OXO Tot Nest Vs Perch Booster Seats (Comparison And Review)

OXO Tot sells two booster seats you can use with your toddler at a dining room table in order to bring them up to a more comfortable height. In my search for the best toddler booster seats, I purchased both the OXO Tot Nest and the OXO Tot Perch so I could compare them and see what both of them are like. I also recommend this article about the best high chair alternatives.

What’s the difference between the OXO Tot Perch and Nest? For starters, the OXO Tot Nest can accommodate younger babies (9 months and up) compared to the Perch which you can start using when your toddler is 15 months old.

next vs perch oxotot boosters

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We’ll go over a few other key differences in detail in this article to help you decide which one would be best for your family. We’ll also take a look at some of the alternatives on the market so you can make a decision based on all the facts.

OXO Tot Nest Vs Perch Age Limits

  • Nest: 9 months and up (weight limit of 50 pounds maximum)
  • Perch: 15 months and up (weight limit of 70 pounds maximum)

The OXO Tot Nest booster seat offers more support and a slightly more snug seat than the Perch. There’s room on the sides for your baby or toddler to put their arms or lean, which helps keep them more contained in the booster seat for their safety. The user manual says the seat is safe to use when your baby turns around 9 months of age, but it also depends on your child’s muscle tone (every baby is different and hits milestones at different points). The Nest has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds. 

The OXO Tot Perch offers more freedom of movement than the Nest. At 15 months, most toddlers are quite stable and sturdy. They can fully support themselves in an upright seated position while eating and need less support. 

remove and store harness of oxotot nest

Both the Nest and the Perch have a removable three-point harness. You can take off the harness straps from both these booster seats and store them in the base when your toddler outgrows that function. 

OXO Tot Nest Vs Perch Portability

  • Nest has a carrying handle on the back for easy transport
  • Perch folds for easy storage with the push of a button & has a handle

The Oxt Tot Nest and Perch are both quite portable. The Nest has a handle on the back, which makes it easier to carry around if you’re taking it with you, or even moving it around your home. It does not collapse or fold in any way, so it is larger to carry around than the Perch.

oxo tot nest carry handle

The Perch has a backrest that folds down for easy transport and storage. It has a very slim profile when you’re not using it, which makes it easy to pack to take with you. The Perch also has a carrying handle on the back like the Nest does.

oxo tot perch folds

Having a portable booster seat is very helpful when your child is still too small to use a regular chair comfortably and safely. Sometimes toddlers are too big for traditional high chairs or want to be like their parents during family meals and sit at the kitchen table. Booster seats are also great not just for use at home, but for when you’re going to someone’s house who doesn’t have a highchair or booster for you to use.

oxo tot perch carry handle

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OXO Tot Nest Vs Perch Comfort

The Nest and Perch booster seats are really quite similar in comfort. At first glance I thought perhaps the Perch had a more plush seat to it than the Nest does. However, once I got them both out of the package and tested them out, it was obvious that the seats are made from the same kind of soft plastic. 

They are both great options comfort-wise but for younger children, the OXO Tot Nest has a high back and sides that would benefit them. A big kid who doesn’t need as much support might prefer the Perch.

OXO Tot Nest Vs Perch Ease of Cleaning

The OXO Tot Nest is easy to wipe clean. The instructions say to surface clean only, with mild soap and water. It’s not machine washable, so just rinse it off or use a cloth. Aside from the slots that allow the safety straps to come through, the Nest is one continuous surface that is easy to wipe clean. The soft foam is also removable, so when you need to deep clean the whole seat, it can be done easily. The fabric straps are actually really easy to remove, which makes it faster to clean thoroughly if dinner time has been a huge mess. The foam insert that creates the seat of the booster is also removable.

oxo tot nest booster seat insert

The OXO Tot Perch also has surfaces that are easy to wipe clean. The removable cushion is made of a similar material of the Nest and is just as easy to take off for a deep clean. The Straps of the Perch can also be removed, just like the Nest.

OXO Tot Nest Vs Perch Price

The OXO Tot Nest is around $59.99 USD when it’s not on sale ($109 Canadian). 

The OXO Tot Perch is around  $42.99 USD when it’s not on sale ($79 Canadian).

