12 Best Pacifier Clips of 2023

Have you ever been on the go with your baby and suddenly their soother comes out of their mouth and lands on the gross floor? Keeping track of your baby’s pacifier is much easier with a pacifier clip. There are so many different pacifier clips on the market, the choices can be overwhelming for new parents who just want something that works. If you want more information on pacifiers too, you can read this article.

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In this list of the best pacifier clips, I’ll go over the different types I’ve reviewed and personally tried with my own kids. I’ll show you all the details so you can pick the best soother clip based on which pacifier your baby uses, what style of clip you like, and what price range you’re looking for.

How To Choose The Right Pacifier Clip For Your Child

The most important thing to look for in a pacifier clip is safety. Make sure your clip is made from good, safe materials and is it CPSIA compliant (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). 

Your child’s soother, soother clip, and teething toys should all be free from:

  • BPA
  • Lead
  • Phthalates
  • PVC

Here are a few ideas on other factors that will help you choose the right clip:

  • Ribbon style vs silicone beads
  • Light clip with loose grip on delicate clothes vs strong clip grip
  • What type of soother are you using it with?
  • Price, there’s a wide variety when you look at pacifier clip cost
best pacifier clips

Other than safety standards, what features are important when you’re choosing the right pacifier clip? First, do you want a ribbon pacifier leash or one that has silicone or even wooden beads on it? Silicone beads on a pacifier clip can be fun for teething babies to explore with their mouth. Is it important for you that your soother clip doesn’t wreck or damage a special outfit? Or is it more important to you that the clip has the strongest grip possible so it doesn’t come off when it’s not supposed to?

Not all soothers are created the same. Some soothers have a ring or handle on them that makes them easy to put a pacifier clip onto. Other soothers have no ring but they do have larger loops at the side for a pacifier clip. Other soothers, like the popular Philips Avent Soothie have small holes on the side for airflow, but no handle. The holes aren’t really meant to be used for a soother clip (this is where a pacifier clip adaptor comes in handy). 

Best Pacifier Clips On The Market Today

Babygoal Pacifier Clip

The Babygoal pacifier clip is made of fabric and a plastic clip, the product is BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, and Lead Free.

babygoal pacifier clip

Most of the other soother clips on this list have a regular cord to attach the soother to but the Baby Goal clip has an elastic cord that has a bit of stretch to it. The length of the soother clip is made from PLU fabric that’s been folded over and sewn together. Most other clips on this list are one continuous piece of ribbon. 

babygoal pacifier clip

The plastic clip is also rather unique because it opens by pressing down on the back of the clip.  It has a much more firm grasp on clothes than most of the other plastic clips on this list. It’s also nice and quiet when it opens and closes. If you have a very curious toddler you’re using this clip with, it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to open and close so they might figure it out and play with it. On the plus side, this is one of the best pacifier clips for arthritic fingers because it’s easier to use than a tough metal clip. Babygoal pacifier clips are currently the most popular pacifier holders on Amazon.com. 

Liname Pacifier Clip

The Liname soother clip is a polyester ribbon pacifier leash with a metal clip that is lead and phthalate free. You can wash it in warm soapy water and air dry it. The metal clip has a ring of plastic teeth inside that give it a strong grip on baby’s clothes.

Liname pacifier clip

The set of four pacifier clips from Liname comes with a silicone teething toy. This is currently the most popular pacifier holder on Amazon.ca and I can see why – it’s simple, effective and inexpensive. 

Liname pacifier clip

Booginhead Pacifier Clip

The Booginhead soother clip is a stainless steel clip with a ring of plastic teeth inside that give it a nice secure grip on baby’s clothes. Booginhead pacifier clips come in a wide variety of colors and prints to match the style you’re going for. This is the brand of soother clip I’ve owned for the longest amount of time.

booginhead pacifier clip

To wash it, you use gentle soap on the ribbon and try to keep the metal clip out of water. Then you lay it flat to dry out completely. 

booginhead pacifier clip

Loulou Lollipop (metal clip)

Loulou Lollipop also makes pacifier clips that have a rounded metal clip instead of plastic. It’s made from food grade silicone beads and beech wood beads that give it a simple, minimalistic look. The metal clip is stainless steel that is rust free, nickel free and lead free. I love how the metal clip is round and has no edges that could catch on your baby. The inside of the metal clip has two rings of plastic teeth that give it a VERY secure grip on your baby’s clothes. 

lululollipop pacifier clip

The length of the pacifier clip is a bit shorter than some other brands. This means you’ll clip it up high on baby’s wardrobe, likely on his or her bib. The shorter length helps keep it off the floor. You can hand wash or wipe clean this soother, according to the company.

lulu lollipop pacifier clip

Loulou Lollipop (plastic gem clip)

The Loulou Lollipop Gem Clip is made with food grade silicone beads and beech wood beads. The clip is made of plastic and it’s a one piece molded design with no metal pieces or screws. There’s a big silicone handle on the clip that’s in the shape of a gem or jewel. It’s a very cute look and my baby likes chewing on the gem as well as the beads on this soother clip. 

lulu lollipop pacifier clip

The downside to any silicone products, is that they attract dust and fluff. I find that the gem needs to be rinsed often to keep it clean. Loulou Lollipop has a good variety of bright and neutral colors to choose from to hold your baby’s favorite pacifier.

lululollipop pacifier clip

Elodie Pacifier Clip

The Elodie pacifier clip is pretty unique. The clip is made of lacquered wood and metal with a ring of plastic teeth inside to keep it secure to your baby’s clothes. The ribbon is 100% polyester and the ring that attaches to a soother is silicone. The silicone ring can attach to a soother that has a handle ring, or a button soother (like MAM soothers). The silicone ring is pretty flexible, but won’t fit inside the small hole on the side of something like a Phillips Advent Soothie. So although it works with most types of soothers, it doesn’t work with all of them.

