100+ Best St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Quotes

These St. Patrick’s Day quotes are perfect for your felt letter boards! It’s a fun holiday prime for a good Irish blessing or to leave a funny saying on your message board for your family members to see. 

St. Patrick’s Day letter boards are also an amusing way to add funny quotes to photos you take of your kids or fur babies so you can send them to loved ones or put them in your scrapbook. Last but not least, these short St. Patrick’s Day quotes are also perfect for social media captions if you don’t have a letter board of your own.

Read through them all or use the table of contents to jump to a specific section!

Table of Contents:

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st patricks day letter board ideas

Cute St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Quotes

Doesn’t everyone feel a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day? These cute letter board ideas are short and sweet; they’re a great way to surprise your family on St. Patrick’s Day morning with a cute message and maybe even some chocolate coins.

  • You’re my lucky charm
  • Irish you were mine
  • I don’t need luck I have you
  • Eat, drink, be Irish 
  • A good friend is like a four-leafed clover, hard to find and lucky to have
  • Top o’ the morning to ya
  • Let’s have a sham-rockin’ good day
  • I’m not Irish but kiss me anyways
  • Wishin you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold
  • Living my lucky life
  • I don’t need to find a leprechaun, I already struck gold finding you
top o the morning to ya

Funny St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Quotes

A funny letter board idea for Saint Patrick’s Day is bound to get a good laugh. A little humor is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and funny little leprechauns.If you like these funny St. Patrick’s Day sayings, make sure you check out the next section with some cute St. Patrick’s Day jokes too. For more hilarious sayings, check out this article of 150+ Funny Letter Board Quotes that are good all year long!

  • What do leprechauns eat the day after St. Patrick’s Day? Leftclovers?
  • Shake your shamrock
  • Can’t pinch this
  • Wear green or leaf
  • Irish I was back in bed
  • …Always after me lucky charms
  • Get clover it
  • You’re looking a little green today
  • It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your cloves
  • St. Patrick’s Day is the best, are we in a-green-ment?
what do leprechauns eat the day after st. patrick's day? leftclovers?
  • When leprechauns are happy they green from ear to ear
  • Paddy like a rockstar
  • Don’t ever trust a lepre-con
  • Is Ireland’s population growing fast? It’s seems like it’s always Dublin
  • Who says it’s not easy being green?
  • I’m not Irish but my coffee is
  • If a rainbow breaks the law does it go to prism?
  • Oh for luck’s sake!
  • I pinch back
  • To catch a short leprechaun you have to stoop pretty low
oh for lucks sake

Short St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Quotes

Some of my favorite quotes for St. Patrick’s Day are short and sweet. Short St. Patrick’s Day messages are a great way to spruce up your home decor and make things feel more festive without a lot of work. Here are some great ideas for short phrases for your letter board on St. Paddy’s Day.

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day 
  • St. Patrick’s Day is here!
  • Feelin’ mighty green this St. Patrick’s Day
  • Let the shenanigans begin
  • Feeling lucky as a clover 
  • Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day
  • Lucky vibes
  • You’ve got to think lucky thoughts
  • Kiss me I’m Irish
  • Keep calm and shamrock on
  • Shenanigans & malarky 
  • Irishish
  • No pinching 
shenanigans and malarky

St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Jokes

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time for a joke about rainbows, clover, lucky charms and pots of gold. The good news is all of these St. Patrick’s Day jokes are short enough to fit on most letter boards. Funny St. Patrick’s Day quotes are perfect for home decor in early March and for your next St. Patrick’s Day party.

  • Why did the leprechaun go outside? To sit on his paddy-o.
  • What’s a leprechaun’s favorite cereal? Lucky charms.
  • Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? They’re always a little short.
  • How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time? He’s Dublin over with laughter.
  • What did the leprechaun put in the vending machine? A lepre-coin.
  • What kind of music do leprechauns like? Sham-rock.
  • You don’t want to iron your four leaf clovers, you might just press your luck.
how can you tell an irishman is having a good time? he's dublin over with laughter
  • Why do frogs love St. Patrick’s Day? They’re always wearing green.
  • How do you gift wrap a cloud? With a rainbow!
  • I tried to pick a four-leaf clover, but it said: leaf me alone.
  • Where does a leprechaun go to the washroom? A potty gold!
  • What is spring’s favorite accessory? A rainbow.
  • What does it mean when you find a horseshoe? Some poor horse is walking around in socks.
  • Why doesn’t the leprechaun laugh at my jokes? They always go over his head.
i tried to pick a four leaf clover but it said leaf me alone