These aren’t the most expensive booster seats on the market, but they’re not the cheapest either. If you want something that’s a decent quality and easy to clean, these products are a pretty good value when compared to some of their competition. 

OXO Tot Nest Vs Perch Safety Features

As far as I can tell, the Nest and Perch have the same safety features. They have straps to secure the booster to an adult chair and they both have a three point harness to keep your younger toddler fastened in. The adjustable 3-point harness is easy to use and the straps and buckles seem to be of good quality. When your toddler is old enough that they no longer need a three-point harness, you can remove them and store them inside the bottom of the booster seat.

The straps that secure the OXO Tot Perch booster seat to a regular chair are not the same as the Nest. They both do the same thing, but attaching them to the chair is different. The Nest has standard buckles and straps. You put the booster on top of the chair, buckle it up, and pull the strap tight. The remaining strap just sort of dangles at the side of your chair, or you can tuck it in.

oxo tot nest how to secure to chair

The straps that secure the OXO Tot Perch to an adult chair also have a buckle, but then you take off the removable seat cushion, and pull the strap tight from inside the chair. This means the remaining strap is hidden inside the seat for a cleaner look. 

oxo tot perch how to secure to chair

You can hide all the harness straps inside the Perch when your toddler outgrows them. In addition, when you’re on the move, the other chair attachment straps can be secured in clips under the seat base like you can see in my photo.

oxo tot perch folded & straps stored

You can also store the harness straps inside the base of the Nest when your toddler outgrows them. There is an elastic/fabric band to keep them stowed inside. 

oxo tot booster seat non slip base

Both booster seats have a non-slip base. Non-slip ridges on the bottom of the booster help ensure it stays put on top of an adult chair, with no sliding or damage to the chair surface. 

OXO Tot Booster Chair Size Limitations

What size of chair can you use the OXO Tot Perch or Nest Booster seat with? Every booster seat has chair size limitations. If your chair is too small, the straps won’t tighten enough to get a secure fit and the booster will slide around unsafely. 

minimum chair size requirement for oxo tot booster seats

The Nest and Perch boosters both fit the same sizes of chair. You might want to measure yours to double check that your choice of booster will fit your chair before making a purchase.

The Bumbo Multi Seat, UpSeat and UpSeat Boost all have slightly larger chair requirements, so if you have a small adult chair the OXO Tot boosters might be your best bet. 

Other Booster Alternatives

OXO Tot Nest Alternatives

For a 9 month old infant, I still prefer the UpSeat Infant Booster, which has more support than the OXO Tot Nest. You can read my full review of the UpSeat here. At a young age of about 9 months, a lot of babies are still developing enough muscle tone to sit completely unassisted. 

The Nest works great with a 1 year old and it’s fine with my 3 year old as well. My 3 year old does prefer the Perch since there is more room for him to twist and turn and he doesn’t require the added support on the sides of the booster. 

The UpSeat is one of the best alternatives to an OXO Tot Nest. It can be used as a floor seat, or strapped to an adult chair and comes with a detachable tray for feeding or suctioning infant toys to. The most important difference between the two, is that the UpSeat was designed to keep your baby’s hips in a better, more ergonomic position. If you’re looking to use a booster seat to bring your baby to the height of the table in your kitchen or dining room frequently, an UpSeat might be a better solution for you. For occasional use, the Nest is a great value and is a simple booster seat that will do the trick at feeding time at a table when you’re on the go.

OXO Tot Perch Alternatives

The UpSeat Boost is a toddler booster seat for older kids. It has a slight angle to it that helps encourage a forward pelvic tilt and less slouching. Good posture is important for a young growing body and also helps improve digestion. Although it is more expensive than the OXO Tot Perch, the UpSeat Boost is just as portable, small, and it’s easier to clean. I also like the fact that it’s made in Canada instead of overseas.


If your toddler needs a little boost at feeding time, these simple and affordable booster seats will help you turn a grown-up chair into a safe spot to be seated in. Both of them are available in a variety of colors to match your home decor. The Nest is better for younger babies and toddlers because it offers more support. The Perch is a good, less expensive option for older toddlers and is even more portable than the Nest is. 

If you’re looking for the best booster seat and choosing between these two, it will depend on your child’s age and the amount of support they like in a seat. I would pick the Nest for a one year old and the Perch for an older more sturdy toddler (18 months or even 2 years and up). 

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