elodie pacifier clip

Elodie pacifier clips come in a wide variety of fashionable colors and prints. This is definitely a more expensive soother clip than some of the others on this list, but it’s manufactured differently than most of the competition on the market.

elodie pacifier clip

Bella Tunno Pacifier Clip

The Bella Tunno pacifier clip is a stainless steel clip, with silicone beads and polyester cord. The packaging says you can wipe it clean and it’s also dishwasher safe. I would imagine if you put it through the dishwasher many times, it will add to the wear and tear on your clip and cause it to stop working sooner than if you wash it by hand carefully. 

bella tunno pacifier clip

The metal clip has four plastic teeth on the top and four plastic teeth on the bottom. It does a pretty good job of staying on clothing but it’s not quite as secure as the pacifier clips that have two rings of plastic teeth.

bella tunno pacifier clip

The food-grade silicone beads on the Bella Tunno pacifier clip look great and function as a built-in teething toy for babies who like to chew on their soother cords. Silicone pacifiers feel interesting in a baby’s mouth and these paci clips can double as a teething toy for older babies when their gums are sore.

For every product sold, Bella Tunno donates one meal to a child through the programs: Feeding America and the Global FoodBanking Network.

Conleke Baby Pacifier Clip

My Conleke Baby pacifier clips came with my order of bibs from the company, I don’t think they’re sold separately. If you’d like your bibs to match the same style as your pacifier clips this could be a good choice for you! 

conleke pacifier clip

The pacifier clips are made of polyester ribbon and a metal clip that has four plastic teeth on the bottom and top. These clips have a really good firm grip on clothes and my baby was never able to pull it off his clothes by himself. You can wash them in warm water with mild soap and lay them flat to dry.

conleke pacifier clip

Dodo Babies Pacifier Clip

The Dodo Babies pacifier clip set comes with two matching teether toys. It’s a polyester ribbon with a loop on it to secure to the ring of your soother. The Dodo Babies pacifier clip is metal with a ring of plastic teeth that clamp on your baby’s clothes to keep it in place.

dodo babies pacifier clip

It has a VERY secure clip that would be difficult for a baby or toddler to remove by themselves. This simple design is popular for a reason – it works really well.

dodo babies pacifier clip

Panda Ear Pacifier Clip

The PandaEar company donates 50 cents from every purchase to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which helps kids fight cancer. To open the clip, you push up on the lever at the back of the clip. It’s a bit more noisy to open and close than the other plastic clips on this list. It’s a completely plastic clip with no metal parts and has a good sturdy hold on clothing when it’s attached.

panda ear pacifier clip

This clip has a polyester ribbon with a loop you would use to attach it to your baby’s soother ring. It’s a good option for a pacifier clip and I love how the company gives back to children in need.

panda ear pacifier clip

MAM Pacifier Clip

The MAM pacifier clip is built specifically for MAM pacifiers. It can attach to a ‘button’ pacifier or if you take off the adapter you can use the ribbon with its velcro, to fasten directly to any other brand of pacifier that has a ring on it. 

mam pacifier clip

The clip that attaches the MAM pacifier to your baby’s clothes is a large plastic clip with a slider. This isn’t my favorite design for a clip, but it does pass my ‘yank’ test when I try to pull it off. It’s quite large and clunky looking but it does the trick. MAM pacifier clips also have no sharp corners or hard edges, so if your baby gets any part of it in his or her mouth they will still be safe.

mam pacifier clip

NUK Pacifier Clip

The NUK pacifier clip is a ribbon with velcro at both ends. One side of the ribbon attaches to a soother ring with velcro and the opposite end attaches to a clip. The clip functions like a clothes pin or ‘alligator clip’ and is very easy to use. The clip doesn’t offer much resistance in a ‘yank’ test, so if your baby likes to pull off their soother clip, this one might not be your first choice. The benefit of having ribbon with velcro on both ends, is that the ribbons can be swapped out and washed easily. This Nuk pacifier clip came with a total of three ribbons with cute designs to switch between. 

nuk pacifier clip

If you have any fine motor concerns, arthritic fingers, or you’re looking for a pacifier clip you can use with the least amount of finger strength, this product would be great for you. Soother clips can be small, fidgety and require a lot of finger strength to use. The Nuk pacifier clip is large and easy to use.

nuk pacifier clip

Benefits Of Using A Pacifier Clip

  • Cleaner pacifier – is dropped on the ground less
  • Easier to find – the pacifier can’t go flying quite as far and is easier to find with a clip attached to it
  • Babies will start to find their soother themselves and learn to place it back in their mouth
  • Can be used for a pacifier or a teething toy

Safety Tips For Pacifier Use

  • Before each use, check your pacifier clip and pacifier thoroughly for damage.
  • Throw away your pacifier and pacifier clip at first sign of damage or weakness so broken pieces don’t become a choking hazard.
  • Never lengthen the pacifier clip by attaching extra ribbon, cords, or loose clothing. The extra length could wrap around a baby’s neck.
  • Never leave a baby to sleep with the pacifier clip attached to his or her clothing.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests weaning from pacifier usage at 6 months of age.
  • From birth to 6 months of age some studies have shown that using a pacifier can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Don’t give your baby a pacifier clip in their car seat. Pacifier clips should be worn under adult supervision.
  • Don’t put your pacifier clip through the washing machine; the metal clasp could wear down and rust.

Final Thoughts On Pacifier Clips 

Hopefully, no matter which type of pacifier your baby is using, there’s a great product on this list to keep it attached to your baby’s clothing! Whether you’re looking for a cute pacifier clip or something simple, these beautiful designs will do the trick.

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