St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Rhymes

Sometimes the perfect quote for a letter board is a short, fun rhyme. These short St. Patrick’s Day rhymes are the perfect way to make your home feel festive for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

  • It’s not over til it’s clover
  • Leprechaun, leprechaun dressed up in green, the tiniest person that I’ve ever seen
  • Did you know the tale is told, if you catch a leprechaun he must give you his gold
  • Catch a leprechaun on this day and he must give his gold away!
  • To catch a leprechaun you must be bold, if you want his pot of gold
  • I think I saw a leprechaun out one St. Patrick’s Day, he gave a nod and smiled at me and then he ran away
  • St. Patrick’s Day is here, no joke! I need to get my hands on one of the little green folk
  • St Patrick’s day is here and all that can be seen is shamrocks, leprechauns and clothes all in shades of green
  • A four leafed clover you can pluck, then all year you’ll have good luck
  • Count the leaves you gotta look them over, then you’ll find a four leafed clover
  • The leprechauns are leaping, they all shout hooray! They know that soon it will be St. Patrick’s Day
  • The leprechauns leap high, the leprechauns leap low, the leprechauns are sure to wear green everywhere they go
I think I saw a leprechaun out one St. Patrick’s Day, he gave a nod and smiled at me and then he ran away
  • It’s not polite to pinch, that’s mean! Unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you’re not wearing green
  • Once a year on St. Patrick’s Day, everybody will get to say: kiss me kiss me, I’m Irish today!
  • If you kiss the Blarney stone you’ll have a lucky life, maybe you’ll make a million dollars and have a happy wife
  • Find a four leafed clover to have a lucky life, your days will all be sunny and free from any strife
  • Leprechauns and lucky charms are everywhere, on St. Patrick’s Day Irish songs fill the air
  • Wear your hair in an Irish braid and let’s go see the St. Paddy’s parade
  • We’re going to see green in every shade, when we go see the St. Patrick’s parade
  • May your troubles be less, your blessings be more and may nothing but happiness come through your door 
It’s not polite to pinch, that’s mean! Unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you’re not wearing green

St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Ideas For Kids

Here are some fun ideas if you’re looking for a letter board quote for your kids to hold on St. Patrick’s Day. They’re also perfect if you need a baby milestone idea for St. Patrick’s Day and they work well as Instagram captions for kids on St. Patrick’s Day too.

  • Cutest clover in the patch
  • I’m feelin’ green
  • Mama’s lucky charm
  • Just me and my lucky charms
  • The leprechauns made me do it
  • Just for today, I be-leaf in leprechauns 
  • Pinch proof 
  • Lucky little lassie
  • Lucky little lad
  • Our little leprechaun
  • Not lucky just blessed
mama's lucky charm

St. Patrick’s Day Letter Board Ideas For The Classroom

Here are the best St. Patrick’s Day quotes for your classroom or for your bulletin board if you’re looking for a fun way to get your room looking festive. Inspirational quotes are perfect for the classroom, and cute quotes remind students they’re good as gold.

  • The harder you work, the luckier you seem to get
  • This classroom is pinch proof
  • Don’t miss the beauty of the rainbow out searching for a pot of gold
  • Kindness is golden
  • These kids are as good as gold
  • Everyday is lucky in 3rd grade
  • Who needs a pot of gold when we’ve got a pot of goals
  • Our class is full of treasure
  • We treasure these kids
  • I’m already one lucky teacher
  • Books are better than gold
this classroom is pinch proof

Final Thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day Letter Boards

However you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day I hope you found the perfect quote for your letter board here! Make sure you check out our other articles on letter boards for the next upcoming holiday or season.

Traditionally, did you know that St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland? St Patrick was a 5th century missionary who is credited with spreading the gospel to Ireland. March 17th became a holiday that observes the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death.

These days, children are told that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns. If you’re not wearing green then leprechauns will pinch you. And St. Patrick’s Day has become an excuse to celebrate Irish culture (or for adults to drink green beer).

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