PurePail Go Mini Travel Diaper Pail Review 

If you’re thinking about traveling with babies or toddlers in diapers, you might be wondering: what am I going to do with their stink-bombs? Having the right tools for the job (like a great diaper pail) can make your diaper days easier. I’ll take you through all the pros, cons and features of the PurePail Go and let you know how it’s performed in my home and on the road after regular use with my kids.

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Pure Pail Go

Pros and Cons

  • PurePail Go Pros
    • Small size & collapsible storage
    • Good smell containment
    • Childproof lock
    • Touch to open
  • PurePail Go Cons
    • Holds small number of diapers
    • Containment flaps are stiff at first


The small size of the PurePail Go diaper pail and the fact that it collapses to just 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) make it perfect for traveling. It’s also helpful as a secondary diaper change station in your home and it’s ideal at a secondary care-giver’s home like the baby’s grandparents’ place. 

The childproof lock keeps out tiny hands and is a must-have feature as your baby becomes a curious, mobile toddler. There is a one-touch open feature for the top lid of the pail that can be operated with a single hand, which helps make the pail easier to use when your hands are full. 

When you’re traveling and staying in a hotel room, sometimes the only garbage bag in your room is an open trash can in the washroom that isn’t built for odor containment. This diaper pail is also small enough for tent camping with your family.


The most obvious benefit of this diaper pail is the compact size to fit a space discretely, but this comes with an obvious draw-back too. The PurePail Go can hold around 10 newborn diapers; my one-year-old’s diapers are double the size which means I’ve found the pail comfortably holds about 5 diapers at a time. This is a pretty small diaper capacity. If you’re interested in a small diaper pail that’s slightly larger than the PurePail Go, check out my review of the Diaper Dekor Mini

The containment flaps can be quite stiff when the product is brand new, which makes depositing dirty diapers harder at first. 

If you are using this diaper pail in a space with a curious toddler it might be possible for them to figure out the childproof lock and play with the lid on the top of the pail. To be fair, my toddler has also figured out how to open the front of the Diaper Genie Complete we own, so this can be a problem with many popular brands once your child gets older.

PurePail Go Price

The PurePail Go is a great value at around $29 American (or about $37 Canadian). The PurePail Go Diaper Pail is a very reasonable price that I was impressed by when I first purchased it. The price point make it a good choice for even a tight budget.

You can purchase PurePail Go refill bags here, or use an extra-small regular garbage bag. 

PurePail Go Features

Odor-Blocking Features:

If you’re already a fan of the regular PurePail diaper pail, you’ll love the same odor-blocking technology the mini version has. 

The bag remains closed even when the lid is open, thanks to the rubber flaps. This drastically helps contain the nasty odors of previous diapers you’ve deposited. There is also a charcoal filter in the lid that traps smells. 

User Friendly Features

Once the PurePail Go is popped open and ready to use, it’s very simple. It features a lid that opens with one tap, a childproof lock, easy reloading of liner bags, and it holds up to 10 newborn-size diapers at once. 

Why choose PurePail Go Diaper Pail?

So why would you want a small diaper pail instead of something larger like the Ubbi or Diaper Genie I’ve also tried out? The size of this pail is very handy for specific situations. Here are some places you might like using a small pail like this:

  • Travel
    • The best use for the PurePail Go is for diapering while traveling. 
  • Secondary change station in your home
    • Keep one in your playroom or living room for wherever you do diaper changes outside of your nursery.
  • Bedside during newborn stage
    • Keep the mini pail by your bedside for overnight diaper changes while your newborn is in a bassinet in your bedroom.  
  • Grandparents home
    • If your baby’s grandparents have a diaper change station at their house, a small pail can be a great solution for this space.
  • Bathroom
    • Bath time diaper changes can get hectic, especially if you have more than one child in diapers. 

PurePail Go Diaper Pail FAQ’s

Can I use regular trash bags with a PurePail Go?

Yes, if you don’t want to use the liners that are built specifically for these pails, you can use extra small standard trash bags.

How do you change the PurePail Go bags?

Open the top lid and open the ring of plastic that locks the bag in place. Pull the bag up through the flaps so you can tie a knot, then push the knot back down through the flaps. Lift the membrane door then remove the full bag of used diapers.

Does the PurePail Go keep odors in?

It has some great features to help block odors of stinky diapers from escaping like a secondary lid and charcoal filter. It does a good job at locking in bad smells that won’t disturb the rest of your room.

Is the PurePail Go worth it?

The PurePail Go is a reasonable price that is worth the cost. Some standard bathroom-sized metal step-pedal garbage cans are usually MORE expensive than this pail which is actually built for the purpose of diapering. 

Should I just use a regular small trash can instead of a PurePail Go?

The PurePail Go has a child lock and is collapsible for easy portability which makes it a better choice than most trash cans. If you’re using the regular trash can in a hotel room, the diaper smell won’t be contained as well and it won’t be childproof. If you’re looking for an alternative, try using individual dog-waste bags or diaper disposal bags on each dirty diaper before putting them in your hotel garbage can.

hotel garbage can & waste bag

What’s the warranty like?

The PurePail Go has a limited one year warranty, which means any breakage due to normal use is covered (with the company’s discretion) and they may replace it free of charge. 

Would I buy this product again?

I recommend the PurePail Go for families who are frequent travelers. I’ve got the most use out of mine when staying in hotel rooms with kids in diapers. It keeps little fingers out of mischief and drastically reduces bad odors in your diaper change area. I like the easy one-handed operation and it’s the right size for a small space. With its ability to collapse, it’s a smart and simple design. It’s my top pick for a travel diaper pail.

If you’re considering buying a small diaper pail for at-home usage, you should also check out my review of the slightly larger Diaper Dekor Mini pail to compare notes.

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