Best Baby Blanket Size Guide

If you’re trying to pick out the right blanket size for a new bundle of joy look no further. Whether you’re making one or buying one, you’ve gotta know how big! Baby blankets come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials! How do you know what size is best? There are various types of baby blankets such as swaddles, receiving blankets, crib blankets, security blankets and premie blankets.

Different types of baby blankets come in different patterns and colours and various sizes. Some of them have a very specific purpose and others are far more versatile. Here is an in-depth look at different types of blankets, I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

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Standard Baby Blanket

What is the average size of a baby blanket? After looking at a wide variety of standard baby blankets I’ve come to the conclusion that the average baby blanket size is 30” wide by 40” long. This was the same standard blanket size used by Burt’s bees blankets, Disney baby blankets, gerber baby blankets, and pottery barn kids baby blankets. They must be on to something!

These standard size baby blankets come in a variety of materials like cotton polyester blends, fleece lined Sherpa style blankets, organic cotton or even super soft minky blankets. The best baby blankets are soft fabric, can go straight into the washing machine and are truly multi-use blankets that are a versatile size and shape. They’re handy for tummy time ground cover, car seat and stroller warmth, and cuddling with mom or dad. It’s large enough to cover the baby and tuck under their feet and around their body but small enough that they’re not going to get too tangled or be swimming in it. 

Swaddling Blanket

I found these popular cotton muslin swaddling blankets in size 44” x 44″ and also size 47” x 47″. Having used both sizes at home on my own babies, my personal opinion is: bigger is better. That being said, you don’t want it to be too large either, so 47″ by 47″ (120 cm x 120 cm) seems to be the perfect size. Swaddle blankets should also be square. The typical way a newborn baby is swaddled requires the blanket to be folded into a triangular shape which makes the square an obvious choice. A lightweight material like muslin seems to be the best material choice for this style of swaddle blanket.

Baby Swaddle Example

Receiving Blanket 

The term receiving blanket may conjure the image of a blue and pink striped hospital blanket your newborn is wrapped in. But flannel receiving blankets are still used for a wide variety of tasks when the baby comes home such as burping, swaddling and protecting from wind when out on a walk. Flannel receiving blankets are a smaller size than Muslin swaddling blankets but they are thicker and warmer. They’re also thinner than a typical baby blanket when made with lightweight flannel which puts them in the middle of this list for weight/warmth. A soft material like flannel seems to be the most popular choice, and 30″ x 30″ (76 cm x 76 cm) seems to be a great size for this kind of blanket. A nice thin blanket like this is a good option for a large burp cloth. Some newborn babies spit up a lot more than others and the size of this blanket will help protect your clothes.

Crib Size Blanket 

If you’re looking at the cute crib sheet sets that come with a comforter, those crib blankets are usually between 30” x 38” and 33” x 42”. They are often quite pretty and match the theme you’re decorating the nursery with but beyond that you might not get as much use out of them. A baby quilt like this can be nice for practicing tummy time on. New parents can also use this type of crib quilt to take adorable monthly photos on as a backdrop. The American academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping loose blankets, pillows and stuffed animals out of cribs when babies are sleeping in them as a way to protect against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). So this crib blanket will be great for decorating the room and as the baby transitions into toddlerhood he or she could use it but I’ve also included a more suitable size for a toddler blanket in the next section.

Toddler Bed Size Blanket

If you have a crib that transitions into a toddler bed you might be interested to know what size the blanket would be that works best with this mattress. The crib mattress is the same size as a toddler bed, 28” x 52” is a fairly standard mattress size. I recommend around 40” x 60” (102 cm x 152 cm) for a blanket being used on a toddler size bed. Here is an example that is  42” by 57” (107 cm 144 cm) if you want it large enough to drape down the sides of the toddler bed.

Twin Bed Size Blanket 

A twin size bed is often called the same as a single bed depending on where you’re from. This is a fairly common size of bed to find in most children’s rooms. It’s also a popular choice for a Montessori style floor bed if that’s what you’re choosing to place in your infant’s nursery. A 66” x 90” blanket size (164 cm x 229 cm) would work well for a twin bed which has a mattress that is around 38” x 75” (100 cm x 190 cm). 

Premie Blanket

The premie or sometimes spelled: preemie blanket deserves a special mention on this list. Premie blankets are usually a handmade blanket knit or crochet for use in the neonatal intensive care units. If you are interested in making a batch of these for donation, you can call your local hospital to see if they are currently accepting preemie blankets. It can be such a shock for parents to have premature babies and having a beautifully made blanket that is small enough for the baby’s incubator can be very heart warming. A premie blanket is usually around 20” x 20” (51 cm x 51 cm). With a 3 weight yarn you would need about 85 stitches to knit this size of blanket. Alternatively, with a 4 weight yarn you would need to knit about 75 stitches. Some brands to consider for these blankets would be: Bernat Softee Baby, Bernat Baby Coordinates, Lion Brand Big Scoop, Bernat Satin, or Bernat Velvet. Check for fully machine washable materials. How much yarn will you need? When you use 140 grams of yarn you can make at least one blanket and beanie for a premature baby. 

Car Seat Blanket 

A car seat blanket is more of a ‘coverlet’ that is used to drape over a baby’s car seat to protect from wind or germs when walking outside. That’s why it’s so much larger than a regular baby blanket, so it can be draped over the car seat handle. 30” x 60” (76 cm x 152 cm) should be a large enough size for a car seat coverlet/blanket. It should be a thick enough material to protect from the weather. This type of blanket can also be a good size for a stroller blanket if you’re looking to cover up a baby from head to toe as opposed to tucking in baby’s blanket around them.

Loveys/Security Blanket

Last on this list, the lovey or ‘security’ blanket. A lovey is usually a smaller blanket such as a 12” x 12” square (30 cm x 30 cm) that has a small stuffed animal attached to it like this link. They are used as a comfort item by babies when they’re falling asleep as they feel attached to its soft and cozy nature. A security blanket is the same size as a lovey, with no soft toy attached. Some babies become very emotionally attached to these small blankets and parents use them as a tool to help babies feel safe and secure while experiencing new things or when they’re in need of comfort. Loveys and security blankets can be made from all sorts of different materials like satin, cotton, flannel or minky.

Fleece lovey and satin lovey photo from author


Whether you’re planning on creating or buying a gift for an upcoming baby shower, or you’re an expecting parent trying to figure out why there are SO many different types of blankets for babies. If you’re thinking of knitting a blanket, check out this guide to learn more about the best knitting machines on the market.

I hope this list has given you a bit more information and helped you to feel more prepared. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy in your life!

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