing pillow cover is a super soft minky fabric that comes in 21 different custom colors. You can feel great about supporting a small business and get a high quality product that you will treasure!

light grey elephant pattern nursing pillow cover
With permission from BelovedBobbin on Etsy

This beautiful elephant themed nursing pillow cover has a 36 inch zipper so you can easily fit your pillow inside without a hassle. A spare nursing pillow cover is a practical idea that can also be really stunning!

This dual sided microfibre nursing pillow cover is available from Boppy on Amazon. One side is elephant themed and the other is grey plaid. 

elephant themed lumbar pillow for nursery chair
With permission from Nextdoortoheaven on Etsy

A lumbar pillow is a great idea to put on your rocking chair or glider in your nursery to help save your back. And when you’re not using your chair, it will look so much more cute with this elephant themed cushion on it!

mama and baby elephant on a cushion
With permission from WishtopiaGifts on Etsy

This baby elephant is looking up to its mama just like your little one will look up to you! A pillow like this can help bring your whole theme to life, not to mention it’s so plush and cozy.

Here’s one last baby elephant cushion for you to consider from Amazon. Your baby will have fun playing with the movable ear on this pillow just like a lift the flap book. This square elephant themed pillow is an adorable addition to your baby’s room. 

Neutral Elephant Themed Crib Bedding 

There are some seriously amazing  bedding sets here that fit a gender neutral elephant themed baby’s room perfectly. Some styles are more realistic and safari themed while other styles are more cartoonish and animated looking. A crib set is such an easy way for new parents to get stylized and practical items. You’re going to need a crib sheet for your baby’s bed, why not make it fit your gender-neutral nursery theme?

safari themed crib sheet set
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

This realistic elephant crib sheet set would look terrific in a gender neutral sage green nursery. You could even use botanical foliage or real plants in your nursery to make this theme come to life. 

neutral grey elephant themed crib sheet set
With permission from LittleDarlingsUS on Etsy

First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything… how cute is this matching wall art for the elephant themed crib sheet set? With this bundle your room would match perfectly. 

Here’s one last option from Amazon for an elephant themed three piece set. It includes a Reversible quilt, crib sheet and crib skirt to start building your gender neutral elephant theme!

Neutral Elephant Themed Blankets

In addition to a full crib bedding set, a blanket can be such a nice way to bring in your gender neutral elephant theme. A blanket can be great to drape across your rocking chair or glider in your nursery. It can also be helpful for tummy time and even to take monthly milestone photos with a cute elephant themed backdrop!

baby milestone blanket with elephant and stars
With permission from BlueElephantPrints on Etsy

Monthly milestone photos are such a beautiful way to capture memories of your quickly growing baby. I love how this milestone blanket could be treasured as a keepsake and personalized with your baby’s name!

sleeping baby elephant stars gender neutral blanket with name personalization
With permission from BlueElephantPrints on Etsy

You can choose from three different size options and even different fabrics for this gorgeous personalized elephant themed blanket. Choose the perfect size and order it as a small soft and cozy stroller blanket, or a larger blanket that could grow with your baby into their toddler years. 

This organic fleece milestone blanket from Amazon features large numbers for you to highlight each month as you use it for your baby photography!

Neutral Elephant Themed Mobiles

Mobiles are a great way to add movement into your nursery decor. You could add one above your baby’s crib or even in the corner of your baby’s room. Your little one will have endless fun watching these elephants dance and sway when it’s caught by a breeze or you give it a gentle spin. 

blue and grey elephant baby mobile
With permission from LittleDropsOfSun on Etsy

You can order this hand made elephant mobile in a variety of different colours! I love how there are lighter and darker elephants that contrast with each other in this piece. 

safari neutral colored baby mobile
With permission from LittleDropsOfSun on Etsy

Another option for an elephant themed nursery is to showcase elephants with other safari animals like these giraffes and lions. For a custom order, you can even send this artist a photo of your baby’s room to get advice on what colors to use to accent your decor! Safari animals are such a natural addition to elephant nursery decor.

five grey felt elephants on a crib mobile
With permission from HelloBirdieBirdie on Etsy

The elephant is a symbol of luck, strength, wisdom, love, and patience. These 5 elephants will bring all five elements into your baby’s life. Elephant themed nursery decor like this is perfect for a baby girl or baby boy.

wool felt grey elephants on a baby mobile
With permission from DundryHill on Etsy

These elephants are made from 100% wool felt and come in 33 beautiful colors to choose from. You should check out the video of this mobile in action on the artist’s Etsy page! It almost looks like these elephants are parading around the center tree.

This musical mobile on Amazon features a chevron pattern and grey elephants. The melody will help lull your little one into sweet-dream land. Four simple grey and white elephants accompany this musical crib mobile.

This dove grey elephant mobile on Amazon is also musical. This mobile has fantastic reviews on Amazon from over 3000 happy customers. 

Neutral Elephant Themed Rugs

Rugs are such a fun and unique way to bring your gender neutral elephant theme to life. They add texture to your room’s decor and are a practical way to keep your toes warm in the middle of the night when you’re up with your baby. 

elephant rug with hearts coming out of trunk
With permission from ChilyPrints on Etsy

ChilyPrints designs these area rugs you can customize to fit your theme perfectly and they even offer three different sizes depending on how much floor space you have to cover!

This elephant shaped rug on Amazon can be used as a baby play mat or a regular rug for your gender neutral elephant themed nursery!

Neutral Elephant Themed Hampers and Toy Baskets

Laundry hampers and baskets are practical ways to help keep your baby’s nursery neat and tidy. They’re also a unique opportunity to showcase your stunning nursery theme!

This waterproof storage basket from Amazon is a great option to use as a laundry hamper or toy basket in your baby’s room. It’s nice and deep with double handles which would be so helpful when carrying it to a laundry room!

This rope style storage basket from Amazon has a cute little elephant on the side that would look adorable in your baby’s room or even playroom! An elephant hamper like this is both useful and adorable.

Thanks for looking through this entire collection of elephant decor that will fit your gender-neutral theme. I hope you’ve found something on this list that will help you put together the gender neutral elephant themed baby room of your dreams!